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Fall 2013 NECAP Online Writing Test

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Fall 2013 NECAP Online Writing Test - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fall 2013 NECAP Online Writing Test. Training Presentation for Test and Technology Coordinators. Help Desk Information About the Online Tests Key Dates iTest System Components Closing Tests in the Proctor Test Workstation (PTW) Removing a Single Student in the PTW

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fall 2013 necap online writing test

Fall 2013 NECAP Online Writing Test

Training Presentation for Test and Technology Coordinators

Help Desk Information

About the Online Tests

Key Dates

iTestSystem Components

Closing Tests in the Proctor Test Workstation (PTW)

Removing a Single Student in the PTW

Administering Multiple Sessions

Downloading the Student Test Workstation (STW)

Starting the STW

Test Session Basics

Training Test Administrators

Workflow – “Top 10” Tasks


Training Topics

NECAP Service Center

For questions relating to policy or the NECAP Online Writing Pilot in general, contact:


Hours of operation: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Measured Progress Technical Product Support

For questions relating to the iTest software or any technical issues, contact:


Email: mptechhelp@measuredprogress.org

Hours of operation: Monday-Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Help Desk Information

Practice Testing: September 3-27, 2013

Operational Testing: October 1-23, 2013

Practice test questions are released items from previous NECAP tests

About the Online Tests

System Setup: August 16 – September 2

Technology Coordinators will perform system setup tasks

Test Coordinators will download OTAMs and other training materials from the iServices link

  • http://iservices.measuredprogress.org
  • Select New England Common Assessment Program, then Online Writing Materials

Test Coordinators will develop in-school schedule for roll-out of testing to students

Key Dates

Account Setup: September 3 – 27

Principals will receive login information by email on August 26 to provide to Test Coordinators

Test Coordinators will create Test Administrator accounts

Test Coordinators will add and remove students as necessary

  • Students pre-loaded by state
  • Fall enrollment data is the basis for the import

Test Administrators should be introduced to the system and review the OTAMs and other training materials; they should also practice proctoring a session using the supplied training students

Key Dates

Three web-based components:

Data Administration System (DAS)

  • http://necap.measuredprogress.org/das/
  • Used by Test Coordinator to manage test administrator accounts and student rosters and to access Test Status reports

Proctor Test Workstation (PTW)

  • http://necap.measuredprogress.org/tds/proctor
  • Used by Test Administrators to manage administering tests to students

Student Test Workstation (STW)

  • Software used by students to take the test

iTest System Components

Data Administration System (DAS):

Accessible athttps://necap.measuredprogress.org/das

Requires a login – Test Coordinator or Test Administrator

One Test Coordinator login created per school

Manage staff data – Test Administrators are manually added by the Test Coordinator

Manage student data – students are preloaded by school; add or remove students

Print Student Login Tickets

Access Test Status report

Access documentation and other resources

iTest System Components – DAS

Staff Management dropdown menu
  • Test Administrator Accounts page displays any created test administrators
    • Test Administrator Roster link: PDF report of Test Administrators and their login information; use this to distribute logins to Test Administrators
    • Create New User link: create new Test Administrators; links to Create Test Administrator page
    • Selected Items dropdown: delete Test Administrators or make them active or inactive

iTest System Components – DAS

Staff Management dropdown menu (continued)
  • Create Test Administrator page: create new Test Administrators
    • Create user names and passwords for test administrators
    • Assign tests

iTest System Components – DAS

Student Management dropdown menu
  • Student Roster page displays students by grade
    • Download Student Roster link: PDF report of students and their login information

NOTE: The report is considered secure material

    • Create New Student link: create new students; links to Create Student page
    • Red Ticketsicon: generate Student Login Tickets (PDF) that students use to log into tests
    • Selected Items dropdown: delete students or print Student Login Tickets for selected students

iTest System Components – DAS

Student Management dropdown menu (continued)
  • Create Student page: create new students
    • Enter demographic information including state-assigned student identifier or SASID
    • Tests are pre-assigned by grade

Reporting dropdown menu

  • Test Status Report link: PDF report shows tested status of all students on rosters, broken out by session
    • 1=tested/0=not tested

iTest System Components – DAS

Proctor Test Workstation (PTW):

Accessible at https://necap.measuredprogress.org/tds/proctor

Requires a login – created within the Data Administration System (DAS)

Used to administer tests to students

Test Administrator generates a Test Access Code when starting a test – the key for students’ access to the test itself

Test Administrators can view all students who have logged into each test

Start, pause, and end test sessions

iTest System Components – PTW

Test Administrator controls when students are allowed to exit the test session.

