Eacpr general assembly
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EACPR General Assembly. President’s Report. Stephan Gielen. Projects over the past two years.

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Eacpr general assembly

EACPR General Assembly

President’s Report

Stephan Gielen

Projects over the past two years
Projects overthepasttwoyears

The ESC/EACPR Textbook of Preventive Cardiology- First volume on preventivecardiology in clinicalpractice in production, due forpublicationduringthe ESC Congress at Barcelona 2014.- Second volume on sportscardiologyneedstobevigourouslyaddressedandmanuscriptsshouldbecollectedbythe end of 2014 tokeepupthemomentum.

Improvedcollaborationwiththe Working Groups on- Hypertension- Atherosclerosis and Vascular Biology- Thrombosis- Peripheral Circulation with the aim of merger between the working groups and EACPR to increase the scope of EuroPRevent. A friendly relation is now developed, however, merger talks need to be started.

S. Gielen

Projects over the past two years1
Projects overthepasttwoyears

Creating a Global Alliance forCardiovascularDiseasePrevention- Reach-out Task Force created in responsetochallengesfrom Canadian groups, whointendedtolead global collaboration in prevention/rehabilitation.- Extensive effortstoincreasethe global visibility of EACPR as an international leader in CVD prevention- Significantpoliticalconflictwith WHF regardingthepoliticalhome of the Global Alliance, weakening of the EACPR positionbyDavid‘scandidacyfortheposition of WHF President-elect-> conservativeandrealisticgoal of maintaining international collaboration on a bilateral basiswhiletransferringthe Global Alliance to WHF.

S. Gielen

Projects over the past two years2
Projects overthepasttwoyears

Coveringtheentirescope of cardiovasculardiseaseprevention in clinicalpracticewith EACPR- Myeffortstoquicklyaddressthenamechange of theAssociationtoalignthebrand of theAssociation, themeeting, thejournalandthetextbookfailed. However, I believethatthestrategicpositioning of EACPR forthenext 5 to 10 yearscriticallydepends on achieving such an alignment.- An area of preventionwhichiscurrently not included in thescope of thesectionsiscardiometabolichealthandnutrition. I stronglyrecommendtofillthisgap. Antonio and I meet Prof DoehnerThursdayafternoon, whosubmitted a proposaltogather an expert groupasfoundingnucleusfor a futuresectionon thistopic.

S. Gielen

Challenges ahead

Transforming EACPR into a financiallystable professional society

  • EuroPRevent 2014 islikelytoclosewith a financialloss due tolowerthanexpectedparticipantregistrations.

  • A productivemeetingwith F. Pinto and I. BardinettookplaceduringEuroPReventtoaddresstheunderlyingstrategicissuesrelatedtoourprofitability. Agreement was reached on thegeneralstrategytomovemoreintocardiovascularhealthprovision.

  • The initiation of anynewprojectneedstobesupportedby a business plan thatdocumentsthefinancialshortand medium-term sustainability.

  • EACPR needstocapitalise on itsassets (positionpapers, recommendations, educationalcourses, expert opinionforbusinesspartners)

  • EACPR needstobroadenitsbasis of enthusiasticself-motivatedvolunteers, which turn ourstrategicobjectivesinto real achievements.

S. Gielen

Good luck antonio
Goodluck, Antonio!

S. Gielen