sc agenda 26 th september 2012 n.
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SC Agenda – 26 th September 2012 PowerPoint Presentation
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SC Agenda – 26 th September 2012

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SC Agenda – 26 th September 2012 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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AGENDA 1.Opening & Introductions 2.Minutes of the meeting 29 th August, including action points 3.Developments in last weeks Update – Situation Overview Update from NDMA Updates from the districts 4.Information Management 2012 Emergency Response Stocks in Country

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sc agenda 26 th september 2012


  • 1.Opening & Introductions
  • 2.Minutes of the meeting 29th August, including action points
  • 3.Developments in last weeks
    • Update – Situation Overview
    • Update from NDMA
    • Updates from the districts
  • 4.Information Management
  • 2012 Emergency Response
    • Stocks in Country
    • Ongoing / Planned Distributions
  • 5.2011 Recovery (time permitting)
  • Update on Commitments for ER Programmes
  • Update on Funding status
  • Shelter activities timeline
  • 6.Funding Mechanism Discussion
  • 7.TSSU
  • 8.Beneficiary Selection – Protection Cluster
  • 9.Shelter Resistancy to Previous Floods
  • 10.AOB

SC Agenda – 26th September 2012

flood 2012 overview
Flood 2012 Overview

Affected districts:

flood 2012 overview1
Flood 2012 Overview

NDMA request: complementary support with contingency stocks in country

Clusters extended to end of the year

SC tracking information on distributions

NDMA priorities: food and shelter

MIRA results – needs, gaps and priorities

Funding mechanisms

update from sindh
Update from Sindh

PDMA: Water is moving down to Shadadkot, Larkana, Dadu. Water level increasing in Dadu and Larkana, decreasing elsewhere. There are concerns about the situation in UC Bogadaro, with water flowing from Balochistan. In QamberShadadkot the situation is very preoccupying. Drains are overflowed except in Dadu. Drains still have capacity to absorb increasing water flows, and we have time to prepare and mitigated potential impact. PDMA also presented maps of affected infrastructures in various districts. Latest information is from Sept. 22nd. 5-6 districts were severely affected and it is expected that this water will keep moving in the next 3-4 weeks. Jacobabad remains the most affected area;

PDMA is keen on seeing TSSU and CCCM emergency trainingsactivated

WFP has to capacity to assist 10,000 families for two weeks, and will concentrate on 2 UCs of Jacobabad. WFP has 4 boats available for their operations and can support humanitarian agencies who need to use boats for distributions – they are managed by PFF;

Save the Childrenis working with WFP, and are willing to start WASH and Shelter activities asap

CRS is currently preparing for a response(including ES) and trying to reallocated funds for the emergency response from other on-going projects. CRS will target areas where they have been implementing projects in the past and continue their involvement. They have highlighted funding as being a critical issue.

HANDS has distributed tents, NFIs and cooked food with the support of DFID and Rotary club in various districts - details will be shared.

OXFAM GB is planning to implement WASH activities in camps; they reported 190 camps in Kashmore;

PDMA recommended all distributions to be carried out immediately, and use stocks available in country as per NDMA directives. What has been achieved/ on-going activities remain unclear. Most agencies are in the planning phase. Obtaining information from the districts about distributions carried out and planned is critical to ensure good coordination of the upcoming response.

update from sindh1
Update from Sindh

It is feared that very few District administration kept record of distributions – tents and foodhave been provided in big chunks without keeping real records; sometimes they may have been politically motivated. Only Kashmore kept good track of assistance provided>> PDMA and OCHA to liaise with district authorities to obtain detailed information.

PDMA suggest clusters to roll out coordination at the district levels as well. Shelter Cluster offered to redeploy temporarily staff based in South Sindh to affected districts in North to support capacities. However, capacities are limited, and it may take some time to roll out coordination at the district level, therefore organizations active in the field are suggested to act as key informants for clusters.

Oxfam and Sapco shared that many local NGOs are active in the districts and carrying out assessments. However they have no resources to respond. Clusters clarified that existing stocks are extremely limited

IOM asked questions about the current security situation prevailing in Sindh. Escorts remains compulsory, and agencies should keep a very low profile and avoid any signs that could identify them, as they could expect incidents; in Kashmore, authorities offered that provide the rangers to escort humanitarian actors.

OCHA FO based in Kashmore shared that many agencies seem to focus on Jacobabad and leave a gap in Kashmore. CRS is present in both districts and shared that the situation is worst in Jacobabad, and areas of Kashmore and Shikarpur neighboring Jacobabad are actually the most affected.

All humanitarian stakeholders are very eager to start activities in N. Sindh ( distributions and cluster activities), however funding appears to be a real issue and resources are too limited to ensure a proper response; with no additional funding coming, it is feared that humanitarian response will be stopped very quickly, i.e in the coming weeks.

SC meeting will be called in Sukkur on Thursday 27th September.

update from balochistan
Update from Balochistan

NRC distributed 2109 NFI/Hygiene kits

Only PDMA distributed tents (6,670)


sc update distributions

SC Update – Distributions

Total distributions (Sindh and Balochistan & Punjab) so far


Population Affected

Damaged & Destroyed Households

emergency shelter options1
Emergency Shelter Options

Emergency shelter strategy