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Scouting Jeopardy Game PowerPoint Presentation
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Scouting Jeopardy Game

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Scouting Jeopardy Game
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Scouting Jeopardy Game

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  1. Scouting Jeopardy Game Troop 63 Monroe, CT

  2. Scouting Jeopardy Rules: 1 – The patrol which answered the last question correctly gets to choose the next category and point level 2 – All answers must be formed as a question 3 – Patrols must raise hand to respond 4 – If no patrol raises their hand within 10 seconds, that question expires and the answer is given 5 – Leaders will pick the first patrol who raises a hand 6 - The patrol has 10 more seconds to answer the question 7 – If a patrol is incorrect the points are deducted from their score. If a patrol is correct the points are added to their score. 8 – If an incorrect answer is received other patrols may raise hands for a second chance 8 – All decisions are final, no arguing

  3. Round 1

  4. Answer… Tenderfoot for 100 Do a Good Turn Daily

  5. Your Question Please…

  6. Question… Tenderfoot for 100 What is the Scout Slogan

  7. Answer… Tenderfoot for 200 “Be Prepared”

  8. Your Question Please…

  9. Question… Tenderfoot for 200 What is the Scout Motto

  10. Answer… Tenderfoot for 300 “As an American I will do my best to be clean in my outdoor manners. To be careful with fire. To be considerate in the outdoors; and to be conservation minded.”

  11. Your Question Please…

  12. Question… Tenderfoot for 300 What is the Outdoor Code

  13. Answer… Tenderfoot for 400 Name the knot…

  14. Your Question Please…

  15. Question… Tenderfoot for 400 What is a square knot

  16. Answer… Tenderfoot for 500 Identify this poisonous plant

  17. Your Question Please…

  18. Question… Tenderfoot for 500 What is Poison Oak (clusters of 3; rounded, oak shaped leaves)

  19. Answer… 2nd Class for 100 This card is earned when a Scout demonstrates how to handle woodcutting tools

  20. Your Question Please…

  21. Question… 2nd Class for 100 What is the Totin Chip

  22. Answer… 2nd Class for 200 Rotate the compass housing until N touches the direction of travel arrow. Place the edge of the compass along any magnetic N line or along the magnetic N arrow in the map legend. Turn the map and compass as a unit until you put “red Fred in the shed.”

  23. Your Question Please…

  24. Question… 2nd Class for 200 What is orienting a map

  25. Answer… 2nd Class for 300 These parts make up an important camping tool: Handle Head Face Butt Blade Bit

  26. Your Question Please…

  27. Question… 2nd Class for 300 What is an Ax

  28. Answer… 2nd Class for 400 This injury is identified by the following symptoms: Redness and blisters Charred flesh Nerve damage Possibly no pain is felt

  29. Your Question Please…

  30. Question… 2nd Class for 400 What is a Third Degree Burn

  31. Answer… 2nd Class for 500 These precautions must be taken before you can perform the activity: Qualified supervision Physical fitness Safe Area Lifeguards on Duty Lookout Buddy System Discipline Ability groups

  32. Your Question Please…

  33. Question… 2nd Class for 500 What is Safe Swimming

  34. Answer… 1st Class for 100 This treatment is for a life threatening issue: Clear the airway Perform rescue breathing If chest is not rising, perform Heimlich maneuver

  35. Your Question Please…

  36. Question… 1st Class for 100 What is stopped breathing and choking

  37. Answer… 1st Class for 200 This technique is used to temporarily join two or more sticks together.

  38. Your Question Please…

  39. Question… 1st Class for 200 What is lashing

  40. Answer… 1st Class for 300 The “Stick” and the “Felling” methods are used to perform what action while hiking and orienteering?

  41. Your Question Please…

  42. Question… 1st Class for 300 What is estimating an object’s height

  43. Answer… 1st Class for 400 These five signs are symptoms of a serious, life-threatening illness: Tightness in the chest Unusual sweating Nausea Shortness of breath Feeling weak

  44. Your Question Please…

  45. Question… 1st Class for 400 What is a heart attack

  46. Answer… 1st Class for 500 These points are essential of ensure a safe activity doing what? Qualified Supervision Physical Fitness Swimming Ability Lifejackets Buddy System Skill Proficiency Planning Equipment Discipline

  47. Your Question Please…

  48. Question… 1st Class for 500 What is boating, rafting or floating (tubing)

  49. Answer… Star-Eagle for 100 What do these items have in common? First Aid Environmental Science Emergency Preparedness Personal Management Citizenship in the World

  50. Your Question Please…