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Recruiter Compensation: What Is It?

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Recruiter Compensation: What Is It? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Recruiter Compensation: What Is It?. 50 respondents. Other: Chemical 2%, Entertainment 2%, Healthcare Financial 2%, Internet 2%, Manufacturing 8%, Managed Services 2%, Retail 11%, Semiconductor 4%.

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recruiter compensation what is it

Recruiter Compensation: What Is It?

50 respondents

Other: Chemical 2%, Entertainment 2%, Healthcare Financial 2%, Internet 2%, Manufacturing 8%, Managed Services 2%, Retail 11%, Semiconductor 4%

(Specialist) Recruiters: Recruiters who just handle the relationship side of staffing- consult with hiring managers and communicate directly with candidates. They may not do the sourcing. They understand company business strategy, requirements and plans and can connect staffing processes to them. They conduct interviews and help craft offers for the hiring manager. (Sp) Recruiters 'case load' is typically 30-35 openings with nearly the same number of (hiring manager) clients. The clients are usually a business unit or specific functions within a business unit. They are familiar with technology tools used by Sourcers and may be at home in a networking meeting, a career fair or an online database but their time is primarily spent cultivating the hiring manager relationship and managing the selection rather than the sourcing activities. Recruiters are assigned (mostly) exempt positions up to the director level ($200,000) but wouldn't flinch if asked to find a solution to filling a particularly difficult Board members' assistant slot. Ninety percent of positions handled by recruiters are for Business, Scientific, Engineering or other Technical functions (with or without supervision) but, all require an understanding and knowledge of specialty skills, related industries and company core competencies.

42% YES

58% No

Not all of our recruiters are "Specialist" recruiters - we have a dedicated team of Executive Recruiters who handle more of the higher level, strategic requisitions - they are more aligned to the business units and are seen more as a strategic partner - however, they do all their own sourcing with some assistance from 3rd party vendors, when necessary. The rest of our recruiters are full life cycle - working with clients, sourcing (bringing in 3rd party vendors when necessary) and managing the entire process from opening of requisition through hire.

Our recruiters are actually HR Generalists with full recruiting responsibilities for the operating unit they support. Generally, about 50% of time is spent on recruiting.

At M, Recruiters also source using the tools identified by the Sourcing team and agreed to by Recruiting. In addition, our Recruiters are handling a far greater number of reqs (2-3 times the number listed). In addition, we have a separate team of Recruiters who handle non-exempt positions and they conduct their own sourcing

I think there is a mix. I consider myself a full cycle but do have ability to use a sourcer (rarely) and I do have a coordinator who helps with on-boarding. I do most of the whole thing however. We do have 1 sourcer per team and she may help one or wo other recruiters more heavily since she is in their location and near them.

We do not create the actual paper offers, but do create the salary/offer they will get and often negotiate it. Also, another major focus at our company is University Relations (hiring Undergraduates and MBA's, etc., managing the campus teams, coordinating details across this playing field).

Our Specialists don't manage as many hiring manager relationships. It's impossible to build the kind of relationships we expect if they are working with more than 15 managers at any given time.

At T we are broken into 4 types of recruiters based on business areas they serve. In one we combine the Specialist and the Full Life Cycle for our recruiter duties. Another is more Full Life Cycle, Executive and Corporate are More Specialists.

(Specialist) Sourcers: Sourcers (or Sorcerers if you prefer) find, track and initially screen candidates by using the telephone, fax, internet, print directories, rolodex contacts, specialty databases (company, third part, online and otherwise), referrals, google, bumper stickers, and whatever else is at hand. Sourcers produce viable candidates in a timely fashion for final screening and selection by Recruiters and Hiring Managers. Sourcers are knowledgeable about finding, vetting and engaging candidates at an initial level. Typically sourcers are aligned by function and matrix across business units to support multiple Recruiters. Sourcers may support as many as 70-80 active openings.

50% YES

50% NO

We partner with Senior Leaders to understand talent acquisition needs for the future and source a candidate pipeline accordingly. Establish long term relationships with external potential candidates in talent areas we know we'll need to recruit into over the next few years.

The variety of technical positions results in a lower average. Currently, it is between 20 - 30 per candidate researcher.

We currently do not have a sourcing team - we are considering this approach for later in 2006

Dedicated sourcers are usually contract employees, either full- or part-time.

I use contract sourcing only.

Our sourcers also handle direct sourcing, event management and vendor management.

We don't have traditional sourcers, as we use a lot of agencies and major search firms, however, the description sounds accurate otherwise.

We have direct sourcing teams - aligned by line of business. Sourcers will conduct pre-qualification screening and manage/expert in contact management systems

(Full Life Cycle) Recruiters: Some recruiters simply do it all. They partner with HR and client divisions or functions to establish solid SLAs for the year. Acting on the approved requisitions or operating off the business plan they Source prospects, Screen Candidates, Facilitate the Hiring Manager's Applicant Selection and Participate in Onboarding activities. They will typically handle a smaller load than specialists.

70% YES

30% NO


Don't necessarily participate in the onboarding of each person.

