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Ciel Phantomhive. Ciel Phantomhive. Ciel is 12 years old, and has darkish blue eyes. He has his ears pierced, and wears two rings- an silver piece holding an emerald-cut deep blue stone , (Family Ring) and a gold ring, with the family crest to stamp the wax seal on documents.

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Ciel is 12 years old, and has darkish blue eyes.

He has his ears pierced, and wears two rings- an silver piece holding an emerald-cut deep blue stone, (Family Ring) and a gold ring, with the family crest to stamp the wax seal on documents.

KuroshitsujiWikia “He nearly always wears a black eye patch over his right eye, not because he is missing it, but because that is where the sign of hisFaustian contract with Sebastian Michaelis (Demon) is hidden.”

On the left lower side of his back, there is a mark of his former enslavement (how he summoned Sebastian)

  • Ciel was born on December 14, 1875, to Vincent Phantomhive and Rachael Phantomhive, and was happy before his house was set on fire, parents murdered and kidnapped on his tenth birthday (Why he dislikes celebrating it) Reason: The Phantomhive Family gain many enemies from being the Queen’s watchdog.
  • After being kidnapped, he was sold to members of a cult, which results to being abused, and later sacrificed. It was because of his hate toward his ‘owners’ and not believing that there is God that he summoned Sebastian. His mark of contract is on his right eye.
  • After he ‘reappeared’ and took over as head of the Phantomhive Family, and the job of the Queen’s Watchdog (Doing the Queen’s dirty Job)and the head of the Phantom Company. He also stopped smiling.
  • Ciel is a cold and basically emotionless child, since the fire that killed his parents happened.
  • Ciel likes trying to make Sebastian fail at tasks, but Sebastian never fails, because as he states multiple times, he is “One hell of a butler” (Kind of true since he is a demon and demons come from hell.) He expects Sebastian to be alive and protecting his life forever.
  • As head of the toy and food company (Phantom Company) he thinks of life as a chess game, comparing himself to the king and his servants or other people as his pawns. Ciel has no problems with stealing, lying, killing others as long as it benefits him some way, however, he does have some compassion (shown in Jack the ripper.)
  • He thinks of Scotland Yard as a joke, and often takes cases just to take glory from them.
the fire and the contract
The fire and the Contract

When the mansion got on fire, Ciel ran, trying to find his parents. He saw Tanaka(Butler at that time) and Tanaka tried to warn him to run away. However, he was knocked out and sold to cult members. Ciel prayed to God, to his parents, but there was no one.

the fire and the contract continue
The fire and The Contract continue
  • When he got cut to become a sacrifice, he said “There is no such thing as God” he basically rejected God and summoned the devil.

The devil tells him to choose, and Ciel ordered him

to kill them, the ones in the room,

those that tortured him.


Being the Queen’s watchdog means that he must do undercover cases. Often when Ciel does the cases he must act and dress differently. After he is finished with the case he reports back to the queen.

  • One source he uses often is Undertaker, who was originally a Shinigami aka Death God but has now retired.

example cases
Example Cases

Jack the Ripper- A murderer that removes all the victims' wombs such skills that only an expert in anatomy could be the culprit.

Curry Contest-A lot of British citizens that has just returned from India are being attacked and hung with insulting notes attached to them outside of Indian Pubs. Soon, they learn that the culprit was Prince Soma’s (From India) servent Agni (Who has God’s right hand) and they must win a curry contest against him.

example cases1
Example Cases
  • Noah’s Ark Circus-Children has been kidnapped where the Circus has traveled and Queen Victoria wishes that the children be returned safely. So Ciel and Sebastian joins the circus, and learns that a Shinigami named William Spears was there and undercover as well. Soon, the reason for the children’s kidnap was revealed and it appears that Ciel has something to do with that….
example cases2
Example Cases
  • Phantomhive Manor Murder Case- The Queen gets Ciel to host a party and entertain a guest, as the Noble Earl Ciel Phantomhive. Then at night the guest is killed, and Ciel is the suspect. However, the next night, Sebastian was found dead as well. Tanaka became the new butler. Then, a preacher came from an other town, and the culprit was found, which was…..

Father: Vincent Phantomhive

Mother: Rachael Phantomhive

Aunts: Angelina Durless, Frances Middleford

Cousin: Elizabeth Middleford (Fiancée) Edward Middleford


Ciel’s Faustian contract displayed

at his right eye

Ciel as a girl undercover for Jack the Ripper case


Ciel as a child

before the fire.

Ciel and Sebastian


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