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The Northeastern Region PowerPoint Presentation
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The Northeastern Region

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The Northeastern Region
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The Northeastern Region

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  1. The Northeastern Region

  2. States of the Northeast • Maine • New Hampshire • Vermont • New York • Massachusetts • Connecticut • Rhode Island • Delaware • Pennsylvania • New Jersey • Maryland

  3. Landforms

  4. Atlantic Coastal Plain • Many states in the northeast are located along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. • Being along the coast influences the climate and resources of the Northeast.

  5. Appalachian Mountains • The Appalachian Mountains are the largest mountain chain in the eastern part of the United States. It runs through many states in the Northeast. • The Appalachian Trail runs from Maine to Georgia.

  6. Great Lakes • Two of the five Great Lakes touch the Northeast region. • Lake Erie borders Pennsylvania and New York. • Lake Ontario borders New York.

  7. Resources

  8. Foods of the Northeast • Cranberries are a major food resource for Massachusetts. • Lobster is a food resource for Maine. • Fish is a major resource for much of the Northeast. • Dairy Products like milk and cheese are an important resource.

  9. Aquaculture Aquaculture is fish farming. Fish are raised on farms and are sold for the purpose of eating. This helps protect the populations of fish that are born in a natural environment.

  10. Other Resources of the Northeast • Chemicals are an important resource. Many chemicals such as shampoos, paint, and medicine are made in New Jersey. • Newsprint which is used to make newspapers is made in Maine.

  11. Trees • Trees are a very important resource. They are used to produce a variety of products such as paper, syrup, and furniture. • One of the biggest ways the trees are a resource in the Northeast is that they bring tourists from all over the world in the fall to see the colorful fall leaves

  12. Climate

  13. The Climate of the Northeast • The Northeast experiences all 4 seasons. It has cold and hot seasons as well as wet and dry seasons. • The Northeast is close to the ocean so it gets plenty of water in every season which is one of the reasons it has so many trees.

  14. History

  15. The Iroquois Confederacy The Northeast has been home to the Iroquois Indians for hundreds of years. At first there were 5 different groups of Iroquois. In 1570 Deganawida and Hiawatha convinced the tribes to join together. They formed the Iroquois Confederacy. By joining together, they kept peace among the 5 tribes and became a powerful people.! The Iroquois lived in wigwams or longhouses. They also invented the game called lacrosse.

  16. The American Revolution The colonists did not like England taxing them and ruling them without having a voice, so in 1775 the colonies went to war with England. The colonies were not expected to win against such a large and experienced army. The war lasted for 6 years. Finally in 1781, the colonists won an important victory, and England surrendered. The colonies were an independent nation!

  17. The Industrial Revolution The Northeast has many waterfalls and rivers which were used to run small factories and mills. During the 1800s they became bigger and employed more people. The water-run factories and new machine inventions brought about a change in industry. Factories became as important as farms in the the Northeast.

  18. Immigrants in the Northeast Between 1890 and 1914, 12 million people came to America from other countries. Many arrived in New York City. The immigrant life was difficult because they lived in crowded neighborhoods and worked 12-14 hours a day in factories. Immigrants still arrive in the United States with the dream to become a US citizen. The immigrants that landed in New York City were first brought to Ellis Island.

  19. The Changing Northeast The cities of the northeast have changed a lot. Metropolitan areas (cities) may spread out even farther from the city center in the future. Yet cities will remain the center of trade and industry. They will play an important role in our country.