welcome to homeroom tuesday sept 2
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Welcome to Homeroom! Tuesday , Sept. 2

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Welcome to Homeroom! Tuesday , Sept. 2 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to Homeroom! Tuesday , Sept. 2. School announcements Get-to-know-you games Lockers. Announcements. Homeroom Schedule all this week Wednesday we will spend the morning reviewing behavior expectations in 6 different areas of the building (Station Rotation )

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welcome to homeroom tuesday sept 2

Welcome to Homeroom!Tuesday, Sept. 2

School announcements

Get-to-know-you games


  • Homeroom Schedule all this week
  • Wednesday we will spend the morning reviewing behavior expectations in 6 different areas of the building (Station Rotation)
  • Thursday we will be reviewing important sections of the Sellwood student handbook
  • Friday we will have homeroom in the morning, and an assembly at the end of the day to celebrate our first week of school
  • No Homeroom next week (Sept. 8-12)
name switching
Name Switching!
  • Everyone writes their first and last names on a name tag.
  • Pair up with someone you do not know well. Partner A tells Partner B as much about themselves as they can in 1 minute, and vice versa.
  • When time is up, partners switch name tags and find a new partner. This time, they introduce themselves as the person whose name tag they have (their previous partner).
  • Again, each partner gets 1 minute to talk.
  • When time is up, switch name tags and find a new partner again. Repeat 2-4 times total, as time allows.
  • At the end, students use the name tag they are currently holding to introduce that person to the entire group—telling as much information about that person as can be remembered.
  • Today we will practice our locker combinations and find our locker assignments.
  • 7th and 8th graders are encouraged to help 6th graders open and find their lockers if needed.
  • When it comes to lockers:
    • Be Safe
    • Be Respectful
    • Be Responsible
wednesday september 3

Wednesday, September 3


Station Rotation 9:26-10:26

Station Rotation Reflection

thursday september 4

ThursdaySeptember 4


I Like People Who… activity

Go over pages in handbook

i like people who
I Like People Who…
  • For this activity, you will need 1 less chair for sitting than you have students.
  • The object of the game is to find a chair and not be the odd one standing up. The student without a chair says, “My name is ______, and I Like People Who…” and finishes by stating something that’s true about them.
    • Examples: I like people who have 2 sisters. I like people who cheer for the Vikings. I like people who play soccer.
  • Everyone in chairs who fits that description must get up and find a new seat. Whoever does not find a new seat is the odd one out and it starts over again.
  • If students can’t think of anything to say, they may say, “I like everyone!” and everyone must find a new seat.
friday september 5

Friday, September 5

Community Building Activities

Practice Sellwood Cheer for 3 PM assembly


what s in a name
What’s in a Name?
  • Write your name on one side of a piece of paper. You can draw, outline, or decorate the letters.
  • One the other side of the paper, write…
    • Things you like about your name
    • How you got your name
    • Any special significance your name has
    • Any nicknames or info you would like to add about your name
  • In small groups of 4-5, have students share out what they wrote.
victory cheer


Sellwood, Sellwood, don’t be shy. Stand and give your Panther cry!



  • Have students turn to a partner and share out the following reflections:
    • Did you meet anyone this week you hadn’t met before? Do you enjoy meeting new people?
    • What’s one new thing you learned this week?
    • What’s one thing that’s stayed the same since last year?
    • What was your favorite part of this week?