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J ealousy
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  1. Jealousy Definition: The state of feeling envious, angry or obtaining agitated worry

  2. Things Associated with Jealousy • Romantic jealousy – this has to do with your boyfriend-girlfriend relationships. • Appearances- A lot of times girls and boys will become envious of their peers.

  3. Colors of Jealousy • Green • Dark Green • Red (Sometimes)

  4. Movies and T.V. Shows • My Best Friends Wedding • Toy Story • Beauty and the Beast • Brides Maids • Grease • Degrassi • Gossip Girl • Hollywood Heights

  5. Music • Your so Vain By Carly Simon • Girlfriend By Avril Lavigne • Crazy Ex-Girlfriend By Miranda Lambert • Jealousy By Queen • Never Again By Kelly Clarkson The List will go on and on forever…..

  6. Defense Mechanisms • One way that you can avoid feeling this way is to accept your jealous thoughts. Sometimes jealous thoughts aren't actually reality, they are just you emphasizing something you are worried about. Become aware of what is actually true. • A negative way to cope with jealousy id to criticize someone else. • And the last way to deal with this is avoidance. Do not put yourself in a situation you do not want to be in.

  7. My Experience • I have been Jealous many times before, but I have never acted on it negatively. If I am jealousy I typically will talk to a friend about it. Sometimes I become jealous of all the really pretty girls with super long hair. I’m always talking to my friends about appearances and being envious of things like that.

  8. Positive or Negative? • I feel it can be both because Jealousy can cause break-ups and self destruction. Depending on how jealous you are you can really knock down your self-esteem. • But on the other hand while being jealous may trigger insecurities, it may also be also reflecting a higher value based on commitment (In a relationship). This feeling may motivate you to do several things based on the scenario. Ex: You see a really skinny athletic girl in the hall way, and you are unhealthy. This my push you to become more active and eat right, just based off of your jealousy.

  9. Jealousy is an everyday feeling that EVERYONE has experienced. It is not all bad. Don’t worry. 