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Hair Transplant in Women By Hair and Senses PowerPoint Presentation
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Hair Transplant in Women By Hair and Senses

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Hair Transplant in Women By Hair and Senses - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Women's personality looks cool with hairs because it gives them pleasant and attractive shine. Hair is the most precious gift given by god, especially for women. Due to the mistakes of human beings like encroachment, pollution and mining resulted in many dangerous diseases like stress, depression, and diabetes etc. Furthermore, it has given us hair loss, hair fall and the problem of baldness. Earlier, there was a myth that hair loss only occurs in men but nowadays everyone is suffering from it. Female hair loss occurs due to many reasons like trauma and hormonal imbalance etc. So, the service of Hair transplant in Women has been started by Hair and Senses to curb the problem of female hair loss or hair loss in women. You can know more here: http://hairnsenses.co.in/Hair-Transplant-in-Women.php

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Hair Transplant in Women By Hair and Senses

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    1. FEMALE Hair Transplant By: Hair & Senses Leading Hair Restoration Clinic in India http://hairnsenses.co.in

    2. Female hair loss not only affects the appearance but also has a negative impact on the psychological and emotional aspect of the personality.

    3. Causes of Hair Loss • Hormonal changes including pregnancy, thyroid disorders • Stress • Poor or crash dieting • Trauma • Traction alopecia by tight hair styling • Certain medications • Read more

    4. Female Hair Loss The pattern of hair loss in females differs from that of men. In men there is recession of hairline ultimately given rise to horse shoe shaped pattern of baldness. In females it is the diffuse thinning of hair which generally starts on the top of the head maintaining the frontal hair line.

    5. Classification of Hair Loss in women Read more

    6. Points to remember • In females, the donor area is not as resistant as in men to the effect of DHT. • So in certain number of female hair transplants, the result may not be as good as desired. • During the transplant the follicles are harvested from the dense areas on the back of scalp and placed into the balding area. • Growth of the transplanted hair starts from 3rd-4thmonth onward. The follicles grow naturally and it takes around 8-12 months for the full result to appear

    7. #HairLoss #FemaleHairLoss#HairTransplant #HNS

    8. Contact us HAIR & SENSES – Hair Transplant Clinic In India Address:FC-88, Ground Floor, Tagore Garden, New Delhi - 110027Telephone: +01142351711, +91-9891038822 E-mail:contact@hairnsenses.co.in Visit us: http://hairnsenses.co.in