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  1. Dialogue A key feature in character and plot

  2. Quotation marks-always come in pairs • One set marks the beginning of what the speaker says, the other set marks the end of what the speaker says. “Were Dee and Hakim married?” Charles asked.

  3. Speaker tag A comma usually comes before or after a speaker tag, which is a phrase that tells the reader who is talking. Troy said, “I enjoy all of Alice Walker’s stories.”

  4. Speaker tag in the middle of the speaker’s words… • Use two commas, one on each side of the tag “I enjoy all of Alice Walker’s stories,” said Helen, “but I like this one the best.”

  5. Punctuation goes inside of the quotation marks. Kelly asked, “Why did Dee want the quilts?” “She thought they were art,” said LaVonne, “but she shouldn’t try to take them from her sister.”

  6. Your Turn… Re-write the following with correct punctuation • Kevin asked Why is Maggie so shy? • Because she was scarred by the fire Kimberly answered • I think replied Morgan Maggie was intimidated by her sister and that is why she acted shy.

  7. Homework: Create a New Scene • Imagine what happens after Dee leaves her mother and sister. What would Dee say to Hakim-a-barber as they are driving away? How might she explain her mother’s refusal to let her take the quilts? How would he respond? Write a dialogue between Dee and Hakim-a-barber that answers these questions. At least five exchanges. • OR • Imagine what Maggie and Mama say to one another following Dee’s departure. How will Maggie respond to Mama’s defense of her right to keep the quilts? How will Mama explain why she did it? At least five exchanges.