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Winter Service 2011/2012 PowerPoint Presentation
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Winter Service 2011/2012

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Winter Service 2011/2012 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Winter Service 2011/2012. Kevin Campbell/ Bob Ogg Boundary Issues/ Communications. Our Company. Company formed in 2001 by Babtie, Ennstone and Ringway to bid for Trunk Road Contracts.

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Winter Service 2011/2012

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Winter Service 2011/2012

Kevin Campbell/ Bob Ogg

Boundary Issues/ Communications


Our Company

  • Company formed in 2001 by Babtie, Ennstone and Ringway to bid for Trunk Road Contracts.
  • Currently manage and maintain the North East and South East Trunk Road Units on behalf of Transport Scotland.
  • Undertake the Operation and Maintenance of the A92 Dundee to Arbroath DBFO and the M80 Stepps to Haggs DBFO.
  • All include the provision of full winter service.
  • We employ 160 members of staff and 260 operatives.

Additional Resilience -Transport Scotland

12no. Additional Winter Service patrol routes

Weather Stations – 3no. new sites

Day/Night Cameras – 12no. new sites since 2010/2011

Safety barrier team on standby “24/7” through winter period

RAIKO Icebreakers – 2no. purchased for use by all Operating Companies

Multiple Agency Response Team (MART)


Additional Resilience – BEAR Scotland

12no. Additional Patrol Spreaders

4no. Additional Dedicated Spreaders

4no. Replacement De-mount Spreaders

7no. New Ploughs

6no. Additional Winter Service Drivers

currently going through training

24no. Additional Winter Service Patrol Drivers

14no. Additional Winter Service Drivers passed HGV training

6no. Additional FASTRAC drivers (24/7))

14no. Additional Duty Officers and Supervisors trained in meteorology

All TRISS, Emergency and Inspection vehicles fitted with Winter Tyres

32,000 Tonnes of Salt, double last year’s initial provision

winter boundary issues
Treatment of Diversion Routes – Test case 2001 A9 North BEAR Scotland not legally allowed to treat diversion route.

Ploughing where side roads meet Trunk Road – Drivers where possible to prevent windrows forming at these locations.

Winter routes designed to ensure full network coverage over boundaries.

Treatment times vary – possible difference in road conditions between areas, particularly local authorities.

Different Police Authorities – varying approaches in severe weather conditions.

Winter Boundary Issues
cross boundary support
Whilst each organisation will require to prioritise the treatment of their own networks mutual aid is offered, when possible.

This includes the sharing of plant, labour and salt.

Salt stocks monitored nationwide.

Attendance at Scottish Local Authority and Highways Agency Winter Scenario Days. Communication links and mutual aid discussed.

Cross Boundary Support


  • Control Room in operation 24/7, hub of communications from 1st Nov – 31st March
  • Daily Winter Action Plans distributed via email to a variety of stakeholders including Police, media & Local Authorities
  • Daily Winter Action Plans now also on Transport Scotland and BEAR Scotland websites
  • Satellite Control Rooms
  • Rota in place for Senior Managers and Directors for Severe Weather Conditions
  • Rota in place for MART
  • Airwave radio system in patrol vehicles


  • A Multi- Agency Response Team was set up in December 2010 due to significant disruption to all modes of transportation across the country.
  • The MART, as it became known, was set up to co-ordinate the flow of information to the between agencies and the public.
  • Traffic Scotland Traffic Control Centre
  • Transport Scotland
  • Operating Companies
  • ScotRail
  • Police

December 2010



  • Working in partnership with Aberdeen City Council in the North East and Scottish Borders Council in the South East.
  • Ongoing liaison with 19 Local Authorities to agree mutual aid contacts at an operational and senior official level.
  • Close communications with the Police to agree protocols for closing and re-opening routes during extreme weather.
  • Attend SCG (Strategic Co-ordinating Group) meetings
  • Issue Winter Service Plan to Local Authorities, Operating Companies and Police
  • Attendance at Area 13 and Area 14 Highways Agency Winter Scenario Days.


Service Information Centre

Will allow public to follow progress of spreader fleet

Will provide winter related information



Service Information Centre

Will allow public to follow progress of spreader fleet

Will provide winter related information



Control Room operating 24/7

Satellite Control Rooms in Severe Weather


Ongoing liaison with 19 local authorities and 2 Trunk Road Operating Companies

Service Information Centre