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Where Are We Going?

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Where Are We Going?. What Will We See?. Notre Dame. Seine River. Louvre Museum. Phantom of the Opera. By Gaston Leroux A Portfolio Project Reading 3. The Paris Opera House Today. The Paris Opera House as it would have looked at the time of our story.

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phantom of the opera

Phantom of the Opera


Gaston Leroux

A Portfolio Project

Reading 3

inside the opera house remember the big chandelier a chandelier has an important part in our story
Inside the Opera House(remember the big chandelier- a chandelier has an important part in our story)
Lit only by candles and gas lights, the interior of the Opera House is dark andmysterious. Do you see the Phantom looking for you?
Going to the Opera was very special. These people are dressed as Christine and Raoul would look in our story.
This picture is of members of the corps de ballet. Dancers have small but important character roles in our story.
quick facts about the paris opera house
Quick Facts About the Paris Opera House
  • Completed in 1875
  • Seats 2,200 people for a performance
  • The main chandelier weighs 6 tons- that is 13,230 pounds
  • There really is an underground lake deep in the basements of the Opera House
  • The stage is so huge it can hold scenes such as shipwrecks or frozen rivers with ice skaters
more facts
More Facts
  • There are 80 private dressing rooms
  • There is space for 538 other performers to dress and prepare to go on stage
  • 70 carpenters were on staff to build sets
  • Sets that are 50 feet high can be lowered from the stage into a basement when scenes change