End of session in the STW:

Test administrators choose the Close Test step in the PTW:

Closing Tests in the PTW

It is possible to remove a single student from the test without ending the whole test session.

Use of this option should be limited to situations such as:

  • Student falls ill during test, or other emergency.
  • Laptop batteries need time to recharge prior to next session.

Click the arrow in the left-most “Remove Student” column beside the student’s name you would like to remove. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the process.

The STW exit process will remain the same.

Removing a Single Student in the PTW

You can toggle between test events, or test sessions, if you are proctoring multiple test events

Each test session has a different PTW screen, a unique Test Access Code, and a unique student roster

Administering Multiple Sessions

Student Test Workstation (STW) software:

STW creates “Kiosk” mode – students cannot access other applications

Browser-based software

Uses Firefox Portable Kiosk (FPK) Note: Installed as part of STW

Requires a login – Student Login Tickets are created within the Data Administration System (DAS)

Students enter the Test Access Code provided by the proctor to access the tests

iTest System Components – STW

Download the STW from the Measured Progress iServices URL: http://iservices.measuredprogress.org

From the contract dropdown, select New England Common Assessment Programand click Enter

On the next screen, New England Common Assessment Program Online Services, click Online Writing Materials

Click the Technologybutton

  • Save this page to your Favorites or Bookmarks if desired:https://necap.measuredprogress.org/das/support/necap/stw-portal.htm

Downloading the STW

The Technology page is also accessible from the DAS home page

In order to access the DAS, a Technology Coordinator must have a Test Administrator account created by the principal or test coordinator at the school

Downloading the STW

From the Technology page, download the STW files and instructions for Windows, Macintosh, or Multi-user (thin client)

Downloading the STW


The STW in packaged within an .MSI (Microsoft Installer) package

The applications can be downloaded once and then distributed to computers within a computer lab or media center:

  • Download the MSI to a shared drive; push to student computers and run through the installation dialog
  • USB flash drives, if only downloading to a few computers
  • If desired, the .MSI can be pushed to student computers as silent or unattended installs – please refer to the installation guide

Downloading the STW – Windows


The STW is packaged for both single installations and for distribution via ARD (recommended)

The installation creates a user profile on the Macintosh computer: NECAP

If not using ARD, the applications can be downloaded once, and then distributed to computers within a computer lab or media center:

  • Shared drives or intranet sites
  • USB flash drives, if only downloading to a few computers

Downloading the STW – Macintosh

Thin Client

Thin client STW files are available for Windows environments from the Technology page

Thin client is a multi-user setup where multiple users log into the same server and share the same application

After installation, the Version 1.0 folder in Program Files\Measured Progress\Kiosk should be copied to each user’s home directory

Write access permission by user must be denied so that the kiosk security is maintained

Please refer to the installation instructions for complete details

Note: Thin client configurations are not formally certified at this point in time. Technology Coordinators supporting thin client environments are encouraged to contact the Measured Progress Technical Product Support group for additional assistance.

Downloading the STW – Thin Client


The STW will appear as a shortcut onthe desktop and will be added to the Start menu. Start the STW to get to the student login screen.


The STW will appear on the dock. The student must log out and log in as another user to access the application:

  • User: mpsc_01
  • Password: secure

From the dock, open the My Applications folder and click the Portable Firefox icon

Macintosh Note: Once testing is complete, the computer should be logged out / logged in under its normal account

Starting the STW

Online Writing Training for Test Administrators

Test Coordinators are expected to train Test Administrators on the online test system components (PTW and STW)

The training should provide time for staff to practice logging into the PTW and performing all actions to start and end a test

Training students have been created in the system for staff use during training

Training Test Administrators

Test Administrators are expected to administer the online test in the same manner as the paper-based NECAP Writing Test

Test Administrators must follow the directions and scripts in the Online Test Administrator Manuals (OTAMs), available for download from iServices beginning August 16 or the Data Administration System (DAS) on September 3

Other training materials are available for download from iServices, such as videos and Quick Start documents

Training Test Administrators