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Group Three School Sports

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Group Three School Sports - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Group Three School Sports. Information. Our school sports do not have an adequate amount of funding and are on the chopping block of being cut from our budget.

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  • Our school sports do not have an adequate amount of funding and are on the chopping block of being cut from our budget.
  • To deal with this problem we could easily maintain and get more funding by cutting other less important sports or programs in the school.
  • The Board of Education at the local government level is the group responsible for this.
  • There are a lot of advantages to having a lot of school sports.
  • Students that play school sports overall stay in better shape, they become more interactive.
  • 92% of athletes that play high school sports do not use any illegal narcotics.
  • 95% of athletes that play school sports become executives.
  • We already have a 50% student participation in sports already.
  • There are not that many disadvantages of school sports.
  • One of the main disadvantage of school sports is funding.
  • Another major disadvantage of having more people playing school sports is that when students play sports they often spend more of their time practicing and playing their sports, but at the same time this could be an advantage because to stay on a school sport the athletes need to be passing all their classes or they can be removed from the team.
  • With funding being cut we will lack the new equipment that we need due to the others being worn down.
constitutional opinions
Constitutional Opinions
  • Overall, it is constitutional opinion that this policy doesn’t affect the individual rights of any person.
  • Importantly, it actually exercises the first amendment by allowing each athlete to have all the freedoms because there is no discrimination against any person of any race, religion, ect.
what sports are played in our high school
What sports are played in our High School?
  • We have a pretty wide variety of sports in our high school.
  • Some of these sports include baseball, basketball, cross country, track, football, and soccer.
  • In some of these sports we have a JV and varsity team. But the JV teams are disappearing fast.