Quantum physics and medicine
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Quantum Physics and Medicine. Dr Beatrice MILBERT AIMA Conference August 31st, September 1st and 2nd Melbourne. Research question. Quantum Physics has constituted a revolution in many fields Why not in medicine and biology?. 3 basic principles of Quantum Physics. Emmanuel Ransford:

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Quantum physics and medicine

Quantum Physics and Medicine

Dr Beatrice MILBERT

AIMA Conference

August 31st, September 1st and 2nd


Research question
Research question

  • Quantum Physics has constituted a revolution in many fields

  • Why not in medicine and biology?

3 basic principles of quantum physics
3 basic principles of Quantum Physics

  • Emmanuel Ransford:

    • Particule wave duality

    • Wavepacket

    • Entanglement

Importance of information
Importance of Information

  • Water Memory

  • Homeopathy

  • Aromatherapy

  • Traditional Medicine

The russian discoveries
The Russian discoveries

  • While working on the functioning of cells in the 50s

  • Russian scientists discovered that it was physics, more than chemistry, which was giving the keys to the understanding of life.

  • = Bruce LIPTON

Space investigations
Space investigations

  • Gagarine and others: orbital stations where men stayed sometimes for more than 6 months

  • => Space research has given the possibility to test this new approach of life biology

    • Light

    • Energy

    • Vibrations

Professor wladislav christoforov moscow
Professor Wladislav Christoforov (Moscow)

  • In the 50s, working on space programmes and health issues

  • Discovers that human cells emit and perceive electromagnetic waves of about 10 (- 24) watts

  • Cells communicate and create different electric networks at the level of different tissues and organs

Cell functioning energy
Cell functioning: energy

  • Every cell has its own frequency

  • Depending on the form of the cell, volume and geometry.

  • We can boost the cell while giving it back its own frequency

    • Cf. the functioning of the Lakowsky machine, also called “cellular regenerator”

Cell functioning light
Cell functioning: light

  • Fritz-Albert POPP:

  • ADN emits light in the form of bio-photons

  • Bio-photons are regulating all the chemical functions of a cell

  • The cell life creates a quantum coherence field in harmony with the universe field

  • Disease corresponds to a loss of coherence inside the body or in the environment

Cell functioning vibrations
Cell functioning : vibrations

  • Jacques Benveniste (1996) :

    • “All is molecular vibrations in the body”

  • Mae Wan Ho:

    • Every molecule in the body has a specific frequency and each molecule is calling the others for working together.

    • She speaks of the “quantum jazz of life”

Consequences in the field of medicine
Consequences in the field of medicine

  • J.Benveniste in the 90s and now Prof. Luc Montagnier have worked on “a new biology” where

    • Germs are detected by the emission of electromagnetic waves, which are specific to each of them.

    • => can be applied to treat diseases


  • Autism

  • Neuro-degenerative diseases (Alzheimer, Parkinson, multiple sclerosis)

Quantum physics and medicine



Bibliography to be completed
Bibliography (to be completed)

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