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Articles of Confederation. Articles Background. 1 st constitution for the colonies Confederation form of government Colonies would remain separate and independent Banded together to form a cohesive defense. Articles- provisions. Unicameral legislature- one house

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Articles background
Articles Background

  • 1st constitution for the colonies

  • Confederation form of government

  • Colonies would remain separate and independent

  • Banded together to form a cohesive defense

Articles provisions
Articles- provisions

  • Unicameral legislature- one house

  • Each state sends delegates, but gets only one vote per state

  • States obligated to send funds to pay government officials and the military

  • States obligated to send troops to man and maintain a central defense

  • 9 state votes to pass any law

Articles provisions1
Articles- provisions

  • The authority of the executive and judicial branches would remain with the individual states

  • Unanimous vote by the states was necessary to amend the Articles

  • States set up trade agreements between the states and with foreign countries

Accomplishments under articles
Accomplishments under Articles

  • Set up the Post Office (only government agency that is self-supporting)

  • Created the post roads

  • Created the Northwest Territory Act of 1787 that allowed new states into the union

  • Set up a system of weights and measures

Problems with the articles
Problems with the Articles

States not fairly represented in the Congress

No central authority to negotiate with Foreign countries

No authority to make states comply with legislation

No power to collect taxes or impel troops into service

Problems with the articles1
Problems with the Articles

No common currency

All states had to agree to amend the constitution

9 of 13 states had to agree to any new legislation

No system or authority to borrow money

Results of the articles
Results of the Articles

  • States dispute borders

  • States levied heavy taxes on themselves to pay for war- did not send money to national government

  • States created own currencies

  • States levied tariffs on each others goods

  • States refused to acknowledge any national law they did not like

Results of the articles1
Results of the Articles

  • Shay’s Rebellion- Massachusetts farmers rebel against foreclosures on property.

  • Leaders of states convinced that more rebellion was likely without a stronger central authority

  • Led to the Annapolis Conference.

Annapolis conference
Annapolis Conference

  • The conference was called to discuss how to fix the government to avoid another revolution

    • States were in debt

    • Taxes to high- Shay’s Rebellion

    • Interstate commerce a mess

    • Foreign trade problems