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Higher Project Level 2 Summary

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Higher Project Level 2 Summary - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Higher Project Level 2 Summary. GLH – SLN: 0.133333 Stand alone qualification. Selling the project. This project has not just been dropped into a timetable to make up hours/funding.

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higher project level 2 summary

Higher Project Level 2Summary

GLH – SLN: 0.133333

Stand alone qualification

selling the project
Selling the project
  • This project has not just been dropped into a timetable to make up hours/funding.
  • It really does benefit the learner in a number of ways and will develop skills required for study at university
  • They also use evaluative and analytical skills to develop end results
benefits of the qualification
Benefits of the qualification
  • It is stand alone
  • It develops basic skills of the learner
  • It is independently produced with very little guidance from tutors
  • It is a topic the learner chooses and therefore one he/she is interested in and are therefore more motivated
  • Marking of the project is very quick and straightforward
learning outcomes
Learning outcomes
  • Be able to choose, plan and manage a project
  • Be able to research information and apply it to project
  • Be able to select and apply skills to complete a project
  • Be able to review a project and own performance, and analyse the project
criteria and marks that can be awarded
Criteria and marks that can be awarded
  • Managing work – based on robustness of objectives and depth of work (up to 7 pts)
  • Using resources – reliable, valid, relevant, varied, referenced (up to 9 pts)
  • Develop and realise – ideas developed showing understanding of topic. Work is logical, quality of language, structure, grammar, spelling. Effective presentation (up to 17 pts)
  • Review – Meeting their objectives and valid reasons. (up to 7 marks)

Total points: 40 (max 36 pts if learners have required lots of support)

development of functional skills
Development of functional skills


  • Interpreting information from a variety of sources and applying it
  • Being able to determine valid and reliable secondary research sources, skim and scan information and pick out the most important points relevant to objectives
  • Improving structure, logical approaches to in-depth assignments
  • Understanding how to structure a bibliography and use quotes appropriately
  • Learn from frequent mistakes
development of functional skills1
Development of functional skills


  • Applying data to support relevant points which can be interpreted in different ways.
  • Analysing increase/decreases, percentages, ratios etc.


  • Converting data into graphs, charts and spread sheets. Producing attractive Power Points with images, animation etc
  • Of the Abraham Moss students completing the Higher Diploma, the vast majority have openly stated that they enjoyed being able to work on a project which they were interested in, rather than being told what to prodcuce