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  1. OFSTED School Visit under the New Criteria Reflections from Sue Davies Head Teacher Harlow Fields School and College School website:

  2. Call from SERCOPen paper – long list to write down

  3. Call from SERCOPen paper – long list to write down con’td

  4. Pre Inspection Briefing • RV1 PIB • Brief Commentary and Hypotheses • The achievement of pupils in school • PIR (Grade); SSE (Grade)

  5. The quality of teaching in the school: PIR ; SSE How would you grade teachers and what interventions have you made? What impact?

  6. The behaviour and safety of pupils at the school: PIR (overall); SSE What provision is made for pupils educated offsite? Evidence of partnership mtgs, assessment results , workbooks.

  7. The quality of leadership and management of the school: PIR (overall); SSE

  8. How effective is Early Years provision and achievement? PIRHow effective is sixth form provision and achievement? PIR-

  9. Summary of main pre-inspection issues What is the pupils perception of bullying? And do they know how to keep themselves safe? What has the school done to help them keep themselves safe?

  10. What was different from previous inspections? • Focus on 4 areas: • The quality of T & L • Assessment • Time to assess each of the 4 areas. More opportunity for a forensic look! • Observed lessons (30-40mins). Wanted to see learning, (what had changed for those pupils in that time?). Know and see evidence of SLT interventions and wanted to know what had happened as a result. SLT Observe with inspectors. • Progress identified in using the National progression guideline matrix. (Linked to age and prior attainment). Progress in KS2 takes into account attainment at end of KS1 and sets a target for where they should be at end of KS2. Wanted to see examples of assessment, and marking. Key evidence to have for pupils with SEN; moderated.

  11. What was different from previous inspections? Cont’d • Behaviour and Safety • Leadership & Management • Interviews with pupils focussed on B&S; were pupils equipped to deal with bullying? Pupils attitudes and conduct in lessons. Know what we had done to make pupils safe. • Evidence of SLT interventions. • What action has been taken as a result of the schools self evaluation and external evaluations of the school?