  • yes - with exception of dedicated Executive recruiting team as mentioned above.
  • Our full-time dedicated recruiters are Corporate (shared services) and assigned to operating units to assist in times of peak hiring needs.
  • We all do have a coordinator to pick up when the offer has been accepted.
  • Sounds like the right description to me and we do have these out in our strategic business units.
  • Ours are full life cycle recruiters who do everything the specialist does plus source. They handle the same work load that a specialist would.
  • This Full cycle mirrors our executive recruiting staff more so than our general staff.
  • They are expected to do the sourcing component too but many don't.
  • It is what are recruiters do, however we have a much higher requisition load. On average 45-65 at any given time.
(12) No Bonus

Full Life Cycle Senior Team - 13-15% Bonus Eligible Regular 10% Bonus Eligible

250 dollar reward based on timing of signing a candidate

All recruiters (90 only have one kind) are paid a per hire monthly bonus in addition to their salary (generally $100/hire). One other item to note - I included in salary typical earnings aside from perf bonus....our recruiters comp is part salary, part % of the bottom line.

Specialized Recruiters - 10-20% dependant on level Sourcers - 10%

opportunity for annual bonus based on performance of organization and individual. for FTE only. all levels of recruiters

FTE Recruiters and Sourcers receive annual bonus as part of their comp package. In addition, we have special "recognition" awards for outstanding performance or going the "extra mile".

Bonus for FT $0-$15K yrly, we do not have contract workers on our team.

Salaried employees have target bonus of 7.5% up to 15% depending on company performance. No contractor bonuses.

We have a bonus program for non exempt associates, it is a discretionary year end bonus that typically equates to approx. 1 wks salary.

FTE bonus targets range from approximately 8 - 20% of base salary.

Specialized recruiters can get a target bonus of 5% of base to 20% of base. The CE specialized sourcers, the range actually goes to 60 dollars per hour, but was not an option. I do not know the others that I have left blank due to no visibility to it. Honeywell also does differ based on a low, medium or high cost of living work area.

Annual bonuses for FTEs depend upon company and individual performance and grade of position. We have three levels of sourcers/recruiters and annual bonuses range from 10-20% of base. Bonuses for CEs are given as incentives on a case by case basis as requested by leadership.

All company employees are eligible for incentive pay. Recruiters do not receive any additional bonus for their work. Target incentive pay (expressed as a percentage of annual earnings) for the salary grade occupied by recruiters is as follows: Recruiter I = 9%; Recruiter II - 11%; Senior Recruiter = 14%.

Full life cycle recruiters receive bonus target of 15%. FTE only. Driven by internal job level vs. exclusive to recruiting organization.

For FTE's we offer bonuses between 10-15% based upon the band of the position the employee is in. We currently do not offer bonuses to contractors.

Bonus is tied to performance and ranges from 8% on the low to 20% on the high (of base salary) and is only offered to FTEs.

FTE Only -10% to 20% of pay

Some of the most senior recruiters are eligible for a 10% annual performance bonus

Based on performance - annual total $4K-$10K

Manager 10-15% Bonus FTE only. Quoted hourly above to match FT base comp

Bonuses fte only. typically 10% of annualized based, 2x (X personal score by X company performance to get final amount). bonus can range from $0 to $20,000 yearly or more.

Discretionary bonuses are a part of the recruiters compensation package but not for contract recruiters. Usually bonuses can range from 10% - 25% of base comp.

No bonuses for Contract Employees. Full Time employees have an potential bonus depending on Title and Performance from 5% - 20%. All cash bonus awards are entirely discretionary and are based on performance. It is up to each manager/supervisor to determine the appropriateness and amount of the award. In addition, the award amount is subject to adjustment, up or down, based on actual results versus targets per any business unit incentive plan the employee is covered under. Benchmark ranges indicate a range of awards, as percentages of salary, competitively appropriate for the level of an employee and his/her individual performance. Awards will vary around these benchmark ranges, and will further vary based on the performance of the employee's unit.

No bonus exist for contract employees. For FTEs, bonuses are targeted as percentage of salary and range from 12% to 20% depending on job grade.

SP/Full Life cycle - quarterly incentive plans Contract employees - NONE Sourcers - annual performance management incentive plan

Contract employees do not get a bonus. Recruiters and Sourcers do not get a formal "recruiting bonus." They are on the annually paid corporate plan that all employees are on. This bonus is based on overall performance.

It is not necessarily based on number or hires or cycle time.

Specialist recruiters get an additional incentive bonus of 15-20%

Annual bonus 12% of base salary with individual and company performance multipliers.

We offer Restricted Stock Units to our employees but no bonuses. Contractors are not eligible.

No additional bonus or incentives for contractors SP Recruiter - 10% bouns SP Sourcers - no bonus but overtime is available Full- life -cycle - 13% bonus

Our PFS Recruiters-FTE (most similar to Full LIfe Cycle) are incented on a plan that includes only one measurement of percentage of requisitions filled compared to the quarterly requisition load (QRL). The quarterly requisition load measurement is defined as “the number of open requisitions from previous quarter close, plus new requisitions from the first two months of the current quarter”. The payout is tiered based on percentage met. The target is $10,000 annual but max is $20,000 annual incentive.

Full-life Cycle Recruiters - 15% of base with 0-150% possible payout

6% annual bonus for 'exceeds expectations‘