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AmbientHackystat. Edward Kim Shaoxuan Zhang Sonwright M. Gomez. Goal of Project. Implement the eXtreme Feedback methodology using Ambient Devices, like the Ambient Orb and Nabaztag bunny.

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Edward Kim

Shaoxuan Zhang

Sonwright M. Gomez

Goal of project
Goal of Project

  • Implement the eXtreme Feedback methodology using Ambient Devices, like the Ambient Orb and Nabaztagbunny.

    • eXtreme Feedback allows a team of developers to bring into focus what is most important at a given time.


Ambient Orb

Business value
Business Value

  • Techniques and tools of eXtreme Feedback help in achieving and maintaining focus on what is most important at any given time.

  • Making feedback mechanism fun helps Organization to draw attention to focus.

  • Allowing feedback to be broadly available signals which objectives are important.

  • Subconsciously knowing what is going on with the project.

Team members
Team Members

  • Edward Kim

    • Background research on Nabaztag

    • Start up communication between Nabaztag and JnabServer.

  • Shaoxuan Zhang

    • Ambient Orb Controller

  • Sonwright M. Gomez

    • Background research on Nabaztag

    • Xml Loader for Ambient Orb Controller


  • Time Spent:

    • ~40 Hours/person total

  • Money Spent:

    • Nabaztag Bunny - $175.00

  • Allocated Resources

    • Use of CSDL

    • Sinclair Library

    • Hackystat framework

    • Professor Nickles’ Orb Manager

    • Discussion groups

      • Nabaztalk, JnabServer

What s been produced so far
What’s been produced so far

  • Ambient Device Controller

    • Use of controller can change the color and animation of the Ambient Orb.

  • Connection established between JnabServer, Jnab Client, and Nabaztag bunny.

    • Clients communicate with Server, which communicates with the Nabaztag bunny.

Live demo
Live Demo

  • Ambient Orb

    • Change color of Ambient orb

  • Nabaztag rabbit

    • Startup JnabServer and play boot music

    • Nabaztag will record voice and playback.

Upcoming milestones
Upcoming Milestones

  • Second Milestone

    • Establish connection to internet for Nabaztag bunny

      • Allow us to use Violet API to control bunny, rather than the JnabServer

  • Costs (Hours) to get to each milestone

    • Spend more time with Nabaztag rabbit.

  • Additional costs

    • Pepsi Max for Eddie

    • Popcorn for Shaoxuan

    • Mango Tea For Sonny

Next steps
Next Steps

  • First establish connection to the internet and bypass the UH authentication with the Nabaztag bunny.

  • Use the Violet API to control the rabbit

Why continue funding us
Why continue funding us?

  • Keeping track of build status subconsciously allows development team to be more aware of what is in focus.

  • Allows developmental environment to be more fun and interactive.

  • Creative and innovative ways to communicate with your team.