friction by deandre brown n.
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Friction by deandre brown

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Friction by deandre brown. Friction? What’s That? And why are tires burning out and what’s with the people falling off of bikes?.

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friction what s that and why are tires burning out and what s with the people falling off of bikes
Friction? What’s That? And why are tires burning out and what’s with the people falling off of bikes?
  • Well, you could say friction force is the “evil” of all motion. Wherever something moves, friction moves the other way. That’s why I have the cars burning out their tires because the friction of the tires are preventing the car from moving. I have the people clumsily falling off of their bikes because unfortunately the front tire has either hit something that interferes with the circular motion of the tire, causing friction to occur and the flow of the bike to haywire. Therefore, sending the person flying.
ooh sounds like it hurts anyway who discovered friction
Ooh. Sounds like it hurts... Anyway, who discovered friction?
  • I honestly have no idea. Friction could have been discovered nearly a million years ago when it was discovered that heat from friction could be used to light a fire. There were a few scholars that studied fiction, but Leonardo de Vinci was the first. However, he never published his theories in his notebooks. He realized how important friction was for the working of machines. The next artist that discovered friction was Guillaume Amontons. He rediscovered two basic laws of friction that de Vinci discovered. He also came up with an original set of theories.
when was fiction first discovered
When was fiction first discovered?
  • Again, I’m not sure. It could have been discovered a million years ago, half a million years ago, who knows?
mmm hmm and all of this information came from where
MMm hmm. And all of this information came from where?
  • NOT MY MOM. 
  • Google for pictures