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CCS Report to the Board of Trustees PowerPoint Presentation
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CCS Report to the Board of Trustees

CCS Report to the Board of Trustees

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CCS Report to the Board of Trustees

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  1. CCS Report to the Board of Trustees February 21, 2014

  2. Priorities from October meeting Next Steps from 10/18/2013 Focus on and create opportunities for cultivation of top prospects Close pending gifts Leverage early successes with other leadership prospects Continue to refine case Begin Trustee solicitations acknowledging necessity of 100% participation

  3. Updates on activity Takeaway: 85% of requests resulting in some type of gift or pending indicates that strategy is effective. Takeaway: To date, donors have been most responsive to requests for multi-year pledges. Few donors have combined a traditional pledge with an estate gift.

  4. Current-use fundraising results (As of 1/23/2014) Takeaway: Fundraising efforts have FY 2014 results significantly ahead of where they were last year at this time, reducing the anticipated load on the endowment for the current fiscal year.

  5. Fundraising progress over duration of initiative

  6. Fundraising progress over duration of initiative (As of 1/23/2014) Takeaway: Generating $1.8 million over the next five months will require significant requests and commensurate responses from donors.

  7. Where to seek $1.8 million by June 30 Takeaway: An aggressive visitation schedule will be required to reach the June 30 benchmark

  8. Planned Activity Cultivation Events • Regular topic-oriented gatherings for prospective donors building on the Bishop Tengatenga reception held on February 20th. • Additional events can potentially focus on topics such as a Women’s Leadership Institute, Lifelong Learning, or Faculty/Guest Speaker area of expertise. • Receptions at the Deanery for nearby parish rectors to facilitate familiarity with EDS and create awareness within parish communities. • Fundraising plan surrounding the Doug Beaven Innovation Fund. • 40th anniversary themed events and communications.

  9. Targeted prospects in Database Key Characteristics • Yet to be approached about this effort • Age 50 or older • $20,000 or more in lifetime giving to EDS • Made last gift to EDS within 10 years New England: 38 Prospects West Coast: 6 Prospects Mid Atlantic: 14 Prospects Midwest: 3 Prospects Florida: 4 Prospects Total: 65 Prospects from the EDS database

  10. Targeted prospects yet to be discovered Key Characteristics • Episcopalian • Commitment to progressive ideals • Basic awareness of theological and seminary education • Association with an EDS graduate through church or volunteer activity • Indications of capacity that may include career achievements, residence, known giving to other organizations, or board memberships • Network of like-minded potential donors Sample Organizations with Potentially Like-Minded Donors • Boston Women’s Fund • New York Women’s Foundation • Gay and Lesbian Community Center of New York • Personal and professional networks • Anglican Women’s Empowerment • Justice Resource Institute

  11. Role of the Board of trustees Identify • Proactively advocate for EDS and its fundraising efforts • Schedule “Friend-raising” opportunities • Make introductions to bring more prospective donors Cultivate • Make a stretch gift and share your commitment with others • Build affinity and connection for prospects through frequent and personalized communication Steward • Share enthusiasm with donors • Offer thanks and emphasize the impact that recent gifts/pledges are having at the school