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PRESENTATION. Hello everybody , My name is Aymeric . I was born in june 1999 , I’m 13. I’m an only child , I haven’t got pets. My favourite colour is blue , my favourite meal is dinner and I like water- skiing and playing rugby.

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Hello everybody,

Mynameis Aymeric .

I wasborn in june1999, I’m 13.

I’m an onlychild, I haven’tgot pets.

Myfavouritecolourisblue, myfavouritemealisdinner and I like water-skiing and playing rugby.

I’mtidy, hard-working ,a littletough and I’m good-tempered.

I dislikepeas and traitors.

I live in VentenacCabardesat 9.32 miles from Carcassonne (AUDE), in FRANCE; I’m french.

Myfatherruns a sawmillnear Carcassonne whereasmymotheris manager of an industrialspot,whichdoes scanning.

ventenac cabardes

ENCRANCAT A L'ESTEVA TENE CAP A TOTZ VENTS (in Occitan)"Hooked to the handle, hold head into all the winds"

this is the motto of our village located at the foot of the Montagne Noire, in Cathar country, not far from Carcassonne.VentenacCabardes has about 889 inhabitants. This small village near Carcassonne, has evidenced a Gallo-Roman invasion. Hence, the origin of the suffix 'ac', very common in the South of the France.


The city of Carcassonne is a medievalfortified village.

In 1997 itwasadded to UNESCO’slist of world heritage sites.

Carcassonne is a very tourist city thanks to the Cité, as well as other monuments.


The city of Carcassonne maintains the legend that the name of the city of Carcassonne originated in the beginning of the 9th century. At that time, the city was sarrasine. Charlemagne besieged the place, but the mistress of the places, dame Carcas, stood strong. The two armies were more and more hungry.

Since there was some wheat and a little pig left in La Cité, Dame Carcas had the idea to demoralize her opponents. The piglet was fattened, then thrown from over the ramparts. Thinking that the city still had plenty of food, Charlemagne left.

At that time, Dame Carcas sounded the trumpets and Charlemagne went back to La Cité. Then Dame Carcas offered him peace. Hence the expression "Carcassonne”, which means that there is a “sound”. Later it gave the name to Carcassonne