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TIX – Telehouse Zurich Internet Exchange PowerPoint Presentation
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TIX – Telehouse Zurich Internet Exchange

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TIX – Telehouse Zurich Internet Exchange - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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TIX – Telehouse Zurich Internet Exchange
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  1. TIX – Telehouse Zurich Internet Exchange By Andre Oppermann TIX founder and project manager SWINOG Meeting, Berne, 18. October 2000

  2. Contents • TIX today what it is today and where it stands -- boring stuff -- • Future developments planned enhancements and services -- interesting stuff – ;-)

  3. TIX today • What it is:- ISP and Carrier neutral Internet Exchange • Where it is:- Located in Telehouse Facilities AG (now IXEurope Zurich) Zurich Datacentre in Hardstrasse 235, 8005 Zurich- http://www.telehouse.ch

  4. TIX today • Connected parties- 42 connected ISPs- 1 connected Enterprise

  5. TIX today • History- announced in October 1999- operations started in December 1999- Foundry BigIron8000 in May 2000- 40th ISP in September 2000

  6. TIX today • Switched traffic- average on a working day is 140Mbit/s and 25kpps- peak traffic was 435Mbit/s and 165kpps(beginning of October 2000)- estimated average 500MBit/s and 200kpps in Q1/2001

  7. TIX today • Route Server in Test-Operations- 17 ISPs actively participating- 8200 prefixes seen on route server- Transparent AS and transparent Nexthop processing- Extensive communities support (see AS8235 RIPE object) • Shall I spend a minute on further explaining the Route Server as of today?

  8. Future Developments (1/4) • SLAs- zero packet loss on the switch- participants are not allowed to overload their connections- guaranteed support response times

  9. Future Developments (2/4) • Support for Multicast- starting from Q2/2000- do you need/want it earlier? • Support for IPv6- starting from Q2/2000- do you need/want it earlier? • Expansions sites- in other carrier neutral telehousing facilities in Zurich, starting from Q2/2001

  10. Future Developments (3/4) • Managed Peering!

  11. Managed Peering • The traditional Internet Exchange model where every ISP negotiates peerings with each other has reached it‘s limitations • Lots of small and medium ISPs don‘t have the resources to follow up with all newly connected peers • Lots of large ISPs don‘t want to spend the time and effort to deal with all the small ISPs

  12. Managed Peering • The Route Server makes life easier but has also it‘s shortcomings:- some large ISP‘s don‘t want to peer with it- sometimes peering is not free- it‘s a „best-effort“ service

  13. Managed Peering • Managed Peering extends the Route Server so that it provides:- guaranteed service and support with SLA‘s- manpower to assist and trace down problems- provide outsourcing for handling of peerings - central point of responsibility

  14. Managed Peering • Managed Peering also wants to:- creating „pre-packaged“ peering with large ISP‘s for small ISP‘s- creating „pre-packaged“ peering with small ISP‘s for large ISP‘s- depending on the peering policy of the offering ISP the package will be free or will have a certain monthly fee- the monthly fee for the package is defined by the ISP but the money is collected by Telehouse Zurich and passed on to the ISP minus a handling deductionExample:SWITCH would say peering up to 2Mbit/s costs 500.- a month, Telehouse Zurich will offer this to the ISP‘s and enable the ones that have choosen the package. Telehouse Zurich will collect the fee and credit it to SWITCH.

  15. Managed Peering • Further services of Managed Peering: - monitor parts of the SLA‘s of the ISP‘s and escalate them if necessary- provide traffic statistics and also Netflow analysis to the ISP‘s

  16. Managed Peering • Managed Peering will be available in Q1/2001 • What do YOU think? • Comments and suggestions?

  17. Future Developments (4/4) • Give non-ISP‘s access to the Internet Exchange!

  18. Service provider connect • Create a win-win situation for bandwidth users and ISP‘s

  19. Service provider connect • Only target a very specific set of bandwidth customers with/which:- have high bandwidth requirements- manage and operate their own servers!- need multiple upstreams- want to be independent- high connectivity requirements- have the choice of ISP‘s- connect to multiple ISP‘s • Don‘t compete with housing offers from ISP‘s

  20. Service provider connect • Great benefits for ISP‘s and customers:- ISP‘s gain better access to high traffic customers- Customers gain better access to ISP‘s - Customers BUY IP feeds from several ISP‘s- ISP‘s can offer instant service to connected customers, no provisioning times and no local loops required

  21. Service provider connect • Targeted customers:- Video & Audio Streamers- High traffic server operators- Independent Content providers - Application service providers

  22. Service provider connect • How it works:- The SP is gets a 100M or a GigE port on the TIX and pays a monthly port fee- The SP does not get a IP from and has no access to the public Internet Exchange- The SP has to connect a router- There is a dedicated VLAN between the customer and every ISP the SP is buying a IP feed from

  23. Service provider connect • There will be different classes of connections to the Internet Exchange:- ISP, member of RIPE/ARIN/APNIC, own AS, own PA IPs- Enterprise, member of RIPE/ARIN/APNIC, own AS, own PI IPs- „Corporate“, all others, no own IPs, no own AS, will get IPs from ISP

  24. Service provider connect • Available ports and port fees:- ISPs 2x 100BaseT CHF 250.- 2x 1000BaseSX CHF 1500.-- Other 1x 100BaseT CHF 1500.- 1x 1000BaseSX CHF 5500.-per month

  25. Service provider connect • Service Provider connect will be available in Q1/2001, but first movers will be allowed already (see Aargauer Zeitung) • What do YOU think? • Comments and suggestions?

  26. That was it! • You have survived! • Thank you for your attention! • I‘m available for further questions and discussions at and after the panel discussion

  27. TIX – Telehouse Zurich Internet Exchange SWINOG Meeting, Berne, 18. October 2000 Andre Oppermann oppermann@telehouse.ch