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Organizational Structure PowerPoint Presentation
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Organizational Structure

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Organizational Structure - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Organizational Structure. FORECASTING. Forecasting Demand Forecasting overall human resources requirements in accordance with the organizational plans The supply forecasting- obtaining the data and information about present and the future human resource.

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Organizational Structure

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  • Forecasting Demand
  • Forecasting overall human resources requirements in accordance with the organizational plans
  • The supply forecasting- obtaining the data and information about present and the future human resource.
  • Estimating the net human resources requirements
  • Incase surplus, We plan for redeployment, retrenchment and lay-off.
  • Incase deficit, we forecast future supply of human resources
  • And Plan for recruitment
  • In order to modify or adjust our organizational plan if supply will be inadequate with reference to future net requirements
  • We understand planning staff levels requires that an assessment of the present and future needs of the organization be compared with present resources and future predicted resources.
  • Appropriate steps are been planned to bring demand and supply into balance.


We believe Manpower planning is a double edges sword. If used properly, it leads to the maximum utilization of human resources, reduces excessive labour turnover and high absenteeism, improves productivity and aids in achieving organizational goals.

  • To determine the future needs of our clients
  • To recruit and retain human resources
  • To improve standards, skills and abilities of existing employees and the New Hires
  • To estimate cost of human resources
  • We foresee the impact of technology
  • To assess the shortcake or surplus of human resources
  • To minimize imbalances, which helps us in our process improvement.


  • Placement Agencies and Consultants
  • Campus Recruitments
  • Off-campus Recruitments
  • Internal Job Postings
  • Promotions(existing employees)
  • Moving across verticals(existing employees)


We are high on Integrity and maintaining the Data Integrity Policy,

We do compromise on many things, But when it comes to Data Integrity

there is no tolerance

  • Human Error are likely and unpredictable, in order to prevent the problems
  • The Continuous Data Protection, On-disk WORM and
  • Encryption are the ways we protect your Data
  • We do maintain the consistency and accuracy of the
  • data storage in our database, for the convenience of our clients


As the technology is increasing the opportunities for impression

and attack have increased file systems generally contain information

that is highly valuable to their user.

With the growing incidence of cyber attack & cyber crimes over network it has

become necessary to secure the networks.

As many are using net for purchasing purposes, making transaction.

We ensure the transaction made by our Customer is safe in our Database.



Motivation : We motivate our employees to meet their Targets and their Numbers on Time

Responsibility : We take immense responsibility about our Employees and take care of their

Issues either it be professional or personal

Achievement : We do recognize their achievements on the floor and do have a rewards and

Recognition program to appreciate their performances on a monthly basis

Where to Seek Solutions : We have a ERM who takes care of the different scenarios our agents face while at work and after work , so our ERM’s are always available to help them find solution



We provide a complete Quality Assurance service which means the following:

1: A planned and systematic pattern of actions that ensure Quality

2: A set of activities designed to evaluate the process by which our system is developed

and maintained.

3: It is known that an independent Quality Assurance (QA) is standard in the industry

to ensure the quality in our Processes.

4: We always strive to make the difference by maintaining the quality, For which our clients

make us the best of QA service providers



  • We believe the typical projects in many third world countries has shown that the
  • Cost of new development can be significantly reduced by using the space more efficiently
  • As a part of the BPO Industry we are in progress for using the infrastructure in such a way,
  • That it becomes convenient for our employees and also cost effective for the management.


The Vendor Management Team takes care of the Vendors we deal with.

The VMT is the one point of contact for all our Vendors, and by having them as

a one point of contact we make it convenient for all our channel partner for the

Communication and interaction of our business with all the vendors on daily basis.

Consultancies : We have a set of Channel Partners who support us in refilling our

Employees on daily basis and we have a wonderful relationship with them for the

Last three years.



We do also accept the point inventory is very important in our business, when it

comes to hiring and investing on the technology

We hire the right candidate at the right time and also in order to keep the business

In the running condition we do have plans like BCP DRP ( Business continuation Plan –

Disaster Recovery Plan )

These kind of implementations help us to keep our clients happy by delivering the

Targets on time with out interruption.

As an organization we keep the new hires in pipeline, even in a worst case scenario if

There are many attrition cases we do accommodate the head count of the company.