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Translatec. Belt conveyor manufacturer. Company profile. Translatec SARL Created in 1998 Manufacturer of Belt conveyors Located in Aix-en-Provence 2 production departments: belt conveyor manufacture and steel manufacture. Translatec turnover. Turnover 2004: 750 000 €. Main customers.

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Belt conveyor manufacturer

company profile
Company profile
  • Translatec SARL
  • Created in 1998
  • Manufacturer of Belt conveyors
  • Located in Aix-en-Provence
  • 2 production departments: belt conveyor manufacture and steel manufacture
translatec turnover
Translatec turnover

Turnover 2004: 750 000 €

main customers
Main customers
  • Peugeot
  • Tagsys (RFID system)
  • Panzani
  • Equiper (Spain)
  • Spigol spicies
  • Faurecia
main suppliers
Main suppliers
  • Siemens
  • Leroy Somer
  • Descours & Cabaud
  • Almet Pechiney
  • Habasit
swot analysis strength
SWOT analysis (strength)
  • Relationship selling. We get to know our customers, one by one. Our direct sales force maintains a relationship.
  • History. We have the loyalty of customers and vendors. We are local.
  • We are able to respond very quickly as we have no red tape, no need for higher management approval
  • End-user sales control and direction.
  • Right products, quality and reliability.
  • Spare manufacturing capacity.
  • Have customer lists.
  • Direct delivery capability.
  • Customer based approach. Products are designed by the need of every customer.
  • Flexible technical systems to change the product.
  • Boiler-making department allowing to create real taylor made belt conveyors.
swot analysis weaknesses
SWOT analysis (weaknesses)
  • Price and volume.
  • Our company has no market presence or reputation
  • No direct marketing experience.
  • Need more sales people.
  • Limited budget.
  • No pilot or trial done yet.
  • Don't have a detailed plan yet.
  • No website, no brochure.
swot analysis opportunities
SWOT analysis (Opportunities)
  • The Internet.
  • Our business sector is expanding, with many future opportunities for success.
  • Could develop new products.
  • There are not so many strong competitors in the new market abroad (Spanish market)
  • Profit margins will be good.
  • Could seek better supplier deals.
  • Market is huge and endless…
swot analysis threats
SWOT analysis (Threats)
  • Will developments in technology change this market beyond our ability to adapt?
  • A small change in focus of a large competitor might wipe out any market position we achieve
  • price wars with competitors
  • a competitor has a new, innovative product or service
  • competitors have superior access to channels of distribution
  • Environmental effects would favour larger competitors.
  • Vulnerable to reactive attack by major competitors
indroduction and objectives of the spanish market
Indroduction and objectives of the Spanish market
  • The introduction and the purpose of the analyses
  • Spanish market can be divided in two groups:
  • - direct competitors
  • - indirect competitors
  • The method and information sources: Direct Industry; competitors webpages
direct competitors nikai
Direct competitors: Nikai
  • Introduction: NIKAI offers different models of conveyors for various sectors
  • Selling area: Situates in Spain; Representatives in Europe; India; South Africa; Latina America
  • There are wide range of products for example: roller conveyors which are available in different diameters
nikai ii
Nikai II


  • Quality: ISO 9001: 2000
  • Nikai pays attention to the quality
  • Nikai have research and development department
  • Nikai is Spanish company
  • Nikai has international representatives
  • Nikai has lots of customers in Spain and all over the world


  • There is no special customer service emphasized in the webpage.
soco systems
Soco Systems

Introduction: Soco System was founded in 1961. Soco System has subsidiaries in England, Finland, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, USA and Hungary as well as agents and distributors in most parts of the world.

Selling area: Soco System is an international group of companies, based in Denmark and with Europe as home market and export worldwide.

Products: wide range of products. The Soco System is designed to handle cases, plastic crates, trays plus many of the products inside.

soco systems ii
Soco Systems II


  • Provides complete solutions and range of products for packing
  • Services for the customers
  • Soco Systems have worldwide subsidiaries/representatives, also in Spain


  • Soco Systems is not specialized only on belt conveyors. Soco Systems are specialized in packing which is different from Translatec.
  • There is no information in the webpage about the patents of products or systems and quality standards.
  • Introduction and products: founded in 1973. SEHO offers a variety of different conveyor and handling devices
  • Selling area: Europe, Asia, US
  • Representative in Spain
seho ii
Seho II


  • Customer service and training
  • Development and research
  • Quality
  • Worldwide company


  • Lots of different products
  • No patents
  • Introduction: every day 25.000 shipments; 250.000 products to 15 countries
  • Selling area: Situates in Switzerland; representatives in all over the world
  • Representative in Spain
  • They provide rollers of conveying of diameters wide lengths.
interroll ii
Interroll II


  • Different and big range of products.
  • Representatives all over the world.
  • There is a representative in the Spanish market.


  • There is no special customer service emphasized in the webpage.
  • There is no quality standard described in the webpage.
indirect competitors
Indirect competitors:
  • Geppert Band
  • Belt Technologies, Inc
  • Rothstein
  • Knoll
  • Hartmann
  • IHB
  • Dorner
conclusions for the spanish market competitors
Conclusions for the Spanish market competitors
  • Few direct competitors
  • Worldwide companies do not have representatives in Spain
  • Even if worldwide enterprisesdo not have representatives in Spain, they consider themselves as operators in Spanish belt conveyor market (indirect competitors)
  • Analyse arises the question about Spanish market – need to be answered in next chapter

Represented in 50 countries

Production activity: Power transmission belts, conveyor belts, plastic modular belts and fabrication tools

Able to manufacture and offer the full package of fabric based and plastic modular belts

Company deals with differents industries:
    • Textile
    • Printing, Paper, Postal
    • Business machines
    • Packaging
    • Food
    • Materials Handling and Airports
    • Automotive & Tire
    • Wood
Represented in 25 countries
  • Fabrication centre are close to their customers
  • Tailor-made propositions
  • Deals with:
    • General industries
    • Food industry
    • Airport
    • Logistics&mail
    • Tobacco
    • Paper&print
    • Textile
    • Automative
Represented in 50 countries
  • Manufacturer of high quality conveyor and flat belts
  • Deals with:
    • Food industry
    • Logistics / airports
    • Tobacco industry
    • Raw materials / wood / fibre boards
    • Textile industry
    • Industrial production
    • Paper industry and letter sorting
    • Printing industry
Wide choice of conveyors, separators and automation equipment
  • Leader in Italy
  • Provide complete engeneering services:
    • from single automation cellsto whole house
    • lights out systems
the range of Montech products has grown to over 500 standard components
  • Their units and basic systems are employed in a wide variety of industries
main competitors
Main competitors
  • Matrex
  • Interroll
  • Geppert Band
  • PIV Equipements
  • Somefi Fabrication
  • Trapo
types of conveyors




Types of conveyors
swot analysis

Customize a lot

Huge range of product

Internet references

After sales




Share value

loyalty plan
Loyalty plan
  • good / trustful relationship
  • close geographically
  • customization
  • listening
  • respect of customer needs
  • product deliver on time
  • after sell service
conclusion for the french market
Conclusion for the French market
  • Industry still very high
  • Great capacity of the French market
  • Good reputation
  • Keep on working on
research design
Research design
  • Sector of activities
  • The group as a whole
  • Location
  • Specialized?
  • Range of product
next steps
Next steps
  • Analysis of the Spanish market (food industry producers, pharmaceutics, IT…)
  • Website
  • Search for the potential customers
  • Introducing ourselves and contacting Spanish potential customers