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Grade 11 Course Selection PowerPoint Presentation
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Grade 11 Course Selection

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Grade 11 Course Selection - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Grade 11 Course Selection. 2013-2014. Destination Pathways. Workplace Apprenticeship College University. Tips. Hopefully you started your post secondary research over the exam break If not, start now!…you need to be informed to make wise course selections

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Grade 11 Course Selection

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destination pathways
Destination Pathways
  • Workplace
  • Apprenticeship
  • College
  • University
  • Hopefully you started your post secondary research over the exam break
  • If not, start now!…you need to be informed to make wise course selections
  • Not sure?... know what you need to keep doors open
unsure of a good fit for you
Unsure of a good fit for you?
  • Revisit Career Cruising Matchmaker or other online interests, skills, aptitudes inventories
  • Discuss with family members or mentors
  • Look at College/University programs
  • See yourguidance counsellor
courses required for post secondary admission
Courses Required for Post Secondary Admission


  • 6 4U or 4M courses including specific program prerequisites


  • C, M or U courses
  • O courses
ossd requirements
OSSD Requirements
  • 30 credits total
  • 40 Hours of Community Service
  • Successful completion of the OSSLT or Literacy Course (OLC4O1)
full disclosure
Full Disclosure
  • What is a transcript?
  • What is full disclosure?
  • Can I drop a course without it showing?
  • If I repeat a course, do both show?
departmental notes

Departmental Notes

Things to think about, new courses, & recommendations!

cooperative education
Cooperative Education
  • Advantages!
  • OYAP/Accelerated/Dual Credits

How do I sign up?

  • Pick up Application in Guidance or Co-op
  • Put co-op on your course selection sheet:
    • 2 credit: COOPHD
    • 4 credit: COOPFD

(Interview will follow by end of June)

oyap on youth apprenticeship program
OYAPON Youth Apprenticeship Program

Students participating in OYAP:

  • must have completed 26 credits prior to starting the program
  • must be enrolled as full time students
  • are required to complete all OSSD compulsory credits in sem. 1

The Accelerated OYAP program benefits:

  • Earn high school credits towards OSSD
  • Register as an apprentice
  • Opportunity to complete part or all of their Level One apprenticeship schooling in a specific trade
  • Earn hours/demonstrating competencies towards an apprenticeship
  • Make connections with employers/journeypersons to continue after graduation
dual credits
Dual Credits
  • Some are offered during day, some after school – receive 2 credits  one high school, one college
  • To participate during day, must be in co-op
  • Transportation is provided
  • See list of course offerings or see your Guidance counsellor
  • ENG 4U/C is a requirement for graduation and necessary for all post secondary programs
  • EWC4C1 is excellent course to build writing skills
  • AP English: ask your gr. 11 teacher for a recommendation
physical education
Physical Education
  • PSE4U1 is an anatomy course – strongly suggest U level science course as preparation
  • PLF4C1 – Rec Leadership
    • Students may APPLY to participate as a leader for Muskoka Woods Orientation excursion

Like science that relates to everyday life?

  • SNC4E1 – Workplace Science
    • Prerequisite: gr. 10 applied or locally developed science (SVN3E1)
  • Offers a wide variety of courses
  • Most require a prerequisite by grade 12
  • Please take note of the Yearbook course: TGG4M1 – prerequisite – TGJ3M1 or AWD3M1
  • MCT4C1 prerequisite is MCF3M1 or MCR3U1
  • Strong MCF3M1 students  MCT4C1  Advanced Functions  Calculus and Vectors
  • Under 70% in MCR3U1 may also choose MCT4C1 to help prepare them for MHF4U1
  • Take dept. grade average recommendations seriously!
  • All art courses can assist with portfolio development
  • Music and Dramatic Arts  help with auditions, broadcasting, etc…
  • All the M-level Arts courses do have grade 11 prerequisites!

New course offering!

  • AMG4M1 – Music: Guitar
    • Prerequisite: AMG3O1 or previous experience…see Guidance
canadian world studies
Canadian & World Studies
  • Offer a wide selection of courses in gr. 12
  • Great place to look for alternatives to Mathematics or Sciences
  • AP Courses: Human Geography and World History Course: European Emphasis.
  • College bound? CHY4C1 World History & CGU4C1 World Geography
revised course types for cws
Revised course types for CWS
  • HHS4C1- Families in Canada (college preparation)
    • Pre-requisite: any C/U/M course in social sciences, humanities, English, or CWS
  • HNB4M1 – The World of Fashion (university/college preparation)
    • Pre-requisite: any C/U/M course in social sciences, humanities, English, or CWS

2 Interdisciplinary Courses available:

  • IDC4U1 (Financial Securities)**

** positive feedback from those students who are taking business courses at University – excellent prep

  • IDC4U2 (Sports and Entertainment Marketing)

May take only ONE course that is coded as an IDC !

Note: Accounting and Economics may be recommended for post secondary business programs.

  • HZT 4U1 – University bound
  • HRE 4M1 – University bound
  • HRE 4O1
  • – College/Workplace/Apprenticeship
  • Bound
french international languages
French & International Languages
  • In our multicultural society, the benefits of having another language such as French, Spanish or Italian are numerous
  • If you take a language for all 4 years, you will receive a certificate of proficiency
  • Should have strong level 3 in gr. 11 chem, bio, physics if taking gr. 12
  • Big mistake taking SBI4U without having completed SCH3U!!
  • College Physics offered 2013-2014
special considerations
Special Considerations
  • Course load requirements



    • Choose a min. of 7 courses  8 is even better!
  • Grade 11 marks
  • Summer school, non-day school courses
  • Repeating courses
more info
More Info >>>>
  • Online course selection through Career Cruising
  • Course Selection Sign Off Sheets: due 2 days after this presentation  Thursday, Feb. 14
  • Guidance appointments  we are happy to help

Verification time will occur around mid-term

  • Changes will be accepted up to 10 days after
  • Classes are based on your selections
  • Changes may not be possible
not 100 sure that you will be returning to sba next year
Not 100% sure that you will be returning to SBA next year ??
  • Complete your course selection- guarantee a timetable if you do decide to return
  • School fees will be refunded minus a $15.00 administration fee