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Dual Admission

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Dual Admission - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mary Ettling Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Assistant Director of Credit & Distance Activities 618.650.3215 or mawalke@siue.edu. Dual Admission . Moving Beyond the Agreement to Serve Students. Dual Admission Dual Enrollment High School Partnership 2+2. Terminology.

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Presentation Transcript
dual admission

Mary Ettling

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Assistant Director of Credit & Distance Activities

618.650.3215 or mawalke@siue.edu

Dual Admission

Moving Beyond the Agreement to Serve Students


Dual Admission

  • Dual Enrollment
  • High School Partnership
  • 2+2
why get involved

The Public Agenda encompasses four goals designed to eliminate barriers and foster opportunities for all Illinoisans to achieve their educational aspirations and to build an economically vibrant and competitive state of Illinois.

Goal 1: Increase educational attainment

Goal 2: Improve college affordability

Goal 3: Strengthen workforce development

Goal 4: Link research and innovation to  economic growth


Why get involved?
motives of transfer students

Transferability of Courses

  • Academic Advising
  • Career Counseling/Placement

Engel, C (2011). Understanding the enrollment motives of college transfer students. Retrieved from www.blog/noellevitz.com

Motives of Transfer Students
benefits for the college


  • Improved Transfer Services
  • Completions
  • Reverse Transfer
Benefits for the College
benefits for the university

Early Decision

  • Ability to Influence Matriculation
  • Advising/Better prepared
  • Already connected
  • Non-tangibles (trust, network)
  • More likely to complete
Benefits for the University
benefits for students

Waive application fee

  • Advising
  • Admission term is set for curriculum
  • Financial Aid
  • Student Affairs…..
Benefits for Students
why continuing education

Established relationships across campus

  • Housed under Academic Affairs
  • Primary services come from academic affairs
  • Familiarity with off campus operations
  • Quality services provide likely ROI that is qualitative
Why Continuing Education?

They are key to student retention and a huge influencer of CC students./ CC students resist advising

  • CC faculty must be familiar with primary school’s curriculum.
  • Are CC faculty advocates for the university?
  • University faculty must
    • see transfer students as valuable/ academically prepared
    • must understand their role in student retention
  • University faculty should be encouraged to establish 2+2 relationships- i.e. incentives
students page 1

Are unique

  • Have different needs at different times
  • Change their minds
  • Need support
  • Are sometimes intimidated
  • Don’t always have support from their family or other important groups
Students (page 1)
students page 2

Often work full time

  • May have other family obligations
  • Have some negative stereotypes that they must overcome
  • Need to understand financial aid
  • Could benefit from information about departmental/university scholarships
  • Student focus groups
Students (page 2)
student services

Campus activities

  • Athletics
  • ID cards
  • Library
  • Theatre
  • Connections with clubs or academic societies
  • Connections with faculty
Student Services
what services may be valuable

Academic Advising

  • News you can use
  • Program Planning
  • Any offers to authentically connect with campus
  • Commuter services/ housing/ off campus living options
  • Parking
  • Curriculum guides/ transfer guides
  • Seeing transfer credits posted
  • Connecting via university email
  • Reviewing progress of dual admission students
  • Campus tours?
  • Career services opportunity to connect with internships early
What services may be valuable
future plans

Coordinator of Communications for Partnership Programs

  • Coordinator of Advising/ Academic Advisor for Partnership Programs
  • Virtual Program Support for Partnership Programs
Future Plans
unique problems

Students with a lot of credit hours

  • Readmits
  • Tracking students
  • The elusive admit term
  • Campus awareness/service to a unique group
  • Changing majors
  • Students who are not attending full time
Unique Problems