karvonen theory target heart rate for exercise n.
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Karvonen Theory: Target heart rate for exercise

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Karvonen Theory: Target heart rate for exercise - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Name____________ Date__________ Period_______ Age_________. Karvonen Theory: Target heart rate for exercise.

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karvonen theory target heart rate for exercise

Name____________ Date__________ Period_______ Age_________

Karvonen Theory: Target heart rate for exercise

Before you stand up in the morning take your pulse for one minute and count the number of breaths you take for another minute. Record the numbers below. Do this for a total of three separate mornings.

Morning 1_____ Breaths_____

Morning 2_____ Median______ Breaths_____

Morning 3_____ Breaths_____

Now it is time to calculate your Target Zone, which is your exercise safety zone:

  • Subtract 220 from your age and write it in the space. 220-AGE= ____ This number is your Maximum Heart Rate or MHR. You should never exceed your MHR because it is dangerous. You place yourself at a higher risk for a cardiac emergency.
  • Subtract your RHR from your MHR and write it in the space below and next to #4 & #5 below. MHR-RHR=_____.
  • Complete the calculations in #4 & #5 to determine your Target Heart Rate Zone
  • _______ X .60=_____ + _____ (RHR) = ______ Lower Pulse Limit
  • _______ X .85=_____ + _____ (RHR) = ______ Upper Pulse Limit

When you exercise, you should maintain your Exercise Heart Rate or EHR between your

lower and upper limit for 20-45 minutes, 3-5 times per week, in order to maintain or

improve your cardiorespiratory endurance.

From your recorded data set, which number is the median number. Write it on the line.

That number is your Resting Heart Rate or RHR. Median Number =______RHR