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Christmas Quiz. 1. Name this movie featuring a young Macaulay Culkin. a) Alone in the H ouse b) Lonely for Christmas c) Home Alone d) The Worst Holidays. 2. What was the name of the hit song in the movie 'Love Actually'?. a) Christmas Actually b) Christmas is A ll Around

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1. Name this movie featuring a young Macaulay Culkin

a) Alone in theHouse

b) Lonelyfor Christmas

c) Home Alone

d) TheWorstHolidays

2. What was the name of the hit song in the

movie 'Love Actually'?

a) Christmas Actually

b) Christmas isAllAround

c) Christmas isHere

d) Merry Christmas

3. What should people who meet under the mistletoe do, according to the Christmas tradition?

a) Kiss

b) Say a prayer

c) Giveeachother a hug

d) Shakehands

4. What is it deemed lucky to find inside your Christmas pudding?

a) A sixpencecoin

b) Fruit

c) A cherry

d) A stone

5. When was the first Christmas Card ever made? pudding?

a) Medieval Times

b) Tudor Times

c) Victorian Times

d) TwentiethCentury

6. Which of these Pop Stars has her birthday pudding?

on Christmas Day?

a) BritneySpears

b) Dido

c) Beyoncé

d) Lily Allen

7. From what country is Saint Nicholas thought to have come? pudding?

a) Israel

b) Turkey

c) Russia

d) UnitedStates

8. What is the French phrase for 'Merry Christmas'? pudding?

a) Bien Xmas

b) JoyeuxNoël

c) BonneAnnée

d) BonePâques

9. Who was the first person in Britain to pudding?

have a Christmas Tree?

a) William theConquerer

b) King Alfred

c) Queen Elizabeth II

d) Prince Albert

10. Which of the following places is not a real U.S. city or town?

a) Snowflake, Texas

b) Noel, Missouri

c) St. Nicholas, Florida

d) Santa Claus, Georgia

Merry town? Christmas!