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the federal democratic republic of ethiopia n.
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The federal democratic republic of Ethiopia PowerPoint Presentation
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The federal democratic republic of Ethiopia

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The federal democratic republic of Ethiopia
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The federal democratic republic of Ethiopia

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  1. The federal democratic republic of Ethiopia By: Jeremy Nicholson

  2. Ethiopia Flag: The flag of Ethiopia has three horizontal stripes of green, yellow, and red from top to bottom. Centered over these stripes is a blue circle, on which there is a yellow five-pointed star. Green represents land and all their farms. Yellow represents freedom and harmony among all the Ethiopian people. Red represents valor and war and honor for those who fought. The bright star represents the future of the nation, and also references King Solomon as the Star of David. Surrounding the five-pointed star are five yellow rays, symbolic of the equality of the diverse people of Ethiopia. Ethiopia is the oldest country in Africa having been established since about 500 B.C

  3. Outline and neighboring countries • Ethiopia's neighboring countries are Sudan, Somalia, Kenya, Djibouti, and Eritrea. • Ethiopia has no bodies of water surrounding it.

  4. Ethiopia has a lot of landmarks the top 3 are: • 1. Gondor - Gondor is a castle that king Fasil built in the 17 or 18 century • 2. A natural landmark is the blue Nile falls one of the greatest falls in Africa • 3. The rock hewn churches of Lalibela the churches were built under order of king Lalbela the king planed a model of Jerusalem • Major city's: Axum, Jima, Harar • Capital: Addis Ababa Landmarks natural and manmade.

  5. Ethiopian facts • Language: Amharic • Cuisine: Ethiopians are not supposed to eat a lot of meat. Ethiopia is a Jewish country there is NOT a lot of types of pork (no bacon unfortunately) ! Ethiopian food is a spicy mix of vegetables, slow-simmered meat or grain stews, and fresh meat sauces. • The population of Ethiopia is currently 32.2 million • The Ethiopian money is called birr • The natural resources are: gold, platinum, copper, potash, natural gas, hydropower. • Climate: Ethiopia is in the tropical zone laying between the Equator and the Tropic of Cancer.

  6. Ethiopian Plants & Animals: Many of the plants are native, and much has yet to be discovered! meskal flow­ers (adeyabebain Amharic) Erythrinabruceitree Giant Lobelia Plants Ethiopian Wolf Baboon Male Nile Lecehw

  7. Ethiopian Traditions: One country, many groups! • Ethiopia is a country with more than 80 different ethnic groups each with its own language, culture, custom and tradition. • One of the most significant areas of Ethiopian culture is its literature, which is represented mostly by translations from ancient Greek and Hebrew religious texts into the ancient language Ge'ez, modern Amharic and Tigrigna languages. • Ge'ez is one of the most ancient languages in the world and is still used today by the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church. The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church has its own unique customs and traditions, which have been influenced by Judaism (the culture of the Jewish people). • The Tigrayans' history and culture comes from the Aksumite Kingdom tradition and culture. The culture of the Amhara people comes from the post Aksumite imperial reign of Menelik II and Haile Selassie.

  8. Family fun fact: My cousins have lived in Ethiopia for 3 years. My uncle works for the State Department. Dugout Canoe Daniel with Southern Tribe Neighbor slaughters goat Daniel with Southern Tribe Dorze Home

  9. More fun pictures Blue Nile Falls Fasting Food Rock Hewn church - Lalibela Bahar Dar Castle Sarah & Daniel with Southern Tribe Goat Skins Church Gondar