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Mosaic Clinic offering Neograft FUE and ARTAS robotic PowerPoint Presentation
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Mosaic Clinic offering Neograft FUE and ARTAS robotic

Mosaic Clinic offering Neograft FUE and ARTAS robotic

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Mosaic Clinic offering Neograft FUE and ARTAS robotic

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  1. Houston’s leading FUE Hair Transplant Center offering Neograft FUE and ARTAS robotic hair restoration

  2. Follicular Unit Extraction Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE is a extraction and hair restoration method used for donor hair during a transplant procedure. During FUE, an instrument creates a small incision into the skin whereby the follicular units are separated from the surrounding tissue. Recipient sites are created within the balding area of the scalp using a fine-point (0.7mm) instrument. Follicular units are then placed within the recipient sites, allowing them to grow into healthy hair-producing follicles. Generally this procedure takes about one or more hours. In larger sessions, completion is reached within two or more days.

  3. Follicular Unit Transplantation During Follicular Unit Transplantation or FUT, follicular units are directly removed from the scalp using horizontal strip. FUT is also known as “Strip harvesting”. Scarring of the scalp is common in this procedure. Stereo-microscopic dissection is used to remove individual follicular units without damage to the follicles. Recipient sites are created using 21-19 gauge hypodermic needles. Professional surgical experience and aesthetics are highly crucial in this process as it determines the distribution and density of the sites.

  4. Differences Between FUT & FUE Often times Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) are compared to each other. Essentially, the main difference between these two procedures are the method in which the follicles are extracted from the scalp. Although, the FUE hair transplant is known as a more refined technique to hair restoration, some important points to consider are: donor area scarring, longevity of follicles, graft density, graft healing and more. The harvesting procedure does have considerable impact on the hair restoration process because it will affect the total number of high quality grafts that can be harvested. Ultimately, both procedures are best suited toward the patient’s specific needs. Thorough consultation with a hair transplant specialist will walk the clients through the procedure to deem which method is appropriate for the individual.

  5. Neograft FUE Neograft is one of the latest techniques in FUE hair transplant surgery. It’s reputation is garnered from it’s highly effective results with little to no risk to complications. Although similar to other FUE transplant techniques, this method involves minimally invasive hair follicle extraction from areas of abundant growth to more areas which are sparse in hair growth. Neograft FUE generally provides a much shorter healing process as opposed to other methods, and the mechanics of Neograft usage are inherently ergonomic and natural for surgical use. Lending for more faster and more accurate harvesting of hair follicles.

  6. ARTAS Robotic Hair Restoration The ARTAS Robotic System is perhaps the most advanced medical device now available for hair restoration. With over 8 years of research and development, the ARTAS system utilizes advanced digital imagery to map and analyze follicles. Precision robotics, image guidance and selective harvesting patterns are only a few advanced features of the ARTAS robot. These features work towards creating the most dynamically detailed and accurate hair restoration procedure to date. Through the ARTAS Robotic System, patients will have peace of mind knowing that they can return to normal activities within one or two days. Not to mention, because ARTAS harvests follicular units randomly, post-procedure scarring is not visible.

  7. Differences Between Neograft & ARTAS System Both techniques are the latest advances in the FUE hair restoration process. There are many patient variables and specific cases which may call for one technique over the other. This choice is dependent on your professional evaluation and consultation. Here are a few functional differences: As an intuitive motorized device, Neograft greatly assists the operator in precise FUE. Neograft is reliant on human skill and stamina. Additionally, Neograft as opposed to traditional strip harvesting is minimally invasive, leaving no scarring or stitches/staples. As the latest technological advance in FUE, the ARTAS robotic system implements mapping and automation functions for follicular extraction. ARTAS also has regular available software and hardware upgrades to keep ahead of patient and doctor needs.

  8. Considering Hair Transplants Hair transplantation like any other surgical procedure is a crucial decision in which observing the advantages is recommended. This decision is hinged mostly on your desirable procedure, your specific hair type and the type of hair transplant center you choose. Surgery is costly operation. Yet despite the financial costs, after a successful one-time procedure your hair will be able to grow naturally. Ultimately giving you a new confidence and perspective on life. Hair transplantation is one of the few surgical procedures in which you can be conscious throughout the process. An anesthesia is applied to your scalp before surgery allotting you from any form of pain.

  9. Your Decision Given the amount of varying hair restoration methods, it is no question that figuring out the best appropriate technique to hair loss can be quite difficult to navigate through. Aside from the type of FUE method you are interested in, perhaps more important is choosing a professional hair restoration center who have the experience, talent and support team to work closely with you and your specific needs. In the end it is ultimately your decision to choose which process you are most comfortable with. It’s important to keep in mind that hair restoration technology has advanced in many ways. This means that surgical risks are minimized, and now more restoration options are available to patients.

  10. Here at Mosaic Clinic, we offer the most professional and high quality FUE services in the nation. Dr. Rashid and his dedicated support team of experts are certified in hair restoration. We have the passion for only high precision, affordable hair restoration you deserve and a dedication to customer service excellence. Through our professional consultations, we are happy to work closely with patients to provide the focus and attentiveness to the individual needs. We do not do FUT restoration. Instead we offer only the leading FUE tools from Neograft to ARTAS robotic system. Contact us for your professional consultation today!