Abbe level 3 diploma in domestic green deal advice 16 next steps
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ABBE Level 3 Diploma in Domestic Green Deal Advice 16. Next Steps - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ABBE Level 3 Diploma in Domestic Green Deal Advice 16. Next Steps. Presented by [Name]. Next Steps. Learning Resources. All material delivered during this course, and additional learning resources can be found at the following link: http ://

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Abbe level 3 diploma in domestic green deal advice 16 next steps

ABBE Level 3 Diploma in Domestic Green Deal Advice16. Next Steps

Presented by [Name]

Next Steps

Learning resources
Learning Resources

All material delivered during this course, and additional learning resources can be found at the following link:

Qualification Information

Training Slides

Portfolio Documentation

Reference Materials

Technical Bulletins

Green Deal Scheme Updates

Next steps
Next Steps

As you are aware there is no exam to sit for the Green Deal Qualification.

As you have completed the Green Deal Advisors course there are now only two steps left that you must follow :

Step 1: Complete the online portfolio consisting of 4 units.

Step 2: Complete the witnessed assessment

Next steps1
Next Steps

Step 1 Complete the online portfolio:

Unit 1

Provide a signed and completed skills scan

Provide an up-to date CV

Provide copies of any certificates such as DEA certificate.

Answer a list of knowledge and understanding Questions with comprehensive answers.

Produce 5 EPCs,

One of these EPCs will be provided which you can use for the portfolio and witnessed assessment. The EPCs provided must have reasonable amounts of Green deal Measure Recommendations on them

Out of the 5 EPCs provided 3 will be used later in the portfolio.

Next steps2
Next Steps

  • Note: Where an accredited Domestic Energy Assessor is bringing forward EPCs produced as part of their work as the basis of their evidence for this qualification, these EPCs must:

  • Conform to all age bands & detachmentsof the property grid shown, and the tenancy:

  • Be produced using RdSAP version 9.91 or later

  • Be less than 12 months old

  • Be based on a property that has not been altered post EPC in any way

Next steps3
Next Steps

Unit 1 continued

Produce an initial contact form.

Produce the initial letter to the client with a green deal overview.

Produce an initial contract letter.

Produce a comprehensive pre-inspection questionnaire.

Produce a comprehensive method statement.

Next steps4
Next Steps

Unit 2

Produce evidence in the form of a letter from a tenant to the landlord asking for permission for a GDA to be carried out on the property.

Produce evidence in the form of a letter from the Landlord to the Tennant granting permission for a GDA to be carried out on the property.

Produce evidence in the form of a letter that responds to a question from the customer regarding an issue or concern raised by the customer regarding their visit

From the initial 4 property’s selected in section one complete TWO Green Deal occupancy assessments using approved software.

From one of the occupancy assessments provide a risk assessment detailing some of the risks associated with this type of assessment.

Next steps5
Next Steps

Unit 3

Produce TWO domestic Green Deal Advice Reports (GDARs) using approved software, based on the data from the occupancy assessments carried out in Unit 2.

For one of the GDARs provide a covering letter which should include some of the following detail:

Some of the immediate measures that the client could utilise immediately

Some of the measures that could be covered from green deal finance.

Actions for measures with orange ticks

The next step

Produce ONE draft Energy Performance Certificate for the property that could potentially qualify for the ECO funding that has been updated to take account of the Green Deal measures installed.

Next steps6
Next Steps

Produce a comprehensive statement that describes the improvement in energy efficiency between the pre- and post-Green Deal EPC.

Produce a comprehensive method statement detailing the following:

Record keeping

The safe storage of records

Explains how the Green Deal Advice Report data is safely and securely retained

How the Green Deal Advice Report is lodged onto the lodgement system.

Produce a statement regarding the auditing requirements for all Green Deal Advisors, this should include the following:

The auditing procedure and frequency for both the Occupancy assessment and on site assessment

The minimum evidence required for audit

The outcome for failing an audit.

Next steps7
Next Steps

Step 2: Carry out a witnessed assessment

This will demonstrate their ability to explain the components of the Green Deal Advice report and their implications to the domestic customer. The GDA must cover the following:

The Customer’s needs, circumstances, abilities, motivations, capabilities and constraints

Their views and motivations on energy and energy reductions

Any constraints affecting their ability to engage in energy reduction opportunities or act on advice given

The sources of funding relevant to them

How to improve the energy usage in their home

How to achieve the efficient management of water usage and minimisation of waste; and the reduction, re-use and recycling of waste

Next steps8
Next Steps

Witnessed assessment continued

Any health and safety considerations, including installation, use and checking of fire and carbon monoxide detectors.

Any queries, issues or concerns expressed by the customer and the responses provided to these.

How the advisor confirmed the limitations on advice given.

The learner must be able to demonstrate the methods they used to get their message across to a customer either through the discussion being conducted/observed by the assessor or by the learner providing a commentary of the approach they took. Where a learner is not directly observed.

The client briefing sheet will form the template for your witness assessment

This assessment will be recorded and placed with the assessors feedback onto the One File system

Witnessed assessment
Witnessed Assessment

Booking your Witnessed Assessment:

Be sure you are ready and understand what is involved.

Email: to advise you are ready and to request a date for the assessment.

The assessment team will offer you an assessment date by email return.

Please confirm you are happy with the date you are offered.

Please stick to this date and attend the venue for the assessment as advised by the assessment team. (Please note: you may be charged for cancellation of the agreed assessment date).

You may bring any equipment/tools, information/documentation and software, that you feel you may need on the day to conduct the task.

Portfolio submission
Portfolio Submission

To begin your Green Deal Portfolio:

Please go to: you have your logins)

OneFileePortfolio is the online, paperless, assessment system used to submit your portfolio.

Any problems with logging in or once logged in: please call the One File team Help desk on

0161 918 6768

Portfolio technical support
Portfolio/Technical Support


Green Deal Support

0845 621 11 11


Abbe level 3 diploma in domestic green deal advice 16 next steps

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