welcome to sendera ranch elementary n.
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Welcome to Sendera Ranch Elementary PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Sendera Ranch Elementary

Welcome to Sendera Ranch Elementary

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Welcome to Sendera Ranch Elementary

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  1. Welcome to Sendera RanchElementary

  2. Mrs. Swearingen, Mrs. Waldrop, Mrs. Underwood, and Mrs. Games

  3. NISD Beliefs

  4. SRE Mission Statement The Sendera Ranch learning community will  motivate students and provide safety nets to ensure that students; • reflect and think critically • work with and through others • perform on grade level or above.

  5. Home Access Grades Online A letter will be sent home with each student that has the information parents need to access grades. If you have not received this by Oct. 1st , please contact the office. NISD has gone digital and will no longer send home paper copies of progress reports or report cards for students in grades 1 – 5 unless requested by the parent. Kinder students still receive a paper copy due to the format.

  6. LAMP it up! Amplify the learning with Library, Art, Music and PE!

  7. SRE Library Our Library provides a Flexible Schedule that allows students full access to the library all day. Students also come to the library with their classes on a regular basis to check out book. Story times and lessons are scheduled at other times during the week as well. • Kindergarten & 1st grade students may check out one book at a time. • 2nd – 5th grades may check out 2 books at a time. • Students who have overdue books must return those books before checking out any other books.

  8. Library cont. Kindergarten & 1st grade students may check out one book at a time. 2nd – 5th grades may check out 2 books at a time. Students who have overdue books must return those books before checking out any other books. • Book Fair – October 1-9, 2012 • Battle of the Books • Competition for 3rd , 4th, and 5th grade students during the Fall Semester. The winning campus team will compete at the district level • Mrs. Jurgens will roll this out with students beginning Sept. 23. Books will be available for checkout at the end of that week. • Please see the Library Website for details and a List of Books.

  9. Art Education • We explore art techniques and materials to become better visual communicators and problem solvers ! • We learn about art history, world cultures, art/math and art/science connections! • We create original artwork that is on display in the hallways when we finish! • We collect most of our artwork in a portfolio to prepare for 2 Sendera Ranch Art Shows &the Northwest ISD Art Show in the Spring.

  10. ART (cont.) • We explore, create and learn in the art room…… • Most of all, we have fun! • For more information about the art program here @ Sendera Ranch Elementary, please visit Patricia Chisholm’s website under the staff tab @ the Sendera Ranch website!

  11. The Music Classroom • Students will be given the opportunity to sing and play instruments alone and in a group. • Students will learn basic music theory and will be able to read and notate music. • Students will learn about the history behind music and learn about music from around the world. • Students will be given performance opportunities throughout the school year. • Students HAVE FUN!!

  12. Other Fun Happenings in Music • Longhorn Choir • Open to all 4th and 5th Graders • Rehearsals after school from 2:45-4:00. Day of week yet to be determined. • 4th and 5th grade Recorders • Order forms will go home in December. For more information and updates please visit my website, call, or email! Musically yours, Ms. Adler

  13. The primary goal for P.E. is the physical and social development for all students. The major content areas this year will include: motor and manipulative skills, rhythms, health and safety, physical fitness and skill development and games related to both individual and team sports.

  14. Safety First, Fashion Second! Wear athletic type shoes to P.E.! Flip –flops, platform shoes, heels, Croc type shoes or slip-on style shoes are not safe for your children during PE and recess time. Help your child learn to tie shoes. It’s safer! Wear shorts underneath dresses and skirts.

  15. Family Communication Each student has a daily folder. Please check this folder every night for graded work and notes home. At the front of the folder is a calendar of events. We also use this to communicate any behavior concerns. Newsletters and Report Cards will be delivered electronically, unless otherwise requested.

  16. Conferences • We will have at least one parent/teacher conference this year. • Parent conferences will take place on between Wednesday, October 3rd and Wednesday, October 10th. • Be looking for conference sign up sheets in your child’s folder later this week.

  17. Technology in Action • Student laptops and iPad carts (coming soon) • Electronic Chalkboards • Data Projectors • Document Cameras • Distance Learning • Media Cast • CPS Receivers / clickers • Home Access (online grading system)

  18. STAAR Testing Dates

  19. Homework • Math Homework comes home every Friday and is due the following Friday. • Reading homework • Starting September 14 the students will be required to do 4 reading responses in their yellow spiral. A reading response can be a summary, a letter, a description of a favorite part, questions and wonderings, or anything else that shows comprehension and thinking while reading. • Spelling • Every Monday the students will be given a pretest. • If they get all the words correct or miss 1 they will receive a new list (LIST 3) • If they miss 2-7 words they will study the same words from the pretest (LIST 2) • If they miss more than 7 words they will get a new list (LIST 1) • Homework will come home on MONDAYS and will be due on FRIDAYS

  20. Other information • Allergies • We have several students with latex and food allergies. Please check with your child’s teacher before sending in birthday treats. • Snack • Please send a healthy snack. This needs to be something that can be eaten without utensils. Please keep in mind that they are working while they are eating. • Lunch • Due to size of SRE and safety concerns, parents are only allowed to eat with their own child in a designated area.

  21. Attendance • Weekly recognition in assembly for the grade level by the highest class per grade level receiving an award to post on their door. • Call out names at EOY assembly for perfect attendance • Dog dag for perfect attendance each 6 weeks

  22. Questions What questions do you have for us?

  23. Thank you!