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Airport Layout Plans (ALPs). Definition and FAA Approval requirements. What is an ALP?. An ALP is a scaled drawing depicting existing and future facilities and property necessary for the operation & development of the airport.

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Airport layout plans alps

Airport Layout Plans (ALPs)

Definition and FAA Approval requirements

What is an alp
What is an ALP?

  • An ALP is a scaled drawing depicting existing and future facilities and property necessary for the operation & development of the airport.

  • It is a key “communication” and “agreement” document between the Airport Sponsor and the FAA.


  • Airport Layout Drawing

  • Narrative Report

  • Airport Airspace Drawing

  • Inner Portion of the Approach Surface Drawing

  • Terminal Area Drawing

  • Land Use Drawing

  • Exhibit “A” Airport Property Map

When should the alp be updated
When should the ALP be updated?

  • Federal Grant Assurance No. 29 states in part that the airport owner will: “…keep up to date at all times an Airport Layout Plan of the airport.”

  • In general practice, ALPs should be updated at least every 2-5 years, depending on the type/size of airport.

Why does faa approve alps
Why does FAA approve ALPs?

  • FAA Order 5100.38B, AIP Handbook, states in part that:

    “A current Airport Layout Plan which has FAA approval from the standpoint of safety, utility, and efficiency of the airport shall be required before a development project is approved.”


Faa guidance for alp preparation
FAA Guidance for ALP Preparation

  • FAA Advisory Circular (AC) 150/5300-13, Airport Design Change 7, Appendix 7.

  • Change 7 was effective as of October, 2002.

  • All ALPs must be updated to reflect these changes.

  • New Change 7 is available at our FAA Web Site: Http://WWW.AWP.FAA.GOV/

Use the new tool alp checklist
Use the New Tool! ALP Checklist

  • ALP Checklist consolidates the ALP data requirements in AC 150/5300-13

  • Please contact the ADO for a copy the newest ALP Checklist. Check for Quarterly updated versions. (Recent Version dated 09/14/2004).

  • Sponsors are highly encouraged to provide the ALP Checklist to their Consultants prior to ALP preparation.

6 basic steps to alp approval
6 Basic Steps to ALP Approval

  • Sponsor submits one (1) signed ALP drawing set with cover letter.

  • FAA reviews the ALP and may provide a Re-submittal Letter. Comments provided are intended to strengthen your document.

  • Sponsor corrects the ALP. Once the revision is ready, the Sponsor must schedule a meeting with an FAA Planner prior to re-submitting.

A basic steps continued
a. Basic Steps continued….

“Once the ALP is acceptable to FAA, from the standpoint of Safety, Utility, and Efficiency”

  • Sponsor submits Seven (7) signed ALP copies.

    5. ADO will circulate the ALP for airspace comments.

B basic steps continued
b. Basic Steps continued….

6. After the comment period, the ADO will provide a letter issuing one of the following two:

Unconditional Approval

  • FAA may provide comments (unrelated to Safety, Utility, Efficiency) for a correction/change on the next ALP Update.

    Conditional Approval

  • A Condition may also include a need for completion of environmental documentation according to NEPA.

Alp related faa processes

ALP & Related FAA Processes



Nepa alps

  • All development items depicted on an FAA Approved ALP are subject to NEPA Review.

  • Early Planning leads to efficient environmental processes.

  • NEPA Review is performed via:

    • NEPA CATEX Form

    • EA

    • EIS

      *The Airport Sponsor must coordinate all NEPA studies with an FAA Environmental Protection Specialist (EPS).

Acip alp

  • Be sure all ACIP development items are properly sequenced and are reflected on an FAA Approved ALP.

  • NEPA Studies must precedeall proposed development items in the ACIP sequence

  • If an ALP Update is needed, the Sponsor may include the ALP Update as a line item in the ACIP for FY 2006.

  • Again, all ACIP/ALP development items are subject to NEPA.