cbl and edp in the biology classroom
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CBL and EDP in the Biology Classroom

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CBL and EDP in the Biology Classroom - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CBL and EDP in the Biology Classroom. Introduction to C hallenge B ased L earning and the E ngineering D esign P rocess. Presenters Valecia Kelly and James Copeland. Ice Breaker. 1. If you could think of one word or phrase to describe science teaching what would it be?

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cbl and edp in the biology classroom

CBL and EDP in the Biology Classroom

Introduction to Challenge Based Learning and the Engineering Design Process

Presenters Valecia Kelly and James Copeland

ice breaker
Ice Breaker

1. If you could think of one word or phrase to

describe science teaching what would it be?

2. Write your response on the Index card at

your table.

3. Discuss your responses and decide

through voting the best word or phrase

that represents your group.

Presenters James Copeland and Valecia Kelly

today s objectives
Today’s Objectives

Participants will…

  • Participate in a Challenge Based Learning Activity.
  • Practice using the Engineering Design Process.
  • Develop ideas about how to use the EDP and CBL in the Biology Classroom.
  • View examples of Student work related to CBL and EDP.
  • Leave with ideas of how to implement EDP and CBL into the Biology classroom.
challenge based learning
Challenge Based Learning

What’s the Big Idea?

Kevin Durant and Dewayne Wade

Energy Drinks and Sports Drinks

Read the article on Water Overdose

challenge based learning1
Challenge Based Learning

Essential Questions

  • 1. On your handout record any questions you
  • have related to the Big Idea.
  • 2. Use the Large piece of paper and record all of
  • the questions your group came up with.
  • 3. Take 3 Post-it Notes and write the #5 on one,
  • the #3 on another and #1 on the third.
  • 4. Place #5 next to 1st choice, #3 2nd and #1 3rd.
challenge based learning2
Challenge Based Learning

The Challenge:

Design Nutrition Labels for a Line of Sports

Drinks and create a marketing Plan using a Web 2.0 presentation tool.

challenge based learning3
Challenge Based Learning

Guiding Questions

What questions need to be answered to complete the challenge?

  • 1. Record your guiding questions on your
  • handout.
  • 2. Share your guiding questions with your
  • teammates and add to your list.
student activities
Student Activities…

Research: The Story Behind Gatorade

Research Drinks (Jig-Saw)

Design Nutrition Labels for 3 drinks

Select Web 2.0 tool(s) for Marketing Plan

Create Marketing Plan and Present for critique.Make corrections.

Company Name and Logo

student assessments
Student Assessments

Collaboration Rubric

Project Checklist



Reflection Essay

student products
Student Products


2. Animoto Videos

3. PowerPoint

4. Powtoon

5. Voki

6. Nutrition Labels

mystery tubes edp
Mystery Tubes (EDP)

Step 1: Ask

1. Identify and Define the workings of the

Mystery Tube (10 mins.)

2. List the properties of the Mystery Tubes

Version A and B.

3. What are the constraints?

mystery tubes edp1
Mystery Tubes (EDP)

Step 2: Imagine

As a round table discussion record

each individuals ideas about how both mystery tubes function on the inside.

mystery tube edp
Mystery Tube (EDP)

Step 3 Plan

1. Individually draw a diagram of how you think the strings on the inside of both the Mystery tubes are organized and attached.

2. Label your diagrams Version A and B

3. Make a list of materials you will need to construct each version.

mystery tubes edp2
Mystery Tubes (EDP)

Step 4: Create

1. Working in pairs decide on which version of the Mystery tube you will build.

2. Gather supplies from the supply table and follow your plan.


mystery tubes edp3
Mystery Tubes (EDP)

Step 5: Improve

1. Demonstrate to the class how your groups Mystery Tube functions.

2. Discuss then share out how your Mystery Tube could have worked better and what changes could be made.

question and answer sections
Question and Answer Sections

We would like to open the floor for any questions or concerns about anything you have learned or observed today.

Review Parking Lot Comments