Ddr fun with ddr
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Lt Col Jett Mayhew National Team Leader Capt Heather McSparron FLWG DDRA 1Lt Yvonne Rodriguez Asst. FLWG DDRA. DDR “Fun with DDR. Why?. CAP Drug Demand Reduction Vision

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Ddr fun with ddr

Lt Col Jett Mayhew National Team Leader

Capt Heather McSparron


1Lt Yvonne Rodriguez


DDR “Fun with DDR


  • CAP Drug Demand Reduction Vision

    • To be a leading force in America’s drug demand reduction strategy through the development of tomorrow’s leaders in volunteer community service for a drug-free world.

  • CAP Drug Demand Reduction Mission Statement

    • The Civil Air Patrol Drug Demand Reduction program assists squadrons, groups, wings, and regions to instill an aggressive, positive, drug-free attitude in Civil Air Patrol members, Air Force families, DoD civilians, and school-age children through a comprehensive program that:

      • Promotes CAP as a positive community service lifestyle.

      • Encourages youth to remain in school.

      • Focuses on drug abuse education, prevention and awareness.

      • Provides positive activities as an alternative to drugs and gang violence.

  • Promote Drug Awareness Amongst Cadets and Senior Members


  • DDRA (Drug Demand Reduction Administrator)

  • DDRA (Drug Demand Reduction Administrator)

  • C/DDRO (Cadet Drug Demand Reduction Officer)

    • Wing

    • Group

    • Squadron

Ddr poster contest winner
DDR Poster Contest Winner!!!

C/SSgt Xenia Benitez



  • Community Involvement

    • Air Shows

    • Open House

    • Red Ribbon Week

  • Unit Meetings

  • Group Activities

    • Leadership Courses

  • Wing Events

    • Encampments

    • Air Shows

    • Conference

Drinking and driving
Drinking and Driving

  • Car accidents #1 cause of deaths in teen drivers.

    • One third are alcohol related.





Legal Limit

Let s try
Let’s try…..

Send this text to: 321-446-1658

I have had too much to drink, and need a ride home. I’m sorry.

Texting and driving
Texting and Driving



lol no im nt bsy im only driving

Myths of alcohol
Myths of Alcohol

  • Coffee will wake me up enough to drive safely.

    • Only time will rid your body of alcohol. Caffeine in coffee will make you jittery but it cannot keep you alert and restore judgment lost to alcohol consumption.

  • I stay with beer and never drink the hard stuff so I’ll be fine to drive.

    • Alcohol is alcohol. A 12 oz beer has as much alcohol as a 1.5 oz whiskey or 5 oz of wine. Many people who believe this drink more beer and become more intoxicated than if they had only consumed one or two whiskeys.

  • Bigger people can handle their alcohol better so they can drink and still drive.

    • The first drink of alcohol begins to slow your motor skills, vision and judgment. It is true that body size does figure in the rate alcohol affects you, but you must also consider individual metabolism, the amount of rest you had and when you last ate. All of this makes for some very complex calculations regarding when you are safe to drive.

  • As long as I roll down the window and get some fresh air I’ll be fine. I’ll turn up the radio really loud. I’ll splash cold water on my face.

    • One more time – Alcohol is alcohol is alcohol. Time is the only way to lower your blood alcohol level. Cold wind or cold water in your face will not return your alertness, motor skills and judgment.

  • When I’ve been drinking, I compensate by driving very slowly.

    • Drinking and driving is not safe at any speed. In fact, even driving too slowly will make you a traffic hazard and could cause a crash.

For additional information
For additional Information…..

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