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Using Technology in Social Studies

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Using Technology in Social Studies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Using Technology in Social Studies. Created by Cristina Roberts 11/17/2008. What and why?. Social studies and history are excellent subjects to incorporate technology into. Why? Students learn better when they can be a part of the lesson. Technology allows students to do that.

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using technology in social studies

Using Technology in Social Studies

Created by Cristina Roberts


what and why
What and why?
  • Social studies and history are excellent subjects to incorporate technology into.
  • Why?
  • Students learn better when they can be a part of the lesson. Technology allows students to do that.
  • How many of you remember the history of the United States of America and how it got started?
  • If you read it all in a book, you probably don’t remember much.
  • There are a few ideas about how to incorporate technology into your lessons that I will discuss today
  • Web quest
  • Simulation
  • Power point
  • Research on specific topic
  • Digital storytelling
  • Videotaping reenactment or play and broadcasting
  • WebQuests are web-based

learning projects

  • WebQuests present a task and

have students research the project online

using only the websites you as the teacher include

  • Focus on higher level thinking and problem solving
  • Teachers preview all websites so students are safe
  • Sample lesson plans are available on
  • Simulations imitate real-life history situations
  • Very helpful for past experiences that the students can’t see or feel for better comprehension
  • Can be created by teachers and students.
  • Teachers can use already created simulations such as

  • PowerPoints are a slide show of information
  • This presentation is a PowerPoint
  • Students can present and organize their

knowledge on a PowerPoint presentation

  • Students have fun creating a presentation

and allows for creativity

  • Great way to communicate knowledge
  • Teachers can also create them for knowledge delivery
computer research
Computer Research
  • Instead of researching in books
  • Teach how to recognize a credible resource
  • Teach how to take notes and cite references
  • Wide variety of ideas, perceptions,


  • Could hand-pick websites to view
  • Could teach students how to pick credible websites and have an open research forum
  • Knowledge learned online could be presented in PowerPoint, typed report, etc.
digital storytelling
Digital Storytelling
  • Digital storytelling is a way to tell a story using pictures and audio
  • Can use audio with voices and music
  • Scan in pictures to tell a story in order
  • Use for students to communicate knowledge learned
videotaping and broadcasting
Videotaping and broadcasting
  • Students learn information
  • Students create a presentation/play

regarding information learned

  • Students video tape presentation
  • Students figure out how to broadcast presentation to the class
  • Students have experience with videotaping and broadcasting
  • Can be used as an assessment
summing it all up
Summing it all up….
  • Technology can be incorporated in:
  • Teacher directed knowledge
  • Student directed knowledge
  • Communicating knowledge learned


  • Fun and informative ways
  • Teaches important technology skills
  • Work together or alone.
  • Bitter, G, and Legacy, J. Using Technology in the Classroom. Pearson. Boston. 2008.