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  2. TROY LONEY was a member of the 1991 and 1992 Pittsburgh Penguin Stanley Cup Championship teams. A veteran forward, he was claimed by the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim in the June 1993 Expansion Draft, and was named the Duck’s first team captain. He retired following the lockout-shortened 1995 season, splitting his final year between the Rangers and the Islanders. In 624 NHL games Troy recorded 87 goals, 110 assists, 197 points, and 1091 penalty minutes.

  3. PAHL RULE CHANGE HIGHLIGHTS • Fair Play Point System • Squirt Games Played Increased • Game Start Times Amended • EMT Clarification • Curfew Clarification • Zero Tolerance Rules for Parents/Spectators Revised • USAH Rule 411 Full Implementation • New Supplemental Discipline Process

  4. 1. FAIR PLAY POINT SYSTEM • Fair Play holds all players and coaches accountable for their actions and behavior by rewarding proper behavior and good sportsmanship. • In the Fair Play system, each team at the start of the game can earn an extra “Fair Play” point in the standings for playing the game within the confines of the rules and with good sportsmanship. • Research has shown that Fair Play increases sportsmanship, accountability, and player safety without compromising hockey’s competitive aspects.

  5. FAIR PLAY POINTS will be an added component to the PAHL league standings for the 14/15 playing season. It will be implemented for all regular season games.

  6. FAIR PLAY targets aggressive penalties, and the accumulation of penalties by one team in any one game. PAHL statistics from the 13/14 season show clearly that our emphasis for the 14/15 season is to decrease 2 and 10 penalty combinations like Checking From Behind.

  7. 2. SQUIRT GAMES PLAYED INCREASED All Squirt divisions will play 4 preseason games and 16 regular season games. Previously only the AA division played 16 regular season games. This is an increase for all other divisions.

  8. 3. GAME START TIMES AMENDED • PAHL games may start as early as 7:00 am on Saturday or Sunday only. • PAHL games may start no later than 8:00 pm on Saturday or Sunday only.

  9. 4. EMT CLARIFICATION • EMTs are required for each ice surface where a game is being played • No EMT present means the game must be rescheduled - Association fine is $100 • If an EMT must leave the immediate game area temporarily to attend to a player, the game may continue.

  10. 5. CURFEW CLARIFICATION • The game curfew is the end of the ice slot scheduled for the game. The PAHL has minimum slot requirements for different divisions, but a rink may have a larger slot than required scheduled. Teams have the entire slot to play the game. • Example: A Peewee game is required to have a minimum 65 minute slot. Acme Association has the game scheduled for 10:00am to 11:15am, a 75 minute slot. So the curfew is set for 11:15am. • Curfew times must be initialed on the scoresheet before the game. • Curfew times may be changed for late start or equipment failure with approval of the rink. Changes can only occur before the drop of the puck and must be initialed by both head coaches.

  11. 6. ZERO TOLERANCE RULES FOR PARENTS / SPECTATORS REVISED • First reported incident to be investigated by and appropriate discipline assigned by association, subject to PAHL oversight. • Second reported incident involving same party will follow the same process. If party is determined guilty again, a fine of $250 will be assessed. • Third reported incident involving same party will require a PAHL hearing. A guilty resolution may lead to suspensions and fines.

  12. 7. USAH RULE 411 FULL IMPLEMENTATION • USAH Rule 411 implemented in 13/14 season just in the PAHL • Rule 411 full implementation requires coordination between leagues as penalty accumulation follows the player on any/or all teams he/she plays. • PAHL will coordinate suspension tracking with PIHL • Rule 411 involves a specific list of 5 minute major aggressive penalties. • Players receiving 3rd major are assessed a 3 game suspension • Players receiving 4th major are assessed a 5 game suspension • Players receiving 5th major suspended until a hearing is held • Team receiving 3 major penalties in a game results in Head Coach suspended for next game • Team receiving 3 or more majors in subsequent game results in H C suspended 3 games • Team receiving 3 or more majors in third game results in H C suspension until a hearing

