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Unit 3 Celebration PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit 3 Celebration

Unit 3 Celebration

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Unit 3 Celebration

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  1. Unit 3 Celebration Lesson 3

  2. Free Talk Have you ever been to a wedding party? Who got married? How many people were there? What time did it start/finish? What did they wear? What did people do? Did you have a wonderful time?

  3. Weddings… "To have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part". in church

  4. Do you know how to say these? bridegroom best man bride bridesmaid wedding ceremony

  5. entrance invitation wedding reception

  6. crown blossom

  7. candies bridecake wedding car

  8. Guess and match f) a man who is about to get married or has just got married a) a friend of the groom who helps him during the wedding ceremony d) a woman who is about to get married or has just got married bride bridegroom best man

  9. b) a party to celebrate the marriage ceremony of two people e) an important social or religious occasion c) a door or gate that you go through to enter a place ceremony entrance wedding reception

  10. Location of Indonesia

  11. Indonesian Weddings

  12. Greek Weddings

  13. Read the first part and choose the answer. This article may be written for ______. A. Indonesian young people B. foreigners working in Indonesia C. foreign teachers D. peace-lovers B

  14. Indonesian Weddings What to do: You can go without an invitation. You can attend the reception after the ceremony. You have to put money into the box at the entrance of the reception.

  15. What not to do: You shouldn’t go to the ceremony without asking first. You don’t have to contribute a lot of money. You can’t drink alcohol at the wedding reception. Indonesian women don’t have to cover their heads.

  16. Greek Weddings before the wedding ceremony The bridegroom has to ask the bride’s father for his daughter’s hand in marriage. during the wedding ceremony The best man should help put crowns made of flowers on the heads of the couple. A long silk ribbon that links the crowns is a symbol of a long and happy life for the couple.

  17. after the wedding ceremony The guests can attend a wedding reception. Guests can throw dishes on the floor and put money on the bride’s dress for good luck. The party can last through the night.

  18. Read the whole text and decide the sentences are T (true) or F (false). • In Indonesian wedding culture, you can’t go to a wedding if you haven’t got an invitation. • 2. In Indonesian wedding culture, not  everyone can attend the wedding  ceremony. F T

  19. 3. At most Indonesian wedding receptions, guests cannot drink alcohol. 4. In Greek culture, the bridegroom needs  to ask the bride’s father for his daughter’s hand in marriage. 5. What links the wedding crowns together is a red silk ribbon in Greece. T T F

  20. Try to find information about customs in other countries on the Internet. Read the Internet page carefully and try to remember as much as you can!

  21. Discussion Try to talk about the Chinese wedding customs. You may talk about: 1. the preparations for the wedding; 2. the ceremony; 3. the reception what to do & what not to do for the guests

  22. Language points 1. …, even if you don’t receive an invitation yourself. even if 即使;虽然 We'll go even if it rains. Even if you saw him pick up the money, you can't be sure he stole it. even if / even though表示退一步设想,引导 一个条状语从句,有时含有不肯定的意味。

  23. accept, receive均有“接受、接纳”之意。 accept: 强调主动地或自愿地接受,或者说经过考虑后同意接受。 receive: 着重仅仅接到或收到这一结论或事 实,而不含采取主动或积极行动的意思。 I received his letter, but I wouldn’t accept apology.

  24. 2. However you ought not to go to the ceremony ... ought aux. 应该;应当 You ought to be more careful, you know. He ought to keep his promise. I don't think you ought to. ought没有词性变化,没有人称和时态的变化,同带to的不定式连用,否定式为ought not (oughtn’t ) to。

  25. 3. Everyone can attend the reception afterwards. attend v. 参加;出席 He’ll attend an important meeting tomorrow. I attended his lecture.

  26. join, join in, take part in 和 attend 的用法比较 这几个词或短语都有“参加”的意思,但用法不同。 1) join有两个用法: (1)指加入某个党派,团体组织等,成为其成员之一,意为:“参军、入团、入党”等。如:When did your brother join the army? (2)和某人一道做某事,其结构为:join sb. in (doing) sth.,根据上下文,in (doing) sth. 也可以省去。如:Will you join us in the discussion? 2) join in多指参加小规模的活动如“球赛、游戏”等,常用于日常口语。如: Come along, and join in the ball game.

  27. 3) take part in 指参加会议或群众性活动等,着重说明句子主语参加该项活动并在活动中发挥用。如: We'll take part in social practice during the summer vacation. take part in是惯用词组,part前一般不用冠词 但part前有形容词修饰时,要用不定冠词。如: He took an active part in the sports meeting.

  28. 4) attend是正式用语,及物动词,指参加会议、婚礼、葬礼、典礼等;去上课、上学、听报告等。句子的主语只是去听,去看,自己不一定起积极作用。如: From five to eleven, they attend primary school. Would you like to attend the dinner party this evening?

  29. 4. There is a box at the entrance to the reception ... entrance n. 入口;进入 We used the back entrance to the building. He had passed the entrance examination of the college. Entrance into college was a great event in my life. They were refused entrance to the theater.

  30. contribute 捐献;贡献;投稿;有助于 5. …, you don’t have to contribute a lot of money. Each worker contributed one dollar to the Red Cross. He did not contribute anything to his family. He contributed an article to the China Daily. Drink contributed to his ruin. contributionn.贡献

  31. 6. …to ask the bride’s father for his daughter’s hand in marriage ask sb. for …请某人给某物… I ask my father for some money. He asked me for a lift after the party.

  32. 7. After the ceremony, the guests can attend a wedding reception, which is usually a huge party and … which 引导的是非限制性定语从句,补充说明wedding reception。 My glasses, which I bought last month, fell to the ground and broke.

  33. Write the correct words. • Let’s drink to the happiness of the bride and the b_____. • 2. His brother passed the college e_______  examination this summer. • 3. I’m very glad to accept your kind  i_______ to your birthday party. • 4. Our school will hold an opening c_______ this Sunday before the sports meeting starts. bridegroom entrance invitation ceremony

  34. attend 5. He decides to _________ (参加) the      conference to be held in Shanghai this      weekend. 6. He made no small _________ (贡献)      to our city during the past years. 7. The development of our company is      closely ______ (联系) with that of our      own. 8. The ________ (招待会) was held to thank the people who had helped build the new Hope School. contribution linked reception

  35. Word formation • We can make nouns by adding the suffixes like “-er”, “-or”, “-lism” , “-ment”, “-tion”, “-hood”, “-ness”, “-ship” and so on. • We can make adjectives by adding the suffixes like “-ful”, “-y”, “-less”, “-ous / ious”, “-able”, “-tive” and so on. • We can make adverbs by adding suffixes “-ly”.

  36. Verbs invite receive attend enter contribute Nouns invitation reception attendance entrance contribution

  37. Use the verbs and nouns above to complete the sentences below. 1. Have you been to ______Ben’s party? Yes, I received an ________ to his party today. 2. Jeremy, you didn’t ______ class this morning. __________ is necessary if you want to pass! invited invitation attend Attendance

  38. 3. The room has a secret ________ you can only _____ if you know where it is. entrance enter 4. We had a lovely wedding _________. We ____________ so many beautiful presents! 5. You ought to _________ money. But your ___________ doesn’t need to be big. reception have received contribute contribution

  39. homework 1.Read the passages several times 2.Write an article about the party you’ve been to.