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Agenda. Overview of CJCC Overview of JUSTIS Overview of CSOSA Case Study – How CSOSA participates in Data Sharing Goal Objectives Solution Security & Privacy Benefits Next Steps Questions and Answers.

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Agenda l.jpg

  • Overview of CJCC

  • Overview of JUSTIS

  • Overview of CSOSA

  • Case Study – How CSOSA participates in Data Sharing

    • Goal

    • Objectives

    • Solution

    • Security & Privacy

    • Benefits

  • Next Steps

  • Questions and Answers

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The D.C. Appropriations Act, 2000 (P.L. 106-113, 113 Stat.1501,1532 (1999) mandated that the US Government Accounting Office (GAO) study and report on the DC criminal justice system

In March 2001 the GAO released the report, entitled DC Criminal Justice System, Better Coordination Needed Among Participating Agencies, which recommended the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council as a necessary venue for the District's criminal justice agencies to identify and address interagency public safety issues

CJCC History


Slide4 l.jpg

CJCC History Contd.. Stat.1501,1532 (1999) mandated that the US Government Accounting Office (GAO)

  • In 2001, the DC Council implemented this recommendation by enacting DC Code §22-4232 which created the CJCC as an independent agency of the District of Columbia. The statute designated the Mayor as the chair of the CJCC and listed the agencies under the District Government that should participate

  • Congress passed legislation (PL 107-180) the following year authorizing a federal payment and authorizing the heads of federal agencies to participate as members

Who is cjcc l.jpg

CJCC is dedicated to continually improving the administration and execution of public safety and criminal justice in the District of Columbia. The agency provides a federal/district partnership, which is united in resolving concerns of our citizens about crime and justice.

Who is CJCC?


Cjcc mission l.jpg
CJCC MISSION administration and execution of

The mission of the CJCC is to serve as the forum for identifying issues and their solutions, proposing actions, and facilitating cooperation that will improve public safety and the related criminal and juvenile justice services for District of Columbia residents, visitors, victims, and offenders.

Participating agencies l.jpg
Participating Agencies administration and execution of


  • D.C. Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency (CSOSA)

  • U.S. Probation Office (USPO)

  • U.S. Attorney’s Office (USAO)

  • High Intensity Drug Trafficking Agency (HIDTA)

  • U.S. Parole Commission (USPC)

  • U.S. Secret Service (USSS)

  • U.S. Capitol Police (USCP)

  • U.S. Marshals Service (USMS)

  • U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco and Firearms (ATF)

  • D.C. Office of Unified Communications (OUC)


Slide8 l.jpg

Participating Agencies Contd.. administration and execution of


  • D.C. Metropolitan Police Department (MPD)

  • D.C. Superior Court (DCSC)

  • D.C. Pretrial Services Agency (PSA)

  • D.C. Office of Attorney General (OAG)

  • D.C. Public Defender Service (PDS)

  • D.C. Child & Family Services Agency (CFSA)

  • D.C. Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services (DYRS)

  • D.C. Department of Corrections (DCDC)

  • Bureau of Election and Ethics (BEE)

  • D.C. Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)

Justis overview l.jpg
JUSTIS Overview administration and execution of

A joint, regional project of local, and federal law enforcement agencies to share criminal justice data across and within the region.

JUSTICE Information System (JUSTIS) of the District of Columbia

Increase crime fighting capabilities that support defense of our communities and the Homeland.

Justis overview contd l.jpg

A administration and execution of common interface to retrieve information securely from various agencies

Provides search capabilities with sub second responses

JUSTIS Overview Contd..

  • One stop solution – Agencies now have a one stop

  • solution to view information and data from various

  • Criminal Information Systems

  • Intuitive interface satisfying performance, visual,

  • security, data, privacy, and information requirements

Justis overview contd11 l.jpg

Justice administration and execution of



Interfaces= n(n-1)

Interfaces= 2n

JUSTIS Overview Contd..

