flex a seal business process management review n.
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Flex-A-Seal Business Process Management Review PowerPoint Presentation
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Flex-A-Seal Business Process Management Review

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Flex-A-Seal Business Process Management Review - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Flex-A-Seal Business Process Management Review. Physical Inventory Strategy Aftermarket Product Flow Paperless Initiative Communication Improvements Specific Workflow Reviews Employee Trainings Dynamic Data Sharing and Search Value Stream Mapping Supply Chain Improvements. Overview.

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Presentation Transcript

Physical Inventory Strategy

  • Aftermarket Product Flow
  • Paperless Initiative
  • Communication Improvements
  • Specific Workflow Reviews
  • Employee Trainings
  • Dynamic Data Sharing and Search
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Supply Chain Improvements
physical inventory strategy

Review Aftermarket product inventory processes

  • Review raw material processes
  • Review finished good processes
  • Investigate “carousel” units and other potential physical improvements, including segregating the inventories
  • Determine the value or having a dedicated inventory person for the entire inventory
Physical Inventory Strategy
aftermarket product flow

Top to bottom review of Aftermarket business processes

  • Training and management of Inventory Clerk (Kyle P.)
  • Segregation of physical inventory
  • Investigate the benefits to a dynamic product catalog (similar to our competitors)
Aftermarketproduct flow
paperless initiative

Review legacy paper documents to determine what needs to be scanned

  • Review Business Processes to determine how to avoid adding paper documents in the future
  • Scan legacy documents, set up process for scanning incoming documents
  • Create libraries for scanned documents
  • Replace existing manually created documents with SharePoint dynamic forms.
communication improvements

Review inter-departmental communication

  • Develop policies to facilitate positive contact
  • Train employees on positive communication techniques
Communication Improvements
specific workflow reviews

Review all department workflows to determine if any improvements can be made

  • Evaluate all business workflows to reduce inefficiency
  • Survey users to expose hidden problems
  • Front office Sales Order Process Workflow (SO>MO>PO)
  • Engineering process
  • Sales Process
employee trainings

General software trainings for new employees

  • Refresher trainings for all employees
  • GP & CRM advanced trainings
  • Microsoft Office trainings
  • Manufacturing trainings
dynamic data sharing and searches

Leverage CRM and GP to get the reports to the people who need them

  • Create SharePoint Libraries to streamline searching and sharing of documents (both within FAS and for Outside Salesmen)
  • Create SharePoint dynamic lists to replace manually created and updated Excel worksheets.
DynamicDatasharingand searches
value stream mapping

Work with David Faulkner to review our core end to end processes

  • Develop Value Stream Maps of the manufacturing processes to achieve a more efficient flow of products and information
  • Increase value added performance and decrease non-value added tasks/bottlenecks
  • Update our manufacturing flow to take advantage of the new VSM
  • Train users in the resulting improvements.
supply chain

Review FAS supply chain processes

  • Improve communication between departments and customers/vendors
  • Streamline processes
  • Reduce non-value added tasks/processes
Supply chain
takeaways and course of action

A top to bottom review of business processes at Flex-A-Seal would have long lasting effects.

  • Communication between departments and employees should be a priority
  • Outside consultants should be brought in to help FAS gain insight into positive changes
  • Increased workflow efficiency is not only possible but can be done relatively easily
  • Reviewing FAS’s Value Stream Map will help us identify our weak spots and move towards positive value-added improvements
  • Microsoft SharePoint can be a very positive tool towards moving to a paperless and dynamic data management system
  • The investment in improvements to our Physical Inventory will have immediate and positive effects on our bottom line and decrease the response time for Quotes and Sales Orders.
Takeawaysand course of action