looking around with year 5 n.
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North cadbury c of e primary school

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North cadbury c of e primary school - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Looking Around with Year 5. North cadbury c of e primary school. Peace Garden. Peace Garden. Why we have it? We have it because it is relaxing and you can watch wildlife peacefully. Also lessons can be taught there. What is it?

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peace garden
Peace Garden

Peace Garden

Why we have it?

We have it because it is relaxing and you can watch wildlife peacefully. Also lessons can be taught there.

What is it?

The peace garden is an area that you can relax and happily daydream with NO disruptions!





butterfly garden
Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Garden

The Butterfly garden is a garden just out side the school.

People go there to play if school is not open yet.

There are a lot of pebbles & a few stepping stones.

It is small area where we put a lot of bird feeders!

It is sometimes quiet. The butterfly garden is opposite the steps & there is a wall between then.


Rob ins’play area

  • The Robins use the play area for making roads and petrol stations in their golden time ,it is
  • a time when you have time to do what you want
  • The playground is for Robins
  • The Robins have a under cover shelter so they can go out when it is raining
  • They have bikes and tricycles for playing in their golden time
  • Also the Robins use the tarmac for a massive chalk board
pond and environmental area
Pond and Environmental Area

Pond and Environmental Area

In our school we also have a Pond and Environmental area.

In and around the pond there is a path and a patch of grass. In the pond there are lots of different types of water creatures and pond weeds.

What is the Pond used for?

Why is the

Environmental area there?

When we go to the Pond we can look at all the frogs and wildlife in it. We also go pond dipping in the summer.

The Environmental area is there so that small animals and bugs can live there, and we can observe them whilst they are eating .

outside classroom

We use the outside classroom in the summer to eat our lunch in it.

Outside classroom

In rainy weather we use it as a shelter.

We use it in the summer for circle Time.

We use it in the summer for brass

Lessons. We also use it to sing songs on the rainy days.



When do we use it?

We use it at snack time which is 10:15 to 10:30 and lunch time which is 12:15 to 13:10.

Huff and puff

Huff and puff is when Year 5 and 6 get together and set up activities for younger pupils.

They do it every lunch time play.

These are the poles

The football goals

What do we use it for? At snack time we use it playing and eating our snacks. Every Tuesday and Friday we have tasty day which is where students pay money for snacks like, pretzels, popcorn, and go bars.

KS2 organise it.

  • Equipment
  • Skipping ropes
  • The wooden train
  • Wooden poles
  • Footballs
  • Wooden blocks
  • Football goals
  • Giant chess board

The equipment boxes

The wooden train



The whole school including teachers use the School field.

The school uses the running track to exercise our muscles.

It is also used for sports day.

  • We use this hard court for Games (P.E).
  • Some times we use the hard for practising for tournaments but usually we go on the grass .

We do out side clubs

up on this field.

We go up here for the fire practise so we know what to in case of a real fire.

growing beds
Growing beds

We plant our plants in our growing beds

We grow marrows, runner beans, lettuce, carrots, squash and tomatoes.

Pupils look after the plants as well as Mrs.Martin and Mrs.Collick.

We plant the plants and sow the seeds in the spring.

Parents buy the food and plants and give donations to the school.

play equipment
Play equipment

The Boat

The tree

We use the boat and the mushrooms for climbing jumping its good for younger classes we use it to have fun.

The tree has been in North Cadbury School for years .We use it to play hide and seek, tag.

Play equipment

We use the new equipment often. We use it for climbing jumping and walking and balancing.

We use this in the summer for playing and eating lunch.