the start of t he american revolution n.
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The Start of t he American Revolution

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The Start of t he American Revolution - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Start of t he American Revolution. King of England During the Revolution. King George III was the king of England during t he American Revolution.

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king of england during the revolution
King of England During the Revolution
  • King George III was the king of England during the American Revolution.
  • He wanted to ensure peacein the American Coloniesas they were providing Britain with a lot of goods for the British Industrial Revolution.
  • The American Revolution starts in April 19, 1775 and ends September 9, 1781.
the shot heard round the world
The Shot Heard Round the World
  • The opening shots of the American Revolution occurred at Lexington Green, Massachusetts on April 19, 1775.
  • It was known as the battle of Lexington Concord.
  • British and American troops were lined up face to face. The American’s had had enough of British rule, the British wanted to keep the colonists at bay.
  • It was an extremely tense situation, everyone one both sides were nervous. The British were in nicely fitted uniforms, well armed and organized.
  • The American’s were in plain clothes, somewhat organized, but mad as hell.
the shot heard round the world1
The Shot Heard Round the World
  • Two groups, looking at each other, standing there quietly. No one giving the command to fire. All silent, quiet…..
  • Then a shot rang from (most likely) an American gun. Firing across the open space and right towards a British soldier.
  • The British pointed their loaded muskets at the American’s, and in a true uniform military style, all of them fired at once at the Americans.
  • The Revolution had begun.
the shot heard round the world2
The Shot Heard Round the World
  • The British, mostly because they were well trained, were able to push the Americans back and drive them away from the battlefield.
  • Surprisingly, very few American’s were killed or wounded.
  • After the battle Amos Barrett, a Colonial Militia fighter at Lexington Green wrote,
    • “It is straing that their warnt no more killed, but they fird to high.”
    • What do you think Barrett was trying to say? What do you notice of his writing skills?
not good for t he british
Not good for the British
  • This revolutionary war was nothing short of trouble for the British.
  • Citizens in Great Britain sympathized with the colonies in America. They reflected back on their own history and can understand a government that ruled with an iron fist.
  • To make matters worse for the British, George Washington – a greatmilitary strategist and politician – was named Commander of theContinental Army in June 15, 1775.
siege on canada
Siege on Canada
  • In June of1775 the American’s, fearful that the British will use Canada as a hub for the British military, decide to attack Montreal and Quebec.
  • The American’s were led by Benedict Arnold and Richard Montgomery.
  • Americans lost both battles - one at Quebec and the other in Montreal. The American’s were forced to retreat.
  • The losses left Canada firmly in British hands and gave the British military a good base from which to launch attacks on New York and New England.
second continental congress
Second Continental Congress
  • On May 5, 1775 representatives from the thirteen colonies (56 men in totally) met in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – this was called the Second Continental Congress.
  • They had one meeting prior to this in September 1774. It brought together all the leaders from the thirteen colonies.
  • But they were divided and couldn’t come to a unified plan:
    • Those from the northern colonies (New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and etc..) wanted to create a treaty (an agreement) with Great Britain. They wanted to remain part of the British Monarchy, without having to go through a revolution.
    • Those from the southern colonies (Virginia, Carolina, Georgia) wanted 100% separation from Great Britain, even if it meant going to war.
second continental congress1
Second Continental Congress
  • Because of Lexington-Concord, the congress met again, this time they were more unified than ever before.
  • Lexington-Concord had shown that there was no going back to a peaceful resolution with the British, so it was now an “Us versus Them” affair.
  • At this conference, three key figures to the Revolution helped write and create the Declaration of Independence – Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and John Quincy Adams.
thomas jefferson
Thomas Jefferson
  • Thomas Jefferson
    • Born April 13 1743 – Died July 4, 1826.
    • He was 32 years old when he wrote the Declaration of Independence.
    • He was a representative from Virginia.
    • Prior to this he was a lawyer.
    • From March 4, 1797 – March 4, 1801 he was one of John Adam’s Vice Presidents
    • On March 4, 1801 he defeated John Adam’s as President of the United States and was the 3rd USA President until 1809.
john adams
John Adams
  • John Adams
    • Born 1735 – DiedJuly 4, 1826
    • He was a delegate from Massachusetts during the Second Continental Congress
    • He was a Harvard Graduate and became a lawyer
    • He assisted Jefferson in writing the Declaration of Independence
    • April 21 1789 – March 4 1797 he was George Washington’s (and the USA’s) first Vice President.
    • March 4 – 1797 – March 4 1801 he was the Second President of the United States of America
benjamin franklin
Benjamin Franklin
  • Benjamin Franklin
    • Born January 17, 1706 – Died April 17, 1790
    • Was the third key writer of theDeclaration of Independence (along with Jefferson and Adams).
    • He was a businessman and an inventor.
    • He represented Pennsylvania at the Second Continental Congress.
    • He never became a vice president or the president of the USA.
declaration of independence
Declaration of Independence
  • “The Declaration of Independence” was adopted by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776.
  • It was very similar to that of “The Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen” from the French Revolution.
  • Both the French and the American’s were vastly influenced by Rousseau, Voltaire, and Montesquieu.
declaration of independance
Declaration of Independance
the t wo declarations
The Two Declarations
  • Review the Declaration of Independence and the Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen in groups of three – discuss how the Declaration of Independence was a lot like the Declaration of the Rights of Manand how it was different.