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the coalition warfare program cwp col gary salmans dep dir coalition warfare program ousd at l ic n.
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This overall briefing is UNCLASSIFIED PowerPoint Presentation
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This overall briefing is UNCLASSIFIED

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This overall briefing is UNCLASSIFIED
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This overall briefing is UNCLASSIFIED

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  1. The Coalition Warfare Program (CWP)Col Gary SalmansDep Dir, Coalition Warfare ProgramOUSD AT&L/IC This document contains information that is provided in confidence to the Governments of Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Israel, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Turkey and , United Kingdom. This briefing is for information only. It is not for public release. No U.S. Government commitment to sell, loan, lease, co-develop, co-produce defense articles or services is implied or intended. This information is furnished on the condition that it will not be released to other nations without specific authority from the Department of Defense; that it will be used for military purposes only; that individual or corporate rights originating in the information, whether patented or not, will be respected; that the recipient will report promptly to the United States any known or suspected compromise, and; that the information will be provided substantially the same degree of security afforded it by the Department of Defense of the United States. This overall briefing is UNCLASSIFIED Distribution Statement C: Distribution authorized to US Government agencies & their contractors only. Other requests for this document shall be referred to the Coalition Warfare Program Office,

  2. UNCLASSIFIED Comparison of DoD Programs Test Interoperability Test to Procure Build relationships Integration of Systems Cooperative Development

  3. Overview CWP leverages U.S. and foreign investments to conduct cooperative research and development projects with foreign partners. Program supports Department’s goals of: • Collaboratively addressing strategic technology gaps for current and future missions • Developing interoperability solutions for coalition operations • Strengthening current defense partnerships and developing new relationships Mechanics: • Selects projects through annual, competitive process • Selection process supported by U.S. and partner SMEs • Request cap is $1M/year of research, development, test and evaluation (RDT&E) funding for up to 2 years • CWP Funds pay for U.S. tasks only • CWP Funds are only a portion of funding for project: Contributions from U.S. and foreign partners are required and have matching requirements • Max requests for funding have to be clear “game changers” • Project must get to sustainable next phase of maturation

  4. Helping meet DoD shortfalls CWP projects are selected to meet operational needs Share operational priorities with acquisition community Since 2001, 153 Projects with 78Partners (inc. NATO) 47 Active projects with 18Partners Service R&D Activities DoD Strategic Guidance COCOM Priorities Unmanned systems Asset trackers Training Systems DoD Engagement Priorities C4ISR Cyber Information Sharing Weapons SOF Technologies Platforms Domain Awareness C2 systems Logistics Power and Energy Sensors Medical Munitions Counter Trans-national crime Unmanned Systems Combat ID Influence acquisition to meet COCOM needs through IC Warfighter Solution Provider

  5. CWP Metrics U.S. Return on Investment Overall: $1:$7 CWP to Foreign: $1:$4 High Transition Rate * Building Support: Project team is gaining support for transition of system/technology • * Partially: Successful projects that delivered: • Non-immediate tangibles (such as architectures or standards), or • Elements of system continued forward, not entire system

  6. UNCLASSIFIED CWP Ruleset Partner tasks US tasks If part of a JCTD, CWP must be discrete project Partner resources US resources DoD submissions only • Shared R&D tasks • Firm Partner Commitment • Equitable contributions by each partner • Clear U.S. needs and gains • Transition commitments MOUs, PAs Licenses CWP Approvals JCTD • Legally achievable • Technically achievable

  7. Fall/Winter Winter Summer Spring Spring Work ideas into competitive nominations Present CWP to DoD and partners Review and downselect nominations Update and release documents Dir, IC selections US PMs execute projects: provide Financial and Status Reports

  8. FY15 Process • January - 26 Initial Nominations • March - 18 Finalists Selected • April/May – 11 Projects Recommended for Selection • 4 projects dropped out, 4 projects that didn’t meet key CWP requirements eliminated • 1 project dropped out, recommend 6 projects not be selected

  9. UNCLASSIFIED Resources CWP POINTS OF CONTACT: Management Plan, FAQs, Deadlines, Templates CWP Website ( Col Gary Salmans, USAF, CWP Program Manager,, 571-372-5260 Ms. Merry Lutz CONTRACTOR POC for Army, TRANSCOM, PACOM, and SOUTHCOM 571-372-5269 Ms. Christa Cochran CONTRACTOR POC for Air Force, EUCOM, STRATCOM, and NORTHCOM 571-372-5268 Mr. John Noulis (OFFSITE) CONTRACTOR POC for Navy, Marine Corps, CTTSO, Defense Agencies, AFRICOM, SOCOM, and CENTCOM 571-814-4915