Module 1 layer 1 scalable network design
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Module 1 Layer 1 Scalable Network Design - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CCNP1: Building Scalable Internetworks v5.0. Module 1 Layer 1 Scalable Network Design. IIN, SONA, and the ECNM. I ntelligent I nformation N etwork (IIN) the S ervice- O riented N etwork A rchitecture (SONA) Cisco E nterprise C omposite N etwork M odel (ECNM).

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Module 1 layer 1 scalable network design

CCNP1: Building Scalable Internetworks v5.0

Module 1Layer 1 Scalable Network Design

Iin sona and the ecnm

IIN, SONA, and the ECNM

  • Intelligent Information Network (IIN)

  • the Service-Oriented Network Architecture (SONA)

  • Cisco Enterprise Composite Network Model (ECNM)

The intelligent information network iin
The Intelligent Information Network (IIN)

  • The modern converged networks with integrated voice, video, and data require that IT departments more closely link the IT infrastructure with the network.

  • The intelligence built into each component of the network is extended network-wide and applies end-to-end.

  • With added intelligence, the IINmakes it possible for the network to actively manage, monitor, and optimize service and application delivery across the entire IT environment

Scalable network design
Scalable Network Design

Layered models – 모듈화.

각 계층의 장치는 유사하고 잘 정의된 기능을 갖는다. 그래서 추가, 대체, 제거 등이 쉽다. 이런 유연성과 적응성이 계층적 네트워크 설계를 매우 확장성있게 한다.

Making the network responsive
Making the Network Responsive

Responsive(응답이 빠른)

By using the queuing feature, a congested router may be configured to reorder packets so that mission-critical and delay-sensitive traffic is processed first. These higher priority packets are sent first even if other lower priority packets arrive ahead of them.

Quality of Service Overview

Making the network efficient
Making the Network Efficient

  • 네트워크가 효율적일려면, 라우터는 불필요한 트래픽이 WAN을 통과하는 것을 허용하지 않아야 한다. 그리고 라우팅 업데이트의 크기와 빈도를 최소화 하여야 한다.

  • Access lists

  • Route maps

  • Compression over WANs

  • Route summarization

  • Incremental updates

Making the network adaptable
Making the Network Adaptable

  • 다양한 라우딩 그리고 라우티드 프로토콜들을 수용할 수 있어야 한다.

  • IPv4

  • IPv6

  • Legacy protocols, such as IPX and AppleTalk

Making the network accessible but secure
Making the Network Accessible But Secure

  • <접근성>

  • 사용자에게 다양한 접근방식이 가능하도록 허용

  • Circuit-switched networks that use dialup lines

  • Dedicated networks that use leased lines

  • Packet-switched networks

  • <안전성>

  • Network Access Control (NAC)

  • Identity Based Network Services (IBNS)

Web Links

Network Admission Control (NAC) Framework Based Networking Services Solution

Lab 1 0 tcl script reference and demonstration
Lab 1-0 TCL Script Reference and Demonstration

  • TCL? – 스크립터 언어.


  • Cisco IOS Release 12.3(2)T and later supports TCL scripting in the Cisco IOS.

Lab 1 0 tcl script reference and demonstration1
Lab 1-0 TCL Script Reference and Demonstration

  • Enter each of the IP addresses in the value list. Issue the ping $address

  • command as the only instruction in the instruction list.

    • foreach address {











    • } {

    • ping $address

    • }

  • Copy the TCL script from the text file and paste it into each device.

    R1# tclsh




    R1(tcl)# foreach address {











    +>(tcl)# } {

    +>(tcl)# ping $address

    +>(tcl)# }

  • 라우터에서 TCL script 모드 탈출 명령어

  • R1(tcl)# tclquit