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Elvish Incense

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Elvish Incense. The magick of Incense ceremony and ritual and the crafting of the olfactory pleasures of herbs and plant medicines such as cones, small idols, and smudge sticks. By Faery Tarot BeYou Tien Ti Wang. Names, Formz and Shapes of Incense.

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elvish incense

Elvish Incense

The magick of Incense ceremony and ritual and the crafting of the olfactory pleasures of herbs and plant medicines such as cones, small idols, and smudge sticks.

names formz and shapes of incense
Names, Formz and Shapes of Incense
  • Incense has many faces if you will from it’s scents to it’s various names and the endless shapes they can be.
  • Names of Incense are Joss, Agar, Bahkoor, Masala, Hsiang, Copal, Kodo Kai, Kuphi, Neriko and more.
  • Forms of Incense are Cones, Sticks (cored and un-cored), Rods, Powders, Bricks, Balls, Fermented/Aged, cubes, spirals, circles, disks, mini sculptures like idols and of course raw incense material which can be used on top of an embered charcoal
  • Incense can be many into many shapes because it can be made into what we call a dough.
the sacred eucharist mortar and pestle
The sacred eucharist: Mortar and Pestle
  • Your best friend will be a mortar and pestle as you work your way into the sacrifices of being with Incense realms. The Mortar is the bowl which to grind incense matericals and the pestle is the wand/stick which you hold in your hand and add gentle pressure.
  • The longer your keep your Mortar and pestle the luckier your incense will be because layers of sweet scents will have accumulated on the bowl inside.
  • One day you may even want to clean it and save the by products. I’m sure it will smell divine.
censing the censer and other uses
Censing the Censer and other uses.
  • The Censer is the primary place where you will be “censing” your incense. Meaning to release the scents, which is usually by a type of heat such as fire, or ember to stimulate your “senses.”
  • Incense can have smoke which it is known for, but there are also smokeless ways of using incense which create an aura of effect.
  • I have made jewelry with incense, statues, gifts, rune stones, personailed items, custom ritual and altar items.
  • Incense can also be made to biodegrade to the earth or water etc. I make Incense Food, Incense Water, Incense Earth rituals for my spells. And if you ever have nubs left, keep them for a mojo bag or a lucky charm.
recipe anteros indigo blue his favorite color
Recipe: Anteros Indigo Blue (His Favorite “color”)
  • 1 pt indigo leaf
  • 1 pt benzoin sumatra
  • 1 pt white/yellow sandalwood
  • 1 ptagarwood/aloeswood
  • 1 pt roses
  • Add water, I enhance mine with salt crystals and flower essences from by travels to parks and the garden. Form and let dry. Especially good for Love Magicks. And calling upon Cupid or other elfeykin.
magick of incense divination and the blessed way
Magick of Incense, Divination, and the Blessed Way
  • Incense is a type of elemental magick. It consists of using all the elements while working on creating them. Otherwise buy some that you like!
  • Incense divination is called Libanomany usually done with the smoke but you can also gaze into the incense and it will tell you sacred knowledge from the earth to the fey to you.
  • Incense is a blessing.
thelemic ceremonial incense
Thelemic Ceremonial Incense
  • One trick with the thelemic stuff is to add elder into your batch. It is bad luck to burn elder but one way is to cense them on a candle until they turn black like charcoal. And then keep for good luck for a mojo bag.
  • Every Incense is a spell with all the magickal correspondences and properties. Instead of works try the gentle fumes of parfum, another word for incense.
  • This concludes our course on Elvish Incense. Eynde Finis Coronat.
  • Please use Incense Responsibily.
  • Please be Knowledgeable in you craft and experimentations.
  • Please be cautious with your magick and health.
  • Please understand that natural incense should generally support one’s health and vitality.
  • To all my IncensekinIlyaWistaKalina Will LutuKalina! (Featherfall Spell in Elvish.)
  • May your hearts be true when darkness falls. Blessed Be! Aistale! MP MMA