  13. 8. NEW SUPPLEMENTAL DISCIPLINE PROCESS • Supplemental discipline may be assessed by the PAHL Discipline Committee under USAH Rule 410 for any incident before, during, or after the game that is not penalized by the on ice officials. • Supplemental discipline may be assessed by the PAHL Discipline Committee or the PAHL Rules Committee for issues that are contrary to or a detriment to the fair and equitable competition and the appropriate game experience for all involved. This may include excessive penalties by a team, player, or team official over the course of the season, specific detrimental behavior exhibited outside of the game environment (parking lot, social media, etc), or behavior or activities that are contrary or threatening to PAHL’s USAH affiliate status. • Proper review and investigation must occur, with a hearing if necessary, before supplemental discipline is determined.

  14. COACH’S GAME DAY REMINDERS • Before the game initial the score sheet after checking roster, documenting any game misconducts, and acknowledging curfew time • After the game sign the score sheet after verifying scoring and penalties • Call in any game misconducts or match penalties to the PAHL Discipline Director within 48 hours • Make sure that players are properly equipped including mouth guards and neck guards, and that all helmets are snapped and snug • Handshake between teams after the game • Regular season games > No time outs > No overtime


  16. NEW PAHL DISCIPLINE DIRECTOR:BRYAN IMLER All infractions causing a suspension must be reported to the PAHL Discipline Director by the offending player’s association by any means within forty-eight (48) hours of the incident. All suspensions must be reported and served, even though they may not appear correctly on the score sheet. Failure to report within this specified time period will result in a fifty dollar ($50.00) fine to the negligent association. For a match penalty, a legible copy of the score sheet and a written report about the incident must be sent to the PAHL Discipline Director, postmarked, within five days of the infraction.


  18. USAH SAFESPORT LOCKER ROOM POLICIES • Random and frequent supervision • No cell phone usage • No recording device usage • No coach or player harassment / hazing / bullying • Mixed gender teams require non discriminatory treatment • Never be alone 1 on 1 with a player in the locker room

  19. COACHING COMPLIANCE All coaches, head and assistant, must complete the following: • USAH online registration • Mid Am Child Abuse Screening • 2 yr renewal rotation since 7/1/13 • SafeSportEducational Module Screening • 2 yr renewal rotation • USAH Coaching Education Program seminars as required by their personal progression status • can only complete one level per calendar year; once Level 4 is completed not required to continue • USAH Age Specific Educational Module • Available online September 1

  20. COACHING RESOURCES www.usahockey.com Practice Plans . . . . . Small Area Games . . . . . Checking Materials Dryland Training . . . . . Goaltending . . . . . Mobile Coach App flexxCOACH Sponsored by the Pittsburgh Penguins Pro Drill Designer . . . . . . . . . . Practice Planner


  22. USAH STANDARD OF PLAYAND RULES EMPHASIS BODY CHECKING CATAGORIES • Body Checking • Boarding • Charging • Checking From Behind • Head Contact • Roughing • In Body Checking categories, the focus of the body check must be to separate the opponent from the puck. RESTRAINING FOULS • Hooking • Tripping • Holding • Interference • Slashing • The use of the stick will be limited to only playing the puck. • Players will be held accountable for acts of an intimidating or dangerous nature.

  23. COACHES AND REFEREES • Mutual Respect • Both parties have a job to do on game day • Respect and treat the other as you would want to be treated • Communication • Introductions to start off • Civil dialogues – no threatening or condescending comments are necessary • Discuss scoring or penalty corrections after the game but before the score sheet is separated and have changes initialed – it is important to have the correct players with points or with penalty minutes • Evaluation • Officials “evaluate” coaches as the game is played and reflect that “evaluation” in the penalties that are called on the players and coaches • Coaches “evaluate” the officials post game with written comments that are followed up by PAHL and Referee Supervisors • Consistent patterns of behavior put up red flags to be addressed


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