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Cfi fund design

Information Session on the CFI Leaders Opportunity Fund UM Designated: LOF-New Investigator & LOF-E Established ResearcherA CFI infrastructure funding opportunity for excellent new and established researchersOffice of the Vice-President (Research)January 11, 2010- Fort Garry CampusJanuary 13, 2010 – Bannatyne Campus

Cfi fund design
CFI Fund Design Fund

  • CFI is an infrastructure program - funds equipment and construction/renovations only

  • CFI is an institutional program – institution is the applicant (write proposal in 3rd person)

  • CFI is a partner program – contributes maximum of 40% of the total project costs

  • 40% to be sought from the Province: (Manitoba Research & Innovation Fund - MRIF)

  • 20% from Project Leader and Faculty/School

Leaders opportunity fund
Leaders Opportunity Fund Fund

  • Serves needs of individual faculty member (or in groups of up to 3 members where there is a need to share infrastructure)

  • Expanded objective - attracting excellent faculty and retaining leading researchers (THIS MUST BE EVIDENT THROUGHOUT THE PROPOSAL!)

  • The University’s Strategic Research Plan (SRP) –

Lof new investigators lof n
LOF- New Investigators (LOF-N) Fund

  • Within 36 months of first full time academic appointment at a Canadian university

  • Award: max. $400K total (or $160K CFI), up to $1M (or $400K) for group of 3; smaller projects also acceptable

  • LOF-N not open to faculty previously holding NOF, LOF or CRC Infrastructure award

Lof established researchers lof e
LOF - Established Researchers (LOF-E) Fund

  • More than 36 months into first full time academic appointment at a Canadian university

  • Project Award max: up to $1M ($400K CFI)

  • LOF-E open to groups of up to 3 faculty members, where the LOF-E Project Leader must be an ‘established’ researcher

Leaders opportunity fund1
Leaders Opportunity Fund Fund

First step: Work with your Unit !!

Project identification, Proposal development and Submission

  • Project Leaders must:

    • first consult with, and obtain approval from the Dean’s/Director’s Office

    • comply with established Faculty/School procedures and deadlines

Nomination and review process
Nomination and Review Process Fund

  • Potential candidates first work with Department Head, Associate Dean (Research)/Dean’s office – Units to establish own internal deadlines

  • Proposals must be submitted by Dean/Director to ORS by: Noon, April 2, 2010

    Incomplete proposals may be returned to Faculty/School and will not be reviewed by Advisory Committee to the President

Completing the lof proposal
Completing the LOF Proposal Fund

  • Why, What, How

  • What you want to do, not “what you want”

  • Focus on the individual(s) named

    • Qualifications, experience

    • Infrastructure needs

    • Value-added (for previous award holders)

    • Your Attraction to or Retention at U of M

  • CFI review focus on :

    • Excellence

    • Innovation

    • Impact

  • Answer the CFI questions for each section!

  • Project overview 2 pages
    Project Overview Fund (2 pages)

    • Provide a general description of the infrastructure requested where it will be located;

    • Explain why the infrastructure is needed at this time;

    • How it enhances existing infrastructure;

    • What research or technology development it will enable;

    • Why that research or technology development is important for Canada.

      In this section you need to ‘grab’ the reviewers’ attention, generate excitement about your research, and explain why it is timely.

    Quality of research or technology development 6 pages
    Quality of Research or Technology Development Fund (6 pages)

    • Outline the major research or technology development to be undertaken;

    • Why the proposed activities are considered to be innovative;

    • How the proposed activities complement or differ from comparable research and technology development conducted elsewhere;

    • Why it is critically important to pursue the opportunity at this time for Canada and Manitoba.

      We recommend use of headings. This makes it easier for the reader to find the information, to help you arrange your thoughts and plans, and allow you to easily check that you have answered all the questions.

    The researchers 2 pages
    The Researchers Fund (2 pages)

    You may only include CVs for those researchers who qualify under our LOF-N/LOF-E streams

    • Explain the expertise of the candidate(s) with respect to the proposed activities (include contributions, accomplishments, recognitions etc...)

    • Explain the research or technology development contributions of the candidates and their potential to capitalize on innovative research or technology development opportunities

    • How each candidate will use the infrastructure to contribute to the proposed activities.

    Need for infrastructure 2 pages
    Need for Infrastructure Fund (2 pages)

    • Discuss the appropriateness of the infrastructure for the proposed activities, explaining why they cannot be supported with existing infrastructure

    • Where applicable, address issues of accessibility, complementarity, duplication, and sharing with existing infrastructure (what is the availability of similar infrastructure within the institution and the region?)

    • Outline the value added of an additional award in cases where the candidate has previously received an award through the LOF, New Opportunities Fund, Canada Research Chairs Infrastructure Fund, or Career Award. Specifically, the results and outcomes of the previous award must be highlighted.

    Training of highly qualified personnel hqp 1 page
    Training of Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP) Fund (1 page)

    • Discuss how the proposed infrastructure will enhance the current training environment for HQP in this area (especially in graduate and postgraduate training programs at the UofM and beyond the PI’s group)

    • How the proposed infrastructure will better prepare HQP for research, preparation for other careers (especially in other disciplines/non-related fields), and for obtaining new skills. (Provide examples.)

    • How the proposed infrastructure will influence future HQP training plans. Include an estimate of the number and level of HQP (undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, technicians, technologists, other trainees/students) to be trained (if possible include a mentoring track record).

    Collaborations partnerships 1 page
    Collaborations & Partnerships Fund (1 page)

    • Describe in detail what collaborations or partnerships already exist and are planned - refer to existing,future and potential collaborations (name names!) and discuss plan to develop new ones

    • What steps have been taken or will be taken to create or strengthen collaborations or partnerships (include all sectors in your partnerships)

    • Why the infrastructure is essential to the collaborations or partnerships.

    Benefits to canada 1 page
    Benefits to Canada Fund (1 page)

    • Describe the expected benefits (especially benefits to society, health, environment, quality of life, or public policy where possible) -Refer to Manitoba as well as Canada

    • Describe how these benefits will be realized, and the timeframe over which they are expected (discuss short (1-3 yrs) and longer (>5 yrs) time frames)

    • Identify potential users and end users of the technology developed or the research results (include examples of users outside the field if possible);

    • Where appropriate, provide plans for:

      -the translation of knowledge, including potential contributions to policy and practice;

      -the transfer of technology and skills, and the commercialization of products, services and processes.

      Always use concrete examples

    Integration with srp 1 page
    Integration with SRP Fund (1 page)

    • Please refer to SRP template (in handout) or online:

    • The Dean’s/Director’s Office must provide ORS with this page (Project Leader works with Dean/Director)

      • Your Retention at U of M

  • How does this proposal further the institutional SRP?

  • Cfi financial information

    This module requires:

    • total project cost to acquire or develop the infrastructure (projects are normally listed as 1 year, but can be 2 or more years if appropriate)

    • justification for items requested

    • details on funding from other partners

    • plans for operation and management of the infrastructure - De facto (actual) control of infrastructure and priority use must be explicit!

    • Only eligible costs should be included in the total eligible costs section. If the infrastructure is to be used for purposes other than for research, the costs must be prorated for the research use only.

    Budget Fund

    • All prices must include taxes, shipping and installation charges (UM current tax rate: 8.65%)

    • All costs must be listed in Canadian dollars

    • Eligible Cost is Cash + In-Kind = Total

    • Jurgens Bekker Senior Purchasing Consultant (Research) at 789-3348 or by email:

    Detailed budget justifications up to 10 pages
    Detailed (Budget) Justifications Fund (up to 10 pages)

    • For each major component or system identify the items and why they are required.

      • Used for…

      • Technical specifications…

      • Essential because…

    • Renovations/construction – provide details (location, size, nature of space, floor plan, etc.)

    Partner funding details
    Partner Funding Details Fund

    Eligible partner contributions

    • Institutional funds (which includes start-up funds), trust funds or foundations

    • Departments and agencies of the federal government (federal grants)

    • Departments and agencies of provincial, territorial and municipal governments (provincial grants)

    • Firms and corporations (vendor in-kind contributions)

    • Non-profit organizations

    • Individuals

      Non-eligible partners

    • Members of the Tri-Council: Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), Natural

      Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) and Social Sciences and

      Humanities Research Council (SSHRC)

    • Tri-Council programs (e.g. Networks of Centres of Excellence, Canada Research

      Chairs and Indirect Costs of Research Program)

      The CFI will, however, allow the cost of eligible item(s) to be covered in part by these non-eligible partners provided that this portion is not used to leverage CFI funds. The portion of an eligible item’s cost for which the CFI funding will be calculated (usually a maximum of 40 percent) will be the total cost of eligible item(s) less the funding received from the Tri-Council agency or program.

    Infrastructure use
    Infrastructure Use Fund

    Typically, applications request infrastructure that will be used only for research.

    • for less than 100% research use, CONTACT the Office of Research Services immediately - this will impact negatively on the award from CFI, otherwise put 100% use in the % Use column

      For the required explanation, please write:

      “ All equipment will be used exclusively for research and research training of HQP”

    Financial resources for operations and maintenance o m
    Financial Resources for Operations and Maintenance Fund (O&M)

    In this section the reviewer wants to know if you understand what is required to operate the equipment and what your plans are for obtaining the necessary funding.

    • Include a realistic O&M budget

    • Do NOT include O&M costs for equipment not in CFI budget

      IOF available for LOF; request made through the Dean’s Office

    Plans for management
    Plans for Management Fund

    • Describe how the management plans provide for the optimal implementation, operation, and functionality of the infrastructure (in short, how will you manage the research, the project, the infrastructure?)

    • Describe how the infrastructure requested will be managed effectively and efficiently, in keeping with the size and degree of complexity of the project:

      Ask yourself:

      • is training required

      • how will you give access to others?

      • which others? (user priority statement)

      • how will you monitor use?

      • what planning and financing is required for future upgrades of infrastructure

  • You must prove this won’t be a white elephant!

  • Suggested reviewers
    Suggested reviewers Fund

    • six (6) individuals, may be considered by CFI in the selection of external reviewers

    • make sure you name someone who can act at arm’s length: no joint research or papers for the last 6 years, no family members, etc.

    Cfi fund design
    CV Fund


    • this is your research profile

    • after a quick review, the reader should be impressed with your accomplishments

    • be sure to explain any practice that is specific to your discipline (e.g names in alphabetical order, or students listed as first author) which reduces your visibility

    • be creative - allude to work done more than 5 years ago, IF it is significant

    Research contributions 2 pages
    Research Contributions Fund (2 pages)

    • Most significant contributions to research that you have made during your career. Put in terms of influence and impact on target community

    • Use introductory impact statement

    • Other Research Contributions since Jan. 1, 2005 (most recent first)

    • Track record of HQP training, awards, recognitions

    Best of luck

    Best of Luck! Fund

    CFI proposals require planning & teamwork

    Work with your Units first!

    Contact Office of Research Services with any questions:

    Liz Scarth or ph. 480-1495