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Team Members Dalesha Cartman (MVSU) Marvin Elder II (MVSU) Dr. Yolanda McMillian (Mentor)

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Team Members Dalesha Cartman (MVSU) Marvin Elder II (MVSU) Dr. Yolanda McMillian (Mentor) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Team Members Dalesha Cartman (MVSU) Marvin Elder II (MVSU) Dr. Yolanda McMillian (Mentor). Overview. Abstract Institutional Review Board (IRB) Methodology Data Formulas/Calculations Results Discussion Future Work References. Abstract.

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Presentation Transcript
Team Members

Dalesha Cartman (MVSU)

Marvin Elder II (MVSU)

Dr. Yolanda McMillian (Mentor)

  • Abstract
  • Institutional Review Board (IRB)
  • Methodology
  • Data
  • Formulas/Calculations
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Future Work
  • References

The Undergraduate Research Experience in Ocean, Marine, and Polar Science (URE OMPS) program is set up to promote the professional development of undergraduate students through their participation in ocean, marine and polar science research. Each student was assigned to a specific research team, where they worked closely with the assigned faculty. An additional component of the program was the opportunity for students to participate in virtual seminars. These seminars allowed the students to become more familiar with topics such as global warming and ice sheets, and it also allowed students to interact with the nation’s most prominent scientists.

The primary focus of the research project was threefold. First, research was conducted on the role of the Institutional Review Board (IRB). During the research of the IRB, mock IRB approval applications were submitted for review. These actions had to be taken before any research could begin. Second, the focus of the research project was to assess the hypothesized success of both the URE OMPS program and the virtual seminars through a comprehensive data analysis of questionnaire responses using experimental statistics. Third, the design of experimental questionnaires was explored. Demographic, Likert Scale, open- and closed-ended survey questions were all used for questionnaires that were administered after the virtual seminars. Calculations of the statistical measures were done using the two sample test for observational data using the statistical software packages Excel-StatPlus and Minitab.

institutional review board irb
Institutional Review Board (IRB)
  • Committee
    • Approves
    • Monitor
    • Review
  • Relates to our Project
    • Pre-Requisite (22 pg doc)
    • Educational Test Survey Procedures
    • Human Related (Privacy)
  • Kwik Surveys
    • Questionnaire builder
    • Storage device
    • Founded during January 2008
    • Attracted many clients internationally

(Disney, MySQL magazine, and Pepsi)

    • Free of charge
    • Advantages (email facility)
    • Disadvantages (User must log into their account at least once every 18 months)
  • URE OMPS Surveys
    • Surveys used were made by staff of the program
    • Contained: Identifiable Questions

Likert-Scale Questions

Demographical Questions

Open-and-Closed Ended Questions

formulas calculations
Formulas/ Calculations
  • Central Tendency
              • Mean
              • Median
              • Mode
formulas calculations3
  • Measures the dispersion within a set of sample data
  • Improvements
    • Not enough data from the surveys that were collected to make any solid results that show more of a trend in the data.
    • Not much to be done with the virtual conference because it was only a limited supply of people that participated in taking the survey in there was not enough data to compare and reveal how effective the virtual conference was.
    • In the histogram graphs, there were not enough normally distributed graphs to receive the best results, however the results were still reliable.
  • Do Mississippi Valley State University and Elizabeth City State University affect the ratio of women to men in this program?
  • Inferred, because a majority of the students in the program were from the two schools.
  • Is there a preference of having more males in the program over females?
  • Inferred based on the opinion of the Secretary of Education, who thinks that are not enough male teachers.
future work
Future Work
  • More Data Collection
  • Structure
  • Make Questionnaires More Accessible
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