  • Provide Infrastructure to securely transfer information between agencies to support business processes

  • A way to promote system integration and information sharing at an “enterprise” level

  • A mechanism to implement inter-agency relationships and processes

  • A way to align business processes and services with IT infrastructure and services

Source: US Department of Homeland Security…

Justis results l.jpg
JUSTIS Results administration and execution of

  • Availability of information from multiple disparate systems in seconds

  • Criminal justice practitioners can make faster and better informed decisionsFor example, Police Officer and Detectives have multiple mug shots available to see how the offender’s appearance has evolved over time

  • Provides immediate capabilities for:

    • Tactical – Line Officer

    • Investigative – Detective

    • Analytical – Crime Analysts

Justis results contd l.jpg
JUSTIS Results administration and execution of Contd..

  • Easy plug-n-play interface for agencies to contribute and share data, thereby substantially reducing local implementation costs and improving the value of your Tax Dollars

  • Standards based implementation (GJXDM, NIEM, SOA) resulting in long term viability of solution and easy integration at regional and national level

  • Utilizes existing agencies’ systems and infrastructure

  • 2007 Excellence.Gov Award by American Council of Technology

Who is csosa l.jpg
Who is CSOSA? administration and execution of

CSOSA is an independent federal agency created by the National Capital Revitalization and Self-Government Improvement Act of 1997

CSOSA has the operational responsibilities for Probation, Parole, and Supervised Release within the District of Columbia

Csosa mission l.jpg
CSOSA MISSION administration and execution of

The mission of CSOSA is to increase public safety, prevent crime, reduce recidivism, and support the fair administration of justice in close collaboration with the community

Case study csosa data sharing using web services l.jpg
Case Study administration and execution of CSOSA Data Sharing using Web Services


  • Provide the officers in the field and the rest of the criminal justice practitioners via JUSTIS the most up-to-date information from CSOSA Case Management System (SMART)


  • Provide the following information / data for an offender

    • Parole, Probation, and Supervised Release information

    • Aliases

    • Home and Employment Address

    • Supervision information

Case study objectives contd l.jpg
Case Study: administration and execution of Objectives Contd..

  • Mug Shots

  • Release conditions and stay away orders on different cases

  • Build one single reusable secure interface

  • Provide information / data to external partners

    • In near Real Time

    • Encrypted / Securely

    • Using XML and later upgrade it to be NIEM compliant

    • Based on long term Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)approach

  • Case study solution l.jpg
    Case Study: administration and execution of Solution

    • Develop Secure Web Services (WS) for information sharing

    • WS’s can be discovered through JUSTIS

    • JUSTIS can apply necessary security, content transformation, and content routing services

    Case study solution contd l.jpg
    Case Study: administration and execution of Solution Contd..

    Case study solution contd20 l.jpg
    Case Study: administration and execution of Solution Contd..

    Case study security l.jpg
    Case Study: administration and execution of Security

    Case study security contd l.jpg
    Case Study: administration and execution of Security Contd..

    • WS-Security Specification

    • 128 bit AES Data Encryption using Symmetric key

    • 256 Bit Encryption of Symmetric key using Public key of Requesting Agency

    • Encrypted Data and Key passed over to Requesting Agency for Decryption

    • IP Restriction to CJCC Domain

    • Firewalls

    • 128 Bit SSL certificate over HTTP

    • Audit trail of requesting agencies users and data access details

    • Error reporting

    • Validation Module Usage

    Case study justis screenshot l.jpg
    Case Study: administration and execution of JUSTIS Screenshot

    Case study benefits l.jpg
    Case Study: administration and execution of Benefits

    • Improves business process efficiency by reducing cost and particularly time to connect applications

    • Increases the feasibility of real time, remote access to core source of information (owner-CSOSA) which provides current information to JUSTIS

    • Makes it easier to change or add partners

    • Provides a fundamental platform to CSOSA to easily integrate its SMART application functionality with other pieces of software/system like JUSTIS

    Csosa next steps l.jpg
    CSOSA administration and execution of Next Steps

    • Develop complementary services to automate a key business process

    • Utilize NIEM standard and map exchanges to corresponding Information Exchange Packet Documents (IEPD)

    • Identify additional business practices and processes for information exchange and process automation

    • Deploy Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) to enable enterprise wide SOA

    Justis looking ahead l.jpg

    Maryland administration and execution of


    JUSTIS Looking Ahead

    District of Columbia

    Questions comments l.jpg
    Questions / Comments ? administration and execution of