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Hair Thinning? Get wiggy with it. PowerPoint Presentation
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Hair Thinning? Get wiggy with it.

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Hair Thinning? Get wiggy with it. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Hair Thinning? Get wiggy with it.

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  1. Is Your Hair Fading? Wig it! Most of us had a full head of hair when we were children, but as we look at ourselves in the bathroom mirror as we age, we will notice more loose hairs landing on the sink. The fact is that fading hair is a condition everyone will experience in their lives, so there is no reason to be paranoid. Advances in medical technology have provided people with better hair transplant surgery procedures and alternative solutions in case they don’t want to go under the knife. When you are sure that you are experiencing thinning hair (probably due to genetics) and you do not want to have your scalp shaved off, there is a tried and true substitute that balding people have been using for years: the wig. The wig (this term is short for “periwig”) is a form of covering that is composed of synthetic fibers, animal hairs or human hairs which is worn on the head for fashion purposes or hiding those bald spots. Let us look at some interesting tidbits about making use of a wig to cope with hair loss: Wigs are made to be flexible for just about anyone, as they are made out of different materials, colors, styles and shapes. A lot of stores sell these items, so take your time and pick the one that fits your color and style the best. There are shops that offer personalized wigs so you can customize your look and have it appear natural. There are wigs which are made out of human hair, but because they are the real deal, expect to pay a lot of money for having a professional personalize your new look. There are non-profit organizations such as “Locks of Love” which provide kids who have permanent or long-term hair loss with wigs. These items are created with actual human hair, and are distributed for free or for a tiny fee, depending on the demand. It may be one method to fund the charity, so you may want to buy a wig from them and support their organization at the same time.

  2. The wig is an inexpensive method of covering those bald patches on your head. It is an alternative to a hair transplant or natural hair spray solution, so you have the power to choose what you want.