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ThromboGenics – delivering innovative ophthalmic medicines Financing Strategy Finance Conference, Leuven November 2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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ThromboGenics – delivering innovative ophthalmic medicines Financing Strategy Finance Conference, Leuven November 2013

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ThromboGenics – delivering innovative ophthalmic medicines Financing Strategy Finance Conference, Leuven November 2013 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ThromboGenics – delivering innovative ophthalmic medicines Financing Strategy Finance Conference, Leuven November 2013
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  1. ThromboGenics – delivering innovative ophthalmic medicinesFinancing StrategyFinance Conference, LeuvenNovember 2013

  2. Disclaimer By attending the meeting where this presentation is made, or by reading the presentation slides,you agree to be bound by the following limitations: This document has been prepared by ThromboGenics NV (the "Company") and is being supplied to you solely for your information and use by you at the Company presentation. This document and its contents are confidential and may not be further distributed or passed on to any other person or published or reproduced, in whole or in part, by any medium or in any form for any purpose. All the numerical data provided in this document are derived from ThromboGenics’ consolidated financial statements. No representation or warranty expressed or implied is or will be made as to, and no reliance should be placed on, the fairness, accuracy, completeness, or correctness of the information or opinions contained herein. The information set out herein may be subject to updating, completion, revision, verification, and amendment, and such information may change materially. The Company is under no obligation to update or keep current the information contained in this document or the presentation to which it relates, and any opinions expressed in it are subject to change without notice. None of the Company or any of its affiliates, its advisors, or representatives shall have any liability whatsoever (in negligence or otherwise) for any loss whatsoever arising from any use of this document or its contents or otherwise arising in connection with this document. The following information does not constitute investment advice, and shall not constitute an offer or invitation for the sale or purchase of securities or assets of ThromboGenics in any jurisdiction. No securities of ThromboGenics may be offered or sold within the United States without registration under the U.S. Securities Act of 1933, as amended, or in compliance with an exemption therefrom, and in accordance with any applicable U.S. state securities laws.

  3. ThromboGenics in a Nutshell • Listed on Euronext Brussels (THR) since IPO June 2006 • Market Capitalization > 0.7 Bio Euro (36,1 Mio shares @ 20 Euro) • Global HQ in Leuven (Belgium), with US commercial operations in Iselin, NJ (120 FTE) • Focussed on Ophthalmology • Launched Jetrea in US on Jan. 14th 2013! • Approval in EU on Jan. 18th 2013 • US: Building own commercial organization • Ex US: Partnership with Alcon (Novartis)

  4. What is JETREA?

  5. What is symptomatic VMA? VMA is the result of aging Normal Separation (PVD) Vitreous remodelling leads to progressive liquefaction with age1 VMA is associated with many other retinal disorders Incomplete separation can lead to traction and to macular holes, which in both cases causes symptoms (visual disturbance) VMA • Bishop PN. Prog Retin Eye Res. 2000; 19(3):323-344.

  6. Clinical Manifestations of symptomatic VMA Central Visual Field Defects Decreased Visual Acuity Metamorphopsia

  7. OCT Has Transformed the Diagnosis of VMA

  8. Changing the Treatment Paradigm of sVMA Current Treatment Paradigm Future Treatment Paradigm Symptomatic VMA Symptomatic VMA Watch & Wait JETREA® Vitrectomy Vitrectomy .

  9. Current Treatment Options

  10. JETREA®

  11. Ocriplasmin: A Truncated Form of Human Plasmin Administered via a single intravitreal injection Produced by recombinant DNA technology No competing products currently in the clinic

  12. Ocriplasmin - Treating Vitreomacular Adhesion (VMA) Protein Bonds in Vitreomacular Interface Responsible for VMA Collagen Fibronectin Laminin Ocriplasmin Breaks Protein Bonds to Resolve VMA

  13. Clear strategy for delivering value • Successfully commercialize JETREA® in the US • via our own commercial organization • Support Alcon’s successful commercialization of JETREA® outside the US • Further develop our JETREA®franchise via new formulations • and indications – costs shared equally with Alcon • Accessing new novel ophthalmic medicines to help expand our ophthalmology franchise – sourced via our own research, joint development/licensing deals and possibly via acquisitions

  14. Building value remains key focus • NYSE Euronext Brussels : THR • Bel20 Index since March 18, 2013 • Average liquidity over past 3 months: 162,000 shares per day • Average daily transaction value around €6.0 million

  15. Financing Strategy ThromboGenics : Mission Impossible without Listing:some thoughts about being listed

  16. JETREA®EU & RoW – roll out on track • JETREA® gained EU approval on March 15, 2013 – triggered a €45 million milestone payment from Alcon • UK • Alcon launched JETREA® in the UK in April - triggered an additional €45 million milestone payment from Alcon • JETREA® received a positive initial NICE recommendation in June for reimbursement by the NHS for Vitreomacular Traction and Macular Hole • Germany • Alcon launched JETREA® in Germany in May • IQWiG confirmed in August that JETREA® demonstrates major added value for the Treatment of Vitreomacular Traction and Macular Hole • Alcon launched JETREA® in Scandinavia in June • JETREA approved in Canada in August • Further approvals/ launches expected during the course of 2013/14

  17. Financing Strategy ThromboGenics : Mission Impossible without Listing:some thoughts about being listed

  18. Why an IPO ? • Company early stage development was funded through tPA royalties – licensed to Genentech • Only one VC investor prior to IPO • Decision to IPO driven by • need to fund further developmentof our novel pipeline • to take the company to the ‘next stage’ – broaden the skill base and experience of the management team • provide access to capital to support the growth of the company

  19. Why Euronext ? • Euronext Brussels – natural choice for the Company being mainly based in Belgium • Founder Desire Collen was seen as Belgian Biotech Leader • Access to Belgian investors institutional and private • Euronext also provided access to pan-European investors • Strong biotechnology representation on Euronext – good market for us to IPO on • knowledge and understanding of the space

  20. Why Did We Succeed ? • Preparation – crucial to any successful transaction • The Right Equity Story – balance between lower risk eye disease opportunity and higher risk cardiovascular programs • Valuation– able to accept the market’s valuation of the Company at that time • Lead Managing Bank – KBC in Belgium was an ideal partner for this exercise given its client reach in Belgium and other parts of Europe

  21. Tips and Things To Avoid (1) • Clear reasonsfor listing – attractive pipeline to invest in • Company management needs to lead and to represent the interests of all stakeholders • Ensure you have the right skillsavailable on your transaction team • Clear equity storywhich is in tune with the market at the time – risk/reward balance • Choice of Lead bank – commitment to your deal even in difficult market conditions

  22. Tips and Things To Avoid (2) • Importance of PR – work with an agency who has done many IPOs before and can drive the process without large amounts of management time • Be realistic on valuation – don’t be too greedy • Don’t forget private investors – they are important not only for the deal but to provide liquidity once listed • Timing - ensure that you align company readiness with market readiness

  23. Significant Progress Since Listing (1)

  24. Significant Progress Since Listing (2)

  25. Significant Progress Since Listing (3)

  26. Questions